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Other Countries / Re: Island of St Helena:PURLE family
« on: Tuesday 29 July 14 21:08 BST (UK)  »
Hello there!

The Families in British India Society wiki has a page on St Helena listing information and resources you might find useful.

Hope it helps.  :)

Other Countries / Re: Sewri Cemetery . India Malet
« on: Tuesday 29 July 14 15:58 BST (UK)  »
The cemetery office still hold the registers and will do look-ups. I have the email address of the admin and will send it do you as a personal message as I don't like putting other people email addresses online.

More information will be available on the baptism record than you will get from, as due to data protection laws fewer details and no images are available for births dating after 1915 on their website. Full details are available on microfilm N-1-428 folio 91 if you visit the British Library. If you can't get to the BL and need those details let me know as I have a meeting there next week.

Hi John,

You didn't have to officially register births, marriages and deaths in India, so unless your ancestors were in the British military the best you can probably hope for is a baptism, marriage or burial entry in the ecclesiastical returns held at the British Library in London. If you can't get to London these are available to view on microfilm at LDS Family History Centres and also now online at findmypast.

If you need an official certified copy the British Library can provide one for a fee. See

To find out more about birth, marriages and deaths in India and all the sources available see,_marriage_and_death_records

Fibiwiki is an extremely useful website that tells you where to find practically everything to do with British India research. It not only contains guides to help you with your research, but also lists various sources, and general background information about the culture, society and history of India during the period from 1600 to 1947.

Have you seen the photos of Bandariabagh Cemetery, Lucknow on the FIBIS website? I don't see one for Henry Williams, but there are some general shots of the cemetery you might like to see.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: fibis site
« on: Friday 11 July 14 19:33 BST (UK)  »
Yes, the FIBIS website can help you with China and Burma to a certain extent. I am the FIBIS webmaster!  :)
You might find a couple of articles in the FIBIS wiki useful as research guides.
China -
Burma -

Ladyhawk - Many thanks  :)

are you there (Bob) - I thought I had Elsa's birth and death details, but I don't. I can confirm that she was born in India and died in Germany though as I my Grandma is still alive and still has a very good memory. There are no official birth records for nonmilitary births in India and have to rely on baptism records. I have searched the ecclesiastical returns held in the India Office Records at the British Library without luck. I found many of her siblings indexed incorrectly due to the unusual surname, so maybe she is still there somewhere waiting to be found!

My Great Grandfather never mentioned that Elsa married, so the family were surprised when I found her marriage to George several years ago. When I managed to trace and meet the family in Germany they didn't know she had been married either and Elsa must not have mentioned it to them as she was buried under her maiden name. She had gone to live with them for health reasons. I have a photo of her taken with her brother Siegfried and his wife shortly before she died and she doesn't look to healthy. I will upload a copy here for you.

I have several boxes and cases of family documents I have slowly been working my way through and if I come across anything concerning Elsa I will let you know, but so far all I have come across is a few letters between her siblings and a couple of photos.

Do you know what became of George? Interesting that he says he is a bachelor when he married Elsa! I am suspecting his marriage to Elsa didn't work out seeing as no one in the family seemed to know about it. My Great Grandfather must have done though, as they lived in the same town, they both worked for GIP and he arranged her move to Germany, but for some reason they decided not to mention it.

Hello there! Glad to make contact. Elsa is my Great Grandfathers sister. I have Elsa's birth, marriage and death details, but away at the moment. Will send them when I get home later.

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