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Occupation Interests / Re: Barrister records
« on: Thursday 22 September 05 22:35 BST (UK)  »
All English Barristers will have been a member of one of the four Inns:-

Gray's Inn
Lincoln's Inn
Inner Temple
Middle Temple

The overall body is the Law Society.  there seems to be little information available about historic members and i suspect each Inn will have to be approached separately.

Buckinghamshire Completed Look ups / Re: !841/51 Slough - Johnson
« on: Thursday 22 September 05 21:55 BST (UK)  »
Hi Allisont

Thank you for the 1851 details.  I am wondering if the Farnham birth of the brother in law is a clue.


Northamptonshire / Re: Winwick Matthew Seamarke /Seamark
« on: Thursday 22 September 05 19:08 BST (UK)  »
Be aware that there are two Winwicks in Northamptonshire.  One near Crick and the other at the other end of the county.

Buckinghamshire Completed Look ups / !841/51 Slough - Johnson COMPLETE thank you
« on: Thursday 22 September 05 18:44 BST (UK)  »
Henry Johnson was born 1827 in Eton father John Johnson.  He married Mary Ann Gray in Upton cum Chalvey  (later part of Slough) in 1849, where their first three children were born.  She was born in Burnham.  After 1858 but by 1861 they had moved to Cowley Peachey in Middlesex.

I need help please in finding Henry and his father John in the1841 and 1851 census.

Many thanks

Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1851 look up - Stafford - Mellor
« on: Thursday 22 September 05 18:18 BST (UK)  »
The following extracts from my SHIRT family notes might be of interest to you:

Peter Shirt born Bridgeholm Green13 Feb 1808, bapt 6 Mar 1808 Glossop, Chinley Independent, died 11 Aug 1861 Haggate Royton Oldham, a cotton carder who married 30 Oct 1831 Hannah Stafford at Glossop. (She was born in Mellor in 1810.  In 1881 she was a widow living with her son Benjamin and she died 3 Mar 1886, at 125 Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham

William Shirt born 23 Nov 1817 married Mary Stafford (born 1818 Mellor, sister of Hannah who married Peter, she was buried at Royton 16 Mar 1886???)



Berkshire Completed Look ups / Re: 1841: DELAY Sonning, Wokingham
« on: Thursday 22 September 05 14:37 BST (UK)  »
Hi Louise,

I went searching in the reference library this morning.

Piggotts Directory 1830 - Surgeons - Dehay, Market Place

I also looked at the 1841 census film, and it is not easy to read and so I will claim to be no more likely to be correct than Mike but my reading is slightly different.  A lot of what I wrote down was determined by previous knowledge.

James Dehay 60 Surgeon
Mary - 50 F
Lancelot 20
Amelia 15 F
Benjamin 14
Augustus 20 (The first letter could be anything)
Mary Lane 25(She is preceded by a single / which usually indicates another family in the same house)
Jane Baby 45 Servant
Emily Kitson 20 Servant
Rosa Kitson 15 Servant

I couldn't workout where in the Market Place, which is triangular, the house might have been.

In 1841 part of Wokingham was in the Hundred of Sonning and even part of the Market Place but not this part (Sorry i omitted to write down the name of the hundred).  Even more confusing if you walked the 200 yards from the Market Place along Rose Street as you came to All Saints Church you crossed into Wiltshire.



The Lighter Side / Re: i just found a 'flower painter' in my tree!
« on: Thursday 22 September 05 14:07 BST (UK)  »
Weren't there a whole crowd of flower painters in Alice in Wonderland painting the roses?

Berkshire / Re: The Brook, Wokingham
« on: Thursday 22 September 05 14:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi Robert,

I went into the reference library this morning and could find nothing about "The Brook".  I then walked down the road to Tesco.  My memory about the area where Finchampstead Road crosses Embrook was correct.  The area being a modern housing estate, Tesco, a garage and a small "industrial" area.

There are however four oldish houses still there.  Two of them un-named but two having been made from what was probably once one large house of two wings.  One of these is named "Southbrook"  and is the lesser of the two buildings and is on the south side.  The other number 66, "The Warr Physiotherapy Clinic" is otherwise un-named.  This seems a likely place and might be worth a letter.  Telephoning wouldn't help because you would get stuck at reception.  (I have used the clinic)



Derbyshire Resources & Offers / Offer:North Derbyshire 1708-55
« on: Wednesday 21 September 05 18:33 BST (UK)  »
I have a copy of the transcription of the Diary of James Clegg of Chapel en le Frith, published by the Derbyshire Record Society.  All three volumes but one set of pages missing (it was a printer's reject)

James Clegg was minister of Chinley Chapel but also the local medic and while most of his visits were within a ten mile radius he went as far a field as Manchester and Macclesfield.

It names people visited births, baptisms deaths and some horrific illnesses and attempts at cures. Children are rarely named other than being identified by their parents name.

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