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"Early last Friday morning, the house of James Trecothick, Esq. at Addington, Surry, was broke open, and robbed of linen, &c. to the amount of 200l. and upwards. Four men on horseback, with a large bundle before them were seen the same morning on the London road. What makes this robbery extraordinary, the villains carried away a cold fillet of veal and a loaf of bread, and left behind some plate and other valuable articles, which were in the same room, and which they evidently discovered."

December 20, 1796 - December 22, 1796
Publication: Whitehall Evening Post

Modified to add:
I'm also in Australia.  :D  If you have an Australian National Library card you can access British Library Newspapers through Gale Primary Sources for free from home, through the library's eresources. Also available through the NSW State Library, and I assume the other State Libraries. That is where I found this item.

This looks like it may be a description of the robbery, though it doesn't mention names. Or did the Hall get broken into more than once? This burglary may be a bit late.  :-\
December 20, 1796 - December 22, 1796
Publication: Whitehall Evening Post

Oh, I can't attach a file here. Will transcribe ...

I have this copy of an ancestor's marriage in Baldersheim, Haut-Rhin in 1839. It is terribly hard to read, and my eyes and school-girl French are certainly not up to the task. The couple are Antoine ZEISSER and Francoise MEISTER. There is also a longer document with signatures at the end which is equally difficult to read. I can post it also, if anyone is up for a challenge.  :)

A translation of any or all would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Suffolk / Re: Susan Osborn (various spellings) witch of Norton.
« on: Saturday 23 April 22 03:44 BST (UK)  »
Annette, I think there are 2 Susan OSBORNE's born c1801 around Norton. In the 1851at Hunston is Susan born in Cotton (widow) with children Emma, Marianne, Elizabeth and Henry. HO107/1794/134 pg 8.

The other Susan OSBORNE (born Bayton) is in Norton with husband John and children William and John. HO107/1794/179 pg12.

I'm assuming that as hookleg says Susan was born in Cotton, she means the one at Hunston.   :-\

Suffolk / Re: Susan Osborn (various spellings) witch of Norton.
« on: Friday 22 April 22 11:48 BST (UK)  »
Son John aged 10 months on the 1841 census should be registered - is this him (registered late) ?
John OSBORN  Stow sept qtr 1841 (9/290)  -  from FreeBMD

Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find this birth on the GRO, so can't see mother's maiden name.  :-\

Or have I got the wrong Susan OSBORN? - HO107/1014/3/10 pg13

Modified to add:
Yes, I think that was the wrong Susan in the 1841. However, have found her now but again, can't see birth registrations on the GRO for her children MaryAnn (c1839), Elizabeth (c1840) and Henry (c1843).

Surrey / Re: Tuesley court farncombe godalming
« on: Friday 22 April 22 04:25 BST (UK)  »
There is a family tree on Ancestry for Dundas and Ethel SIMPSON. If correct, it appears they had 8 children between 1904 and 1918 (one died). Apparently well off and needed a big house and a governess! The children were born in various places, though the 1913 child in Hertfordshire, and later children in Surrey, so the SIMPSONs didn't build Tuesley Court. The earliest I can see them on the electoral roll at Tuesley Court is 1918.

Surrey / Re: Tuesley court farncombe godalming
« on: Friday 22 April 22 04:15 BST (UK)  »
This 1913 map is probably more relevant to you as it shows Tuesley Court  (top left)

Surrey / Re: Tuesley court farncombe godalming
« on: Friday 22 April 22 03:37 BST (UK)  »
The property was for sale in 1930, a couple of advertisements attached. The description from The Times, Thursday,  June 5, 1930, and the one with the photograph from The Times, Thursday,  June 19, 1930.

It was also advertised in 1931 and sold in July that year.
"Tuesley Court, near Godalming, 36 acres, was sold by Messrs. Knight, Frank and Rutley and Mr. H. B. Baverstock at Hanover-square yesterday for 8000."
Friday,  July 17, 1931
Publication: The Times

For interest, Dundas SIMPSON (of Lanarkshire and Johannesburg) and Ethel SIMPSON (of Cape Town, daughter of the general manager of the Bank of Africa) married on 28 April 1903 in Wynberg, Cape Colony. Not sure exactly when they moved to Tuesley Court.

You probably already know Tuesley Court was designed by Edward Guy DAWBER (a London based architect and Vice President of the RIBA at the time, and later President) and first occupied in 1911.

Another photo here:,_Godalming_03.png

Surrey / Re: Tuesley court farncombe godalming
« on: Friday 22 April 22 03:19 BST (UK)  »
Certainly the SIMPSON family lived at Tuesley Court in 1925 when the fraud case occurred, and there is a marriage notice for their daughter in 1938 where the parents are "formerly of Tuesley Court, Godalming, Surrey and now of Johannesburg."

I see there are quite a few items in the papers about Frederick Morton RADCLIFFE, including detailed obituaries in 1953, though they don't indicate when he moved into Tuesley Court. It must have been after 1925 and before 1938.

Will do a bit more looking into Dundas SIMPSON to see if that reveals anything more about the property.  :)

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