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I am not sure if it would be possible for someone to look in a current telephone directory covering PETERBOROUGH Northamptonshire.
I found my cousin had registered on Genes Reunited but obvioudly lapsed his membership therefore messages sent do not get to him.
I know he lives in Peterborough but  have no current details for him. I have been in  local studies library most of the week and should have looked at Northamptonshire  Phone Books if Libraries still hold them.  He has a very unusual surname so it would not be too difficult task to locate him. Problem is nowadays  not everyone with BT.  Have family details back to late 1740's taken years to compile and would like to share with him and his family.

With Kind regards

Porcelayne Ladye :) :) :)

If anyone can help please let me know and then we can exchange details via a Personal Message as I would not want his Name and phone number over the internet

If I am on wrong board for this topice apologies.

kind regards

Porcelayne Ladye :) :) :) :)

Bedfordshire / Do you live near or know TODDINGTON Bedfordshire
« on: Saturday 28 November 09 21:35 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find out the names of public houses in TODDINGTON Bedfordshire. I have forgotten the name I know many public houses are closing down so was wondering if anyone knew the area and could remember names of pubs there.
I know once I see the name will remember it. The last time I was there was in 1967/8
I have tried all over internet without success. My Uncle lived there but since my Parents died have lost touch with the family.


Porcelayne Ladye :) :)

Thanks to you all for your replies. Registrars checking up more for me.
Will be speaking to them next week.


Porcelayne Ladye

Hello Have not been on for a while I know what clever super sleuths you are. Can anyone out there help please.  In 1943 a single german fighter plane bombed and machine gunned the town. 41 people were killed and over 100 injured. For wartime security reasons newspaper merely reported a raid on a Home Counties Town.  I have tried Berkshire Recods 0ffice and ploughing through  newspapers but without too much success. Can only find two peoples names in Deaths  next to their name and ages was as result of enemy action.
Many of dead unrcognisable and if only two given that leaves 39. My Uncle was amongst the dead and I have been searching for his death certificate Registrars 0ffice could not locate it even went forward a bit in case initially a casualty but I know from family he was killed outright did not go to hospital. In a disaster when someone dies and no surviving id on them are they NOT REGISTERED or do they just take next of Kins word.
Done so far checked Registrars for Deaths  Newspapers for 3 weeks after accident. Checked Cemetry Registers all ZILCH he had a quite unusual surname and still nothing.
What or where do you suggest I go to next !!!!!  If someone dies however tragically surely it has to be recorded somewhere. He was i in 30's had only been married for just over five years.  He 0nly went into town shopping and popped into restaurant for a cup of tea and the cafe was obliterated.
Any suggestions gretly appreciated.  Hope I have put this on corect message board.
Kind Regards

Porcelayne Ladye
 :) :)

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Cavendish Alberta - Looking for a needle in a haystack
« on: Thursday 23 July 09 20:59 BST (UK)  »
Hello Lilybell
Many Thanks for your reply have just sent you a Private Message

Kind Regards

porcelayne ladye

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Cavendish Alberta - Looking for a needle in a haystack
« on: Thursday 23 July 09 17:26 BST (UK)  »
Hello Jacquie and Lilybell
I emailed abgensoc re Homestead records a couple of weeks ago no reply yet but they must be very busy with people worldwide wanting their help.

I have also contacted a couple of Researchers in Canada received a reply today from one lady who wants $25 an hour to check locality of Cavendish for me said it would take her 2 hours.

She said she could not estimate how many hours it would take to check Homestead records to find what I wanted and what was my ceiling of maximum cost? Sounds as though it might be scarily high costs. I have given her full quarter section township range and meridian numbers.  Also gave her for Land Grants volume folio and microfilm reel numbers and she said this too could take a few hours. Could not let me know cost at present time.

I then found I could apply online via Provincial Archives of Alberta for copies of Homestead Records if I had full details. Filled in all fields but when it came to my home telephone number and my postal/zipcode there was not enough space to fill in as these two fields were required and needed to be filled in and would not let me proceed any further.

I have emailed them to see if this service is available for UK it does have a drop down for all Countries in the World plus an additional cost for International post. But they too might be very busy and it might take some time for them to reply.

Look forward to hearing from you.  A very frustrated porcelayne ladye knowing the information I want is out there but I cannot get access. ???

Kind Regards

porcelayne ladye :)

Hi Lilybell
Thanks for your reply yesterday. Will check out the website again and see what else I can find on my "boys".  My Grandmother was the most wonderful lady loved her to bits and still miss her even now she died over forty years ago. These were her brothers Anthony being her favourite that is why I am so desperate to find out as much as I can about them.

Thanks for all your suggestions and help would not have managed without you and  Jacquies help. Did come across some maps which even showed Cavendish on it but would not let me Print only available for Canada it said.  Maybe something to do with Copyright.

Bye for Now Talk to you soon

Kind Regards

porcelayne ladye

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Cavendish Alberta - Looking for a needle in a haystack
« on: Wednesday 15 July 09 21:31 BST (UK)  »
Hello Jacquie have looked at David 0bees page which is now starting to make sense.  I managed to get to Records 0ffice and view 1916 Census and the two brothers were living very close to one another.

Not quite sure how to word this message.  Initially I have the Part, Section,  Township,  Range and Meridian numbers for them both.
Is this like we have in England when new houses are built they are given a Plot No before roads and numbers are in existence.  0R do these numbers last for ever.

If their Farms are still in existence would they still come under the number I have or would they have a postal address now.

Also do you know or have any ideas about what happens to the Land they were living on if and when they returned to UK does someone else take it on??

As I would like to try and pinpoint where about's their properties were.

To the best of my knowledge Frederick did not marry.  I know for definite Anthony did not.  So after they died childless what would happen.  Have searched for a Will for Anthony in UK  looks as though he did not make one.

I have emailed Alberta Family History Society re getting copy of Homestead Records.  Also will get in touch with Library and Archives Canada to see if I can get hold of a copy of their Land Grant. Have the references.

Gosh this is so frustrating being so far away knowing of Records in existence and not being able to consult them.

Question questions questions, sorry but I hoped you people might know some of the answers to help me with my research.

Kind Regards

Jayne :)

Thanks Lillbell will look at  David 0bee's page



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