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Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1851, 1861, 1871 census lookup: FREEMAN
« on: Monday 28 July 14 13:28 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Lizdb, great suggestion!

Essex Lookup Requests / Re: Birth lookup please Rebecca Elcock
« on: Monday 28 July 14 02:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi Dutch Mismarple, not sure if you're still around, I have just recently discovered that my Martha Elcock b1825 in Elmdon is your Rebecca's sister. She's not listed on the 1841 census with the Elcock family, as a 16 year old she was apparently working as a servant in Botolph Parish, but definitely William the glazier is her father (marriage register details). Martha married Anthony Sykes in 1844 and lived in Witcham.

Do you have any further details about William's wife Hannah, or indeed about William? Now that I know their names and birth places I'm starting the search again,

regards, Maddys52

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1851, 1861, 1871 census lookup: FREEMAN
« on: Sunday 27 July 14 02:45 BST (UK)  »
Thankyou so much lizdb and iem! Shame it wasn't Lincolnshire, but no matter ... I'll start searching around Chilworth and Denton Oxfordshire for John and Rebecca's marriage and hopefully parents.

Thanks again!

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / 1851, 1861, 1871 census lookup: FREEMAN
« on: Friday 25 July 14 13:29 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find John and Rebecca FREEMAN (both born c 1813) who lived in Ickford in 1841, John was a butcher, and they apparently moved to Ickford around 1834. In 1841 they have James (7), John (5), Henry (4), Julia (2), William (1), and then I'm pretty sure Elizabeth (b 1842) and Sarah (b 1844). Henry definitely stays in Ickford as the butcher, not sure yet about the other children. Of course the 1841 census only says John and Rebecca were born outside the County - I'm hoping the later census's will reveal where they were born (hoping it's Lincolnshire where there's a Freeman family of butchers who would fit nicely). It appears John died at Ickford in 1867 and Rebecca in 1879.

Any help would be most appreciated!

The Common Room / Re: Strange Memo . . .
« on: Friday 25 July 14 10:07 BST (UK)  »
Couldn't help getting interested in this thread!

Mike have you seen there are a number of articles in the NSW newspapers in the late 1800s about Thomas Foss the police senior constable on Trove eg:

regards, Maddy

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: 1841, 1851 census lookup
« on: Monday 21 July 14 13:01 BST (UK)  »

Found out Thomas Mortimer Walters who died in 1844 was 38 yrs old, so born c1806, a fair bet he was Jane's husband. (Also fits with Thomas and Fanny's Thomas b 1806 - I think I will go back to try to find out more about them.)

So I guess Thomas and Jane marry in 1838 in Liverpool, Thomas jnr is born in 1840 in Newcastle upon Tyne, they are in Sheffield in 1841 (maybe), Horatio is born in Chorlton in 1842, and Thomas dies in 1844 in Chorlton. In 1851, Jane is (maybe) a cook in Liverpool, Thomas is with his aunt in Bilston and Horatio is with his uncle in Liverpool. Jane gets married again in 1860 in Liverpool to George Fishley who's a crew man on the Wansfell. Maybe Horatio is at sea in 1861. Can't find any reference to Jane, George (maybe at sea) or Thomas in 1861, but somewhere between 1860 and 1864 Jane, George and Thomas all go to Australia, although probably not together as Thomas seems to be alone on the passenger list for the Wansfell in 1863. Phew! Thank you so much - that's a lot more than I knew a few weeks ago.

I also stumbled across a reference to a Valentin Walters b 1752 in Aylsham - I have no idea how common the name was, but would be about the right age to marry Mary and have those children including Thomas in 1785, although Norfolk is a bit of a way from Middlesex (again geography not my strength).

Thanks again for all your help Rosie!

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: 1841, 1851 census lookup
« on: Thursday 17 July 14 13:34 BST (UK)  »
of course, I've just done a check and found a George Hugh Fishley born in Jamaica 1806 (F: George, M: Margaret) and a George Hugh Fishley who had a few children with a Rosetta in Jamaica in the 1820-1830s (though no Georges as far as I can see). Also looks like  a George Hugh Fishley who also owned quite a few slaves in Jamaica. And a George Fishley b 1826 in Jamaica who was in the UK merchant navy 1845-1854. Nothing's ever straight forward in family history!

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: 1841, 1851 census lookup
« on: Thursday 17 July 14 12:16 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rosie,
Haven't got the certificate yet, hopefully soon. Unfortunately no age given on the grave for George or Jane, but he definitely advertised in The Brisbane Courier that he applied for the hotel license on 17 March 1865. I've tried to find them on a passenger list but no luck so far. George's death registration does say his mother's name is Rosette, unfortunately no father's name.
Thanks again for taking the time to help me!

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: 1841, 1851 census lookup
« on: Thursday 17 July 14 00:27 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Rosie, they both sound possible, going now on their ages (if it's them) in the 1841 census that keyboard found in Sheffield, Jane would be born about 1816 - 5 years either way, so could be either, although it's a bit of a hike to London from the north (my geography's not great)? I'm really intrigued now what happened to this family, presumably father dies, and children seem to split up from each other and from mother, although they all end up together again in Australia. Curiouser and curiouser. :)

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