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South Africa / Re: South Africa Family
« on: Thursday 09 February 17 04:24 GMT (UK)  »
Many Thanks to Pampoen and 3Sillydogs, Your responses and guidance is much appreciated. Will follow up when we return home from Burleigh Heads.
We have to silly dogs, presently in jail along with the Boss Cat, a Russian Blue called Hatsie03.

Thanks Again

South Africa / South Africa Family
« on: Thursday 26 January 17 06:09 GMT (UK)  »
Subject:  abrahams; mendelssohn; sonnenberg
G'day from Oz,
I am trying to source general information such as BMD of some of Dad’s cousins and their children if any. (my second cousins). See names in inverted commas below.                                                                             
Their parents were born in the USA and South Africa, or perhaps England.
The family name is “abrahams”, they immigrated to South Africa around 1878 - 1880 from the USA. The family originated from present day Lithuania settling in St Louis MO. USA 1869.
I believe the family settled firstly in Beaufort West, then Kimberley. Their father Reuben Abrahams (GGF) and wife Miriam later settled in Johannesburg. They had 5 known children: Lillian, Lionel, Alfred (GF): Arthur, Rosalie.
“Marjorie Sonnenberg” (b.m.d.) W&W??*; & “Mervyn Julian Sonnenberg” b. 1895, Kimberley; d. 1956 Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; m. “Isabel Hendrie”, W&W ??;                        Parents, Harry Joseph Sonnenberg & Rosalie (Rosie) Abrahams.
“Mary L. Abrahams” b.1912 Kimberley (TBC) m.d. W&W??                                                      Parents, Lionel Abrahams & Mabel Davis.
“Ruth Abrahams” b. 04/12/1912, wiSA? m. “unknown Belcher” W&W??; d. W&W??;and “Rupert Abrahams” b. 17/02/1915. W&W??; m. “Yvonne Beryl Silbert”, W&W??;                                                                                          Parents, Arthur Abrahams & Betty Israel.
*W&W?? = Where & when unknown; TBC = To be confirmed; wiSA? = where in South Africa unknown;
Additional information:
Lillian Charlotte Mendelssohn (nee Abrahams) b. St Louis MO. USA; d.1956 Putney, London, England; m. Maurice late 1890s. Cape Town. 3 children: Vera, Gerald & Clive. The Mendelssohn family moved to London in the mid1900s.
Alfred Abrahams (gf) b. 1881 where unknown d. 8th February 1945. (Johannesburg) m. 15/4/1911; Elizabeth Kate (nee Durham), Jeppe Synagogue, Johannesburg. 2 children Mary Henderson (nee Abrahams) and Joseph L. Abrahams.                                                                                      
The family ran a general store in Kimberley called Abrahams & Co. American
Stores on Dutoitspan Road.                              
Alfred and Arthur ABRAHAMS served in Europe with the South African Infantry
during WW1. Arthur was POW at war's end.

Arthur was disinherited by his father Reuben ABRAHAMS, but not his wife and

Both Alfred and Lionel were Freemasons in the early 1900s for about 10yrs. Alfred was in the Mendelssohn Lodge, Sidney-on-Vaal, Northern Cape and                                                                                                    Lionel the Henry B Loch Lodge, Kimberley, Northern Cape.
The bulk of the above data came from the Last Will of Rueben Harris Abrahams (ggf) via Ancestry24, SA Rootsbank, and
Any help/ pointers to fill the above gaps or additional information is gratefully appreciated.                                                                                              Good Health for the remainder of 2017 and Sincere Thanks in advance.

D. H. A.
Qld 4350

Roxburghshire / Re: Neil Family – Bowden, Roxburghshire
« on: Saturday 20 February 16 04:17 GMT (UK)  »

Many thanks for your valuable input.

All the very best for your own research.


Roxburghshire / Re: Neil Family – Bowden, Roxburghshire
« on: Friday 19 February 16 11:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Annie,
Have just noticed the footnote on your correspondence of family names you are researching. I am a Steele on my Mother’s side. (Edinburgh & Lanarkshire).
Please see below information pertaining to my GA family.
Unfortunately we know basically nothing about Robina Neil’s fiancé. Just the Regiment!
Why research such an enigma? (Words as written on the back of a photo) “Aunty Bobby’s fiancé”: To ensure he receives or has received the correct recognition that he deserves! If and when we find a name we can obtain a regiment number and badge number. From that we can trace where he was serving, injured or KIA. Perhaps find his name on a war memorial.
With respect to the photo of the group of Ladies? I thought if I was able to identify them and trace respective families it just might lead to the identification of Robina Neil fiancé.
A very slim chance of success but worth a try!!
Robin Neil b. Arngask, Perthshire 1892 D. Edinburgh;
1911 Census. Aged 19yrs Occupation: Woollen Hosiery Manufacture (Looker & Mender);
Parents: John Neil b. Dolphinton Lanarkshire 1851 d. When and where unknown; m. April 14th. 1876 Stow, Midlothian;                                                                                                                                           Isabella Mitchell b.1849 Stow Midlothian d. 1910 where unknown; Siblings:                                                                                                   James b. 1876 Muckhart, Perthshire d. when & where unknown;                                                          Isabella b.1878 Muckhart, Perthshire d. March 1933, West Kent General Hospital, Maidstone;                                                                                      Margaret (Maggie) b.1881 Muckhart, Perthshire d. when & where unknown;                                                                                                      Janet b.1884 Duncrievie Perthshire d. 1947 Edinburgh     
Many thanks for your advice and time.

Roxburghshire / Re: Neil Family – Bowden, Roxburghshire
« on: Wednesday 17 February 16 04:09 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for your advice and responding so quickly.
At this stage I have 2 primary goals.                                                                                                                                        a) Find out the name of my GA's Fiance.
b) Put names to faces of the attached photos.                                                                               My GA, Robina Neil is extreme right facing. The lady in the centre of the back row may be an elder sister or cousin of my GA. Photo possibly taken between 1910 & 1918. (Hospital?? Woolen Mill??
All the ladies seam to be wearing similar type dress/ uniform??                                                     I initially posted the photos about 2yrs ago but had no concrete success. Since then I found the Neil Family "Bowden" connection and the 1911 census result for my GA (Hawick and Goodfellow connection). Thought it best not to post the photos immediately if I was able to make a connection with a present day "Family member" I might be lucky. Hope this makes things clearer. for you. With respect to using Rootschat I am only a beginner. If I do a repost want I be confusing readers?
Many Thanks

World War One / Pte Samuel Knight Worcestershire Regiment 1917
« on: Monday 15 February 16 11:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hello from Oz,
Where can I find additional information on Pte Samuel Knight. Enlisted Jan 1917 Discharged July 1917. {392(xvi) Kings Regs}
Badge # 212264
Regiment # TR/7/17819

What was his parents names?
If married, spouses name?
Where and when born?

He may be my wife's GF known as Samuel Belamy Knight??!

All suggestions and help appreciated

Regards & Thanks
David in sunny Qld

Roxburghshire / Neil Family – Bowden, Roxburghshire
« on: Monday 15 February 16 11:23 GMT (UK)  »
Searching for information on the Neil, Gray, & Scott Families which may help breakdown a couple of brickwalls, photo identification, and expand the family tree.
My Great Aunt Robina Neil 1882 – 1977 although born in Perthshire possibly spent some time with the Neil Family of Bowden who moved there from Lanarkshire in the mid-1800s.   
Robina was a boarder with the Goodfellow Family of Trinity Street, Hawick during the 1911 Census.           
One of Robina’s Uncles Alexander Neil married an Agnes Gray in Bowden March 12, 1880. They had 6 known children.
James Neil b1880 d? :                                                                                                                                             Catherine Neil b1884 d?:                                                                                                                                       William Neil b1887 d?:                                                                                                                                                Adam Gray Neil b1890 – d1976:                                                                                                                                       John* Neil b1892 d? :                                                                                                                                                   Margaret Neil b1894 - d? :
*John may have served with the Royal Scottish Fusiliers during WW1.
All help and suggestions appreciated.
Regards & Thanks
David from sunny Queensland

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Assitance in Identification
« on: Monday 19 January 15 06:05 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to identify (name) my Great Aunt's Fiancé and ensure he and his comrades in arms receive proper recognition.
Unfortunately we have no name or service number but from the photographs (P1 - P3) and attached we believe he served in the Royal Field Artillery and was initially based  and trained out of the Piershill Barracks Edinburgh.
Identification of his other comrades in arms may just help to provide a names for my GA Fiancé.
Photo1; Great Aunt's Fiancé. (GAF) Photo taken at Piershill Studio Edinburgh. Photo reorder number 46886
Photo 2; GAF. Sitting, left facing. Photo taken at Morrisons Studios 137 Leith Street Edinburgh. Photo  reorder number 56856
Photo 3; GAF. Standing Right Facing
To date have had no success in establishing when the photos' were taken and with respect to P3 where  as well? perhaps overseas.
The 3 soldiers in P3 look "worn out", perhaps not the right expression, perhaps exhausted is more appropriate!
Have put the photos in the order that I feel that they were taken based on the facial looks of my GA Fiancé.
Any help suggestions ideas which may help to solve this exceedingly difficult conundrum gratefully appreciated.
Sincere Thanks and Regards David Abrahams Qld Australia.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Ladies in Work Uniform
« on: Monday 19 January 15 01:29 GMT (UK)  »
Sarah, and others, Many thanks for your assistance and ideas. Certainly worth following up.

The soldiers photos are under separate cover. "Assistance in Identification"

All the best and Thanks form Australia

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