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The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary> Sunday 6th June
« on: Monday 07 June 21 00:38 BST (UK)  »
We bought five hydrangeas at the same time.  They didnít get in the ground for awhile because just a few weeks ago we were having frost, now itís like the tropics. Welcome to the Continental climate, one of the most extreme in the world.  Anyway, the two cheaper (basic white) we planted a few feet apart, so same soil, same sun/shade amount, and they were watered.  The one on the left is thriving, small buds showing, the one on the right is just drooping, no buds. I couldnít say for sure there is nothing burrowing, it is too open in my mind.  Just a mystery.  The three more expensive (supposed to be dark pink) look fine and no drooping, but a less droopy type of leaf anyway.
I can get my money back I guess...weíll see.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary> Sunday 6th June
« on: Sunday 06 June 21 22:31 BST (UK)  »
I would bet that many people who scream ďhuman rightsĒ have never really thought about that means. I think anyone that has an ounce of common sense realizes that to live together peacefully we have to give up the right to do whatever we want to an extent.  It baffles me that the people protesting about masks likely obey most traffic laws...itís called safety for everyone.  As for that brute that drove into the ducklings...that makes me sick.  As an animal lover I canít stomach anyone hurting a helpless creature.
It is extremely hot and humid here, about 39 with humidity.  It has been that way since Thursday.  We have central air conditioning and ceiling fans in bedrooms, which helps. 
I have decided to test my hip and do some weeding, feeling guilty about OH doing the yard work.  I have been out early to beat the heat, by 8:30 or so.  My glute seizes up after awhile, so I quit then, but I do think itís doing a bit of good, stretching things out.
One of the hydrangeas we put in recently looks very sickly, droopy, etc.  The 4 others look great.  Other things in the back are coming along, and OH gave the front some water this morning, but most of the plants are thriving.  We share an Alberta Rose deciduous, like a tree, with the neighbour, only blooms for a short time, but lovely pink and just started blooming a few days ago. It is native to the Prairies, doesnít look like it grows in the UK.  Reminds me of mallow.
Saw a small groundhog in the backyard a couple of days ago.  It got away before the dog realized it was there, but he certainly caught its scent as he went straight to the fence where it disappeared.
Just read over a will from an ancestor in Bridlington, 1828.  Hadnít looked at it in several years. He cautioned one daughterís husband from ďintermeddlingĒ, love that word! Donít intermeddle, James!
I wonder if itís a legal term.

The Common Room / Re: Old Will Yorkshire (1832) - Inconsistent Name
« on: Sunday 06 June 21 20:36 BST (UK)  »
Karen, please forgive the detail in returning the post.  I haven't looked at this particular branch of the family in quite a while.  It was interesting re-reading the will.
I actually was somewhat mistaken in my original post about his daughter Jane.
Thomas Ford was b. ca Feb 1755, Huggate, E. Yorks.  He married Ann Watson, b. Malton, E. Yks. (have a suspicion she might have been a widow) 11 Sep 1784, Kilnwick, E. Yorks..  Thomas died on the 6 or 7th of June, 1828, Bridlington, Yorks. 
The couple seemed to have spent their married life in Bridlington, as far as I can tell.  Thomas was a ship's carpenter and seems to have done alright for himself, as he owned some property.
All of the children are mentioned in the will, and a couple of grandchildren.  My ancestor, William, was the executor along with his mother.  By 1828 he had moved to Halifax, W. Yorks.
Thomas's daughter Jane is known to have married three times, or at least married twice, and in a relationship once, oddly, in London.  This is proved by the birth of her daughter Charlotte Egan.
After her father died, Jane married William Trowsdale Mason, in 1833.  He died within a few years and Jane was a widow for many years.
In the will she is referred to "Jane, wife of James Edgin (sic), without control, or intermeddling, of her present husband, and her receipt alone shall be sufficient discharge for the same" am not sure what this latter part means!
Strangely, when Jane married William T. Mason, she is listed as HALL, not Egan/Edgin.  Hall was her first husband's surname (her brother William, my ancestor, also married a Hall, but a complete coincidence as she was from Northowram, W. Yorks.)
I have not found a marriage for Jane to James, nor anything else about him, other that Charlotte Egan was his daughter.
My guess reading over the will is that Jane got pregnant in London (no idea why she was there) and pretended she was married to James, if he even existed.  It does seem though, that her parents might have known something, and hence the phrase "without control, or intermeddling"!
Sorry this isn't much help to you!

The Common Room / Re: Old Will Yorkshire (1832) - Inconsistent Name
« on: Friday 04 June 21 13:22 BST (UK)  »
Karen, I have the same issue, around the same time period, also in Yorkshire (Bridlington).  I donít have the details at hand, but one of his daughters had definitely married in London, she later returned to Yorkshire.  Will see if I can find the details, will post!

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Wednesday 2nd June
« on: Thursday 03 June 21 00:58 BST (UK)  »
Roobarb, glad to hear your garden is coming along. Itís always good to hear othersí views of things, isnít it, happy you had a good chat with your friend.
I was very tired and out of sorts yesterday, donít know why as Iíd had enough sleep.  With the weather constantly changing here, that might be the reason.  I ran into some tech issues re my new laptop, which I always use attached to a monitor.  My old monitor would not work with it, so I tried to order a new one.  The local branch of a store was wanting me to jump through hoops so this morning OH ordered one in my name from a large chain office supply store.  Great customer service!  Within 45 minutes they emailed and said it was ready for pickup, curb side.  The two young people who I dealt with there were polite, pleasant, and efficient.  The whole thing was done in about 10 minutes.
I will try it out tomorrow, it certainly looks great, and has a very easy adjustable stand.  I had bought my laptop from the other store but I probably wonít shop there again.
On the way there we tried to get some more red mulch at a local grocery store but due to the line up waited until the trip back, OH walked right in and out and loaded it from the outside where they had it stacked.  Nobody was checking, but heís honest!  A couple of days ago the dog must have got into some of the mulch as he had a decidedly pink area under his chin. Very fetching!
Had a good phone chat with a friend yesterday, she was still shook up after a minor traffic accident,  quite a lot of damage to her car, but sheís okay and not liable at all.  She said it happened so fast she hardly knew what happened.
We had six male mallard ducks in the backyard yesterday morning and six again tonight.  They are gobbling up the seed under the feeder.  At one point they all waddled over to the patio and I took a picture of them through the little window on our basement steps that is level to the patio.  The one that was looking right at me has a noticeable limp, maybe the rest are his protectors!
The Ontario government has decided no more in school classes for this school year.  The kids will be back first week of September.
Hope everyone is keeping well.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Sunday 29th May
« on: Monday 31 May 21 12:17 BST (UK)  »
Caroline - you should not feel guilty about doing a crossword puzzle or two!  You have such energy, wish I had a quarter what you have.  Most of the birds we get are not very exotic, there are often hawks overhead, but I only see one in the yard perhaps once a year.  Yes lots of chipmunks around now - the tiny, perfect animal!  Am sure they are a nice little snack for hawks but they run so fast, like lightning, itís a wonder they get caught.  When the hawks come close to the ground, the noisy birds (blue jays and grackles) make such a warning racket, everything disappears quickly.
Often we have a mallard male and female visit over a summer, but four males at once is a new one. Donít know where their gal pals are!
Jeff, too bad about your church woes, especially if you have been associated with it for decades, you must have a deep attachment.  You will have to remember the happier times.
Roobarb, this Ken Follett book is the ďprequelĒ to Pillars of the Earth.  I loved his 20th Century trilogy, one day I might read it again.
Louisa Maud, sounds like you, like many on here, are an excellent gardener! 

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Sunday 29th May
« on: Monday 31 May 21 01:14 BST (UK)  »
Sorry you had to put up with that racket, Roobarb. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Annette, mmm, sticky toffee pudding!

Sounds like you are having nice weather in England.  Very nice here today, up to about 20 with blue skies and little wind.  Nice dry weather, good temps but humidity set to return by Friday.  There was a Frost  Advisory this morning  but I didnít see any.  Definitely smelled skunk at 6:30 this a.m. so I kept a sharp eye out but didnít see any skulking about.  We had some interesting bird visitors - a hawk landed in the backyard when OH was out pottering around yesterday and this evening there were four male mallard ducks under the bird feeder who began squabbling.  OH took some photos.  When he took the dog out they took off and sat on the neighbourís roof.

On Friday I aggravated my sciatica (took all the innards of the fridge out to clean and was down on the floor to get at a spill at the bottom), pretty miserable for the rest of the day although putting heat on it helped.  Yesterday my legs were very tired but ran some errands - books returned to library, dog food and wine pick up (two essentials!), and my first time inside a bank in about 15 months!

Went to the park for a walk this morning , lots of people there and the playground area very busy. Did a bit of family history and a new puzzle and then made a big pot of chili that fed us tonight and weíll get two more meals out of it.  The chili powder has been tossed out - it expired in October!  Has to use extra to get more flavour.

Have started The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follett, one of my Christmas gift books.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Thursday, 27 May
« on: Sunday 30 May 21 10:13 BST (UK)  »
So glad you are recovering well Viktoria, and enjoy the weekend visit, but DO TAKE IT EASY as everyone else has urged.
DIANA: A body warmer is what the French would call a gilet.
Good new avatar Roobarb!

MH, okay, going to Google now, as I donít know what either are!
...I think we would call that a quilted vest in English Canada.  Do see them around, probably more common over there.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Thursday, 27 May
« on: Saturday 29 May 21 00:42 BST (UK)  »
Diana, "h" in "yog(h)urt" is optional according to my "Pocket Oxford English Dictionary".  :)
Made the mistake of reading a local newspaper late at night. Verdicts in 2 murder & unlawful killing cases. Other nasty stuff. Then a public notice informing me that I should take a Covid test before visiting an island. Our leader Nicola S. has already forbidden me to visit most of my family in England (they live in or near Covid hotspots).
There was a heavy shower in the morning although the sun was shining. Too cold to sit outside . At least I didn't need heating in the living room until late evening. Still wearing winter clothes although not the thickest cardigans and thermal vests since last week. (I only wear 1 of each at a time.)

Thanks for letting me know about the yogurt spellings, guess it varies from place to place.
Your weather doesnít sound much better than ours, rained most of the day and didnít get above 5.  We needed the rain, ground was getting hard already.

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