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Buckinghamshire / Re: "The Osborns of Stoke Goldington & Newport Pagnell"
« on: Tuesday 04 May 21 03:35 BST (UK)  »

Who was F W Bull who wrote this?

Frederick William BULL. He wrote quite a few books of history and genealogy including this History of Newport Pagnell.

I can't see acopy of the one you are after on line.

A George Robert CHARLTON (23) married Phyllis THOMPSON (21) on 19 Sept 1891 at Hexham. His father - John CHARLTON, her's Wiliam THOMPSON. (Again, not looking at the image, only on the index at Ancestry.)

They can be found on the 1901 census at Hexham:
George R CHARLTON   32      Hexham     (railway engine driver)
Phyliis                             30     Hexham
RG13/4824 pg 18

In 1891it looks like George is in Hexham, boarding in a hotel (23, St John Lee, railway stoker)
RG12/4247 pg11

I think George and Phyllis travel to Sydney, Australia in 1903 on the Orontes (Mr G R CHARLTON, 34, engine driver) and Mrs CHARLTON (32), though it says "Scotch". They end up in New Zealand where George Robert dies on 28 Sept 1910. This obit mentions that he had recently travelled back to his home town of Wall, Hexham-on-Tyne.
(Whilst it looks possible, I'm not certain about the above.  ;) )

Whilst this does look like your George Robert CHARLTON, I think it needs a bit more investigation, being a common name I think you need to rule out a few other possibilities.

It also doesn't really help you with who his father is ... It would be interesting to see the image of the marriage to check if there was any further information that may be helpful. And again, as there was no father recorded on his birth registration (or baptism), he may not have known who his father was. And he may not have had the same father as Emily Adelaide.

I can't seem to find George Robert in 1881.  :-\

I'm not entirely sure why you are looking for a death certificate for Thomas or Joseph ROWELL. I appreciate that Mary Ann has said this is the father's name on Emily Adelaide's birth registration, however he doesn't appear on her baptism record (so far as I can tell - I haven't seen the image, just a transcription which only has mother as Mary Ann CHARLTON). Mary Ann says she is "unmarried" in 1871 not "widowed". The Joseph ROWELL, commercial traveller could be just a name to make the birth seem legitimate, or he could be a real person, but unfortunately we have no other details about him at this stage. He is not with Mary Ann in either 1861 or 1871, and I can't see any Joseph ROWELL, commercial traveller anywhere in either 1861 or 1871 anywhere in England. Of course he may have changed occupations.

Emily Adelaide did not know who her father was when she was married, which adds to my suspicion that her parents were certainly never married. Do you know if George Robert married? - I wonder who did he say his father was?

Australia / Re: BIRD family interest
« on: Monday 03 May 21 05:26 BST (UK)  »
I wonder why the newspaper obituary says "aged 77", whilst the death certificate has "86years 10months and 11days"?
10 years is quite a discrepancy.  :-\


The Hannah ROWELL that fits shows father as William ROWELL, mother Isabella ROWELL (nee. CHARLTON). Hit! However, the father is listed as being a Hind, which seems a bit of a jump from being an Agricultural labourer. Anyway...she was born in 1845.

Looking again at the 1861 census for William and Isabella transcribed in reply #8, William's occupation looks like "farm hind".

Derbyshire / Re: Belper Union Workhouse.
« on: Wednesday 28 April 21 03:25 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Spendlove, that's good to learn and try to remember if I'm looking at this parish again.  :)

Of possible interest - there are many many mentions of Robert CHARLTON winning prizes for his flowers, some advertisements and a few articles in newspapers of the day over the years. This is a nice item from Saturday,  May 1, 1847, Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury.

Oh, I can't attach an image in a lookup board. Here's a transcription:

"There is at present, in the collection of Robert Charlton, nurseryman, Wall, near Hexham, a Magnolia, in full bloom, with upwards of 200 flowers upon it, each flower measuring 4 1/2 inches in diameter. This species is quite hardy, having stood this and previous winters in the open ground, and without the slightest protection, and is very fragrant, scenting the whole village."

Yes, I think the Emily Adelaide CHARLTON you have is likely the correct one, though there is the discrepancy between surnames on the birth registration and baptism.

I'm sure you have James CARLYLE and Emily Adelaide in the 1901 and Emily in the 1911 census.
1901 -
1911 -

(and James in 1891 at Prudhoe)

I think then that Emily Adelaide's mother is Mary Ann CHARLTON (and whilst there is no father shown on her baptism, as the birth registration shows a Joseph ROWELL - according to the certificate you have - then he is a likely bet.  :) , whoever he is, yet to be found.)

Mary Ann CHARLTON (born c1841, Wall according to census records) appears to be the daughter of Isabella CHARLTON. Her baptism looks like this one at St John Lee on 11 July 1841, mother: Isabella CHARLTON of Wall, I haven't seen the image but FreeReg also notes father's occupation "servant".

Mary Ann and Isabella are in the 1841 census at Wall:
Robert CHARLTON     50  (nurseryman)
Margaret                      50
Isabella                       20
Robert                         20   (gardener)
John                            15   (gardener)
Mary                            1 month
HO107/842/31 pg4

Isabella's baptism - 23 Sep 1817 at St John Lee, parents Robert and Margaret.

Derbyshire / Re: Belper Union Workhouse.
« on: Tuesday 27 April 21 10:08 BST (UK)  »
  I am not certain about who his parents were, or exactly when and where he was born.

From the census records he consistently says born Belper and around 1784/6. There is a baptism at St Peter Belper on 26 December 1787 of Samuel to parents Samuel and Elizabeth SANDERS - a bit late but a possibility? I see they also have a John baptised 9 November 1786. (image on Ancestry)

[There is a Samuel baptised at Belper on 12 Jan 1784 which FreeReg have transcribed as SANDERS, but I think looking at the image it is SANDOM/SANDEM. SANDOM is a name which appears in the parish records elsewhere.]

FreeReg also have a baptism for a Samuel SANDERS at Ripley Unitarian Church on 9 Sep 1786 (born 26 Aug 1786) with father Samuel of Heage. Another possibility  :-\

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