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London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: Music Hall artists & singers
« on: Thursday 28 April 22 02:55 BST (UK)  »
Hello Andrea, welcome to RootsChat.

What information are you after about the ALEXANDER family - would you like more info on their careers, or their ancestors?

You may well know already, there are many mentions of "The Minehans" in the newspapers from the 1890s and later all over England, often with nice reviews eg:

"Mr and Mrs Minehan do well with song and dance, while Master Francis Minehan makes quite a hit as a miniature comic singer."
Saturday,  Apr. 1, 1893   Publication: The Era

The Common Room / Re: Looking for information - Barbara Tui Skelsey
« on: Wednesday 27 April 22 11:06 BST (UK)  »
There is a death notice for Frederick Walter SKELSEY in  The Daily Telegraph on Friday,  Dec. 14, 1956:

"SKELSEY - On Dec. 12. 1956, at his home Highfields, Hillcourt Road, Cheltenham, FREDERICK WALTER SKELSEY, husband of Eleanor Lois and father of Phillip and Tui. Cremation on Saturday Dec. 15. No flowers."

The Common Room / Re: Looking for information - Barbara Tui Skelsey
« on: Wednesday 27 April 22 10:46 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to RootsChat Ty N,

Not sure if Chris 49 has further information about Barbara, they may have and will hopefully reply here.  :)Moderator comment: split away from the topic referred to

In the meantime:
There is a Barbara T SKELSEY born 1926 registered at Dewsbury, mother's maiden name ECKERSLEY. A tree on Ancestry has her death in 1982 in Hillingdon. According to the tree her parents were Frederick Walter SKELSEY and Eleanor Lois ECKERSLEY. they married in 1921, registered at Knaresborough.

 I might ask a moderator to move this to a new thread, you may get more information that way.

Lincolnshire / Re: would like to know who Hannah Jessop was with on the night .
« on: Wednesday 27 April 22 02:41 BST (UK)  »
Of course there's many people she may have visited, however there is a William JESSOP aged 48, ag lab boarding at the home of John and Sarah MANN and family in Pinchbeck. A possibility? Do you recognise the name in the family?
RG9/2320/89 pg10

The Common Room / Re: Ethel Blanche LAMPLUGH or LAMPLOUGH
« on: Tuesday 26 April 22 11:00 BST (UK)  »
In case it helps, Ethel's parents were Charles Edward LAMPLOUGH and Elizabeth Ann BAGSHAW. they married in 1862 and had the following children:

1863  Hamilton Charles
1864  Annie Constance
1866  Beatrice Mary
1867  Ernest Williamson
1871  Ethel Blanche
1872  Norman Edward

There is also an item in The Times on Monday,  Nov. 7, 1938 that Hamilton, Norman and Ethel had left "the Old Court House, Hampton Court" and new address is "35 Princes Gardens SW7"

The Lighter Side / Re: Old sayings
« on: Tuesday 26 April 22 09:59 BST (UK)  »
I have never heard it before, but just looked up my trusty Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words (1847), which I have referenced for something or other before, and there it is on page 341:

"EVERY ... every whips while, now and then"

I also like "every whip and again, ever and anon"

Love it, will try to use it every whips while and see if anyone understands me.  ;D

Family History Beginners Board / Re: handwriting
« on: Monday 25 April 22 11:02 BST (UK)  »
I agree with Pauline.  :D

Australia / Re: noel browne
« on: Monday 25 April 22 10:12 BST (UK)  »
Is the person of interest deceased? RootsChat policy is not to include the names of those still living.

There are a number of entries on the electoral roll, I can see around 9 or 10 at least on the 1958 and 1963 rolls in Sydney. Will send you a pm.

You possibly have these references already? Numerous newspaper accounts of the mineral spring at Yarrow starting in 1846:
   Saturday,  Oct. 10, 1846, Publication: Preston Chronicle - detailed article mentions that it is on the property of John WILKINSON Esq.

Same item in: Wednesday,  Oct. 14, 1846, Publication: Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser

Wednesday,  Nov. 4, 1846,  Publication: Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser - description of WILKINSON improving the access and sinking a well etc.

   Wednesday,  Nov. 11, 1846, Publication: Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser - description of 1500 people visiting, and medical cures. WILKINSON allowed the poor to drink for free.  :)

Saturday,  June 10, 1848, Publication: Preston Chronicle - detailed analysis of the mineral content of the spring.

Saturday,  Apr. 16, 1853, Publication: Preston Chronicle - advertisement for "The Fountain" beer house with "Mineral Spring, Baths, Pleasure Grounds and Appurtenances" near the Yarrow Bridge, "late in the possession of Mr. H. C. Boothman".

Happy to send you copies if you haven't seen them.

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