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Baptism of William ROSIER at Ramsbury 12 June 1757, son of Robert and Elizabeth.

As Carole said, marriage of William ROSIER (labourer) and Ann CROSS at Ramsbury (after banns, both otp) on 23 Oct 1779 (originally written twenty fourth, but crossed out and replace with twenty third). Neither could sign, Witnesses: Sarah Randal and Richard JACOBS.

Baptism of Henry ROSIER, son of William and Anne at Ramsbury on 23 July 1780.

Looks like he married again on 14 April 1818-  Henry ROSIER (widower) and Elizabeth TOE both otp and neither could sign. Witnesses: ? ROSIER and Jane TOE (with an "x").

In 1841 on Oxford St Ramsbury are Henry (60, ag lab) and Betty (50, not born in county)
HO107/1184/15 pg16

I agree, if William and Anne were in Ramsbury in 1780, unlikely to have escaped French Revolution.

Technical Help / Re: new phone can't log out of RootsChat
« on: Yesterday at 07:18 »
This is what it looks like on the phone.

Technical Help / Re: new phone can't log out of RootsChat
« on: Yesterday at 07:08 »
Daughter figured it out, the "log out" button is almost completely hidden under the"search" button. Not sure why the display is so unusual, have tried adjusting the accessibility functions of the phone, but that doesn't change the display within Firefox.

Anyway, at least I can log out now. And thanks JM, yes I have unchecked the "always stay logged in" button. :)

Technical Help / new phone can't log out of RootsChat
« on: Yesterday at 05:24 »
I have been given a new phone (yesterday), and after logging in here using Firefox, there doesn't appear to be any button across the top of RootsChat page so that I can log out. The  "unread posts" buttons is there, but no log out.

I've tried closing Firefox, but I'm still logged in.

Any suggestions as to how to log out?

That's great Millmoor, good to confirm what happened to George Robert. Interesting career, from engine driver, to bicycle seller to farmer.  :)

And yes, there he is in 1881 back where this thread started with a YOUNG family, good find. (The other children in the household all have mmn CHARLTON, so this does appear to be George's mother, Mary Ann with John YOUNG. I should have realised as Emily Adelaide is with John YOUNG in 1891 at Prudhoe.

I agree, I don't think John YOUNG is George's father, and the fact that he names his father "John CHARLTON, blacksmith" is likely more than a coincidence, and rather a cover up for illegitimacy. Unfortunately it means his true father is unlikely to be found.

Buckinghamshire / Re: "The Osborns of Stoke Goldington & Newport Pagnell"
« on: Tuesday 04 May 21 03:35 BST (UK)  »

Who was F W Bull who wrote this?

Frederick William BULL. He wrote quite a few books of history and genealogy including this History of Newport Pagnell.

I can't see acopy of the one you are after on line.

A George Robert CHARLTON (23) married Phyllis THOMPSON (21) on 19 Sept 1891 at Hexham. His father - John CHARLTON, her's Wiliam THOMPSON. (Again, not looking at the image, only on the index at Ancestry.)

They can be found on the 1901 census at Hexham:
George R CHARLTON   32      Hexham     (railway engine driver)
Phyliis                             30     Hexham
RG13/4824 pg 18

In 1891it looks like George is in Hexham, boarding in a hotel (23, St John Lee, railway stoker)
RG12/4247 pg11

I think George and Phyllis travel to Sydney, Australia in 1903 on the Orontes (Mr G R CHARLTON, 34, engine driver) and Mrs CHARLTON (32), though it says "Scotch". They end up in New Zealand where George Robert dies on 28 Sept 1910. This obit mentions that he had recently travelled back to his home town of Wall, Hexham-on-Tyne.
(Whilst it looks possible, I'm not certain about the above.  ;) )

Whilst this does look like your George Robert CHARLTON, I think it needs a bit more investigation, being a common name I think you need to rule out a few other possibilities.

It also doesn't really help you with who his father is ... It would be interesting to see the image of the marriage to check if there was any further information that may be helpful. And again, as there was no father recorded on his birth registration (or baptism), he may not have known who his father was. And he may not have had the same father as Emily Adelaide.

I can't seem to find George Robert in 1881.  :-\

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