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Hello Jacquie
Thanks for your replying and clearing up the matter of websites.  I had a look at indexes. Found them both in Medicine Hat.

In your reply to me you said "it does appear the land they were living on was in same section"

This is all new to me totally different to our UK Census's. County-Parish-Town or Village.  What does same section mean?

Kind Regards

porcelayne ladye

Hello Jacquie
Thanks for your reply I have searched the 1911 census on the  automated genealogy site you suggested.
Have come across two possible Fred Newman's  but its not 1.30am in UK and will check through my notes for more proof in the morning.
Maureen kindly checked the 1916 Census for me on Ancestry?  I have checked  indexes on and  could not find them do you have another version in Canada. 0r was it on another site I do not have access to Ancestry only the indexes. Maureen if you see this can you let me know which version.  As I wanted to know if Anthony and Frederick were living together or separately.

Good Night

porcelayne ladye

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Cavendish Alberta - Looking for a needle in a haystack
« on: Saturday 11 July 09 10:43 BST (UK)  »
Hello Lisa Lillibell and Maureen

ps  I forgot to ask just now. Maureen very kindly found them in 1916 Census if they Immigrated in 1910 and 1911 what are the chances of finding one or both of them in the 1911 Census.  Hope you don't think that's cheeky asking but I have no way of doing that here.

Kind Regards

porcelayne ladye

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Cavendish Alberta - Looking for a needle in a haystack
« on: Saturday 11 July 09 10:39 BST (UK)  »
Hello Lisa Lillibell and Maureen
Many Thanks for your help . 

I will check out the homstead records on the site you suggest.

Many Many Thanks for finding them on the 1916 Census Had no idea this was even available.

You have given Full details for Anthony BUT was Frederick at the same address??

Now I have a 15 year gap to find Frederick in 1931 How do I do that. 

We are lucky in UK have our GRO Indexes or even free bmd. Does Canada have any equivalent?

Do homestead records gives dates from commencement to their leaving and moving on.  Sorry to sound so "thick" but this is all new to me.


porcelayne ladye

ps what would we do without you super people   :)

Canada Lookup Request / Cavendish Alberta - Looking for a needle in a haystack
« on: Saturday 11 July 09 00:56 BST (UK)  »
Hello I am trying to find out the location of CAVENDISH (Previously known as Pancras) ALBERTA. What would the district No be for this area. ???

I am trying to find out information on when my grandmothers brothers actually went out to Canada.  Without success. Frederick was born in 1887 and Anthony born in 1889. ???

I have Anthony's Canadian Passport which was issued in 1919 his address was given as Cavendish Alberta. It has dates of when he left Montreal for Liverpool and date stamps for arrival in England. :)

I knew from my grandmother they went out there and became a Farmers and this too is verified on Anthony's  passport. 

0n Ancestry this week I found his details on Incoming Passenger Lists 1878-1960 which verified dates and Places from his passport.

But no mention of Frederick returning with him. How can I find out is it called Homestead Records to find out when and where they lived in Cavendish. Also when they arrived. I would imagine it would be post 1909 when they would be 20 and 22 yeas old.

I had an email from another family member recently saying last known details for Frederick was in 1931  do not know if this was for Cavendish or somewhere else in Alberta. Still awaiting his reply :(

Any help an suggestions would be greatfully accepted. I am so used to going to Records offices and ploughing through but Canada is a bit of a hike for me and it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack with such a large Province as Alberta.

I omitted to give their surnames it was Newman.

Kind Regards

porcelayne ladye :)

Hi Anna
Sorry I thought I put George's occupation on:-
0ccupation of Father GENTLEMAN

If a ficticious name Emma chose pretty unusual one.



Hi Anna
In the excitement of finding Emma after nearly 30 years gave the father's name wrong on my previous email


Porcelayne Ladye

Hello Anna
E U R E K A   ;D ;D ;D ;D :D
I sent off for Emma Louisa Nisbett's birth certificate on Thursday
and it arrived today. :D

Emma Louisa daughter of John Nisbett  Gentleman
and Emma Nisbett formerly Dobel
Born 20 Kirby Street Hatton Garden September 1859
sub district of Saffron Hill and Registration district HOLBORN

My maths are bad but John Dobel's are even worse on Census he says
she was four. The 1861 Census was taken on 7 April 1861 surely that would make her  around 19 months old.

But dont know how old  George Nisbett was or where he came from  to track him down.  Devon or London. ???

Any suggestions? :)

Many Many Thanks for finding her birth stupid me did not put the second T in Nesbitt.

Kind Regards

Porcelayne Ladye

Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Re: Emma Dobel-Help with identity on Census
« on: Wednesday 17 June 09 23:59 BST (UK)  »
Hello Anna  Thank You I think you might have cracked it for me.
Back in the 1970's -1980's when originally doing my Rex family history
could never find a birth for EMMA REX born Holborn.(St Catherines House
days of lugging big books off shelves). I knew she existed long before doing my research as my father knew so much about his family which he told me about back in the 1950's1960's. THANK GOODNESS  0therwise would never have found out some of the things I have been looking for. Emma Rex(nee Dobel) Senior was his grandmother and I have a photograph of her taken back in the 1890's.
I knew from my father his father and brothers and sisters lived in Paris Street Exeter went to Portugal Street London and located 1871 census on film. In those days was the latest available census open to public.

In April this year came across some pieces of paper with notes I had written down about Emma Rex knew she had had 3 husbands (all died before her).Knew where she had lived and the order in which she was married.Knew she was in the Licensing Trade and the names of the public houses she kept which were also verified from 1891-1911 Census Returns.

Could not find 1st marriage to George Jefferies      
found the second to ALFRED HIPPOLITE ROGERS  Emma Louisa Jefferies WIDOW Father William Rex House Decorator. 1893

third marriage Emma Louisa Rogers Widow
Married Henry George Adams Bachelor
Father William Rex (Deceased)   (He died in 1902)

After some time managed to locate on Free bmd marriage for
George Jefferies clicked on partner and up came EMMA LOUISA DOBEL

In desperation sent off for this marriage and when it came back gave
Fathers name as JOHN DOBEL (Deceased) George Jefferies Father as
John occupation gardener.

From census returns from 1841-1911 only problem was for EMMA in 1861
calling herself Nisbet.

William Rex was widowed in March 1863 leaving him with what I thought was 3 boys and one girl.

William remarried in 1867 to Emma Dobel Spinster aged 30 in Taunton Somerset.

In 1871 Census Exeter  EMMA P N REX aged 11 Born Holborn
Could not understand why she did not appear in 1861 Census or a birth for her
in St Catherines.

1881 Census place of birth  London (1) age 21
Married August 1882                              age 22

1891 Census Born Holborn London        age 30

1901 Census Born London                     age 38

1911Census Born London                      age 49

She seems a bit confused as to exactly how old she is at time
From her newspaper obituary and burial records she was 76
in August 1939.

I ALWAYS HAVE TO BE 110% sure on my researches but on looking at this today in a completely different light written down for someone else
  ???WHAT DO YOU THINK  ??? ??? IS THIS  EMMA LOUISA NISBETT  born Dec 1/4 1859
Emma Dobel that married George Jefferies.   :) the illegitmate daughter of my gt grandmother Emma and step daughter to William Rex****

At the time of her Marriage in Reading gave her Aldershot address but her husband to be Henry George Adams was actually staying at my grandfathers
public house in Reading where his mother Emma and possibly NOW her Mother Emma was living up until her death 5 years later.

It looks as though the missing piece of the jigsaw might have finally be found.

first thing tomrrow I will be phoning GRO for a copy of Emma Louisa Nisbett's birth certificate.

Sorry it was a bit long and protracted but needed to give you all the facts so that you could be an outsider analysing for me.

Thanks for being patient and hopefully read all.

Very Many Many Thanks for finding what I hope to be my Emmas Birth. :D :D
did say in my initial posting how fantastic you people are at

Kind  Regards

Porcelayne Ladye

ps incidentally on the 1841 Census it shows William Rex was apprentice to
John Doble at Heavitree.  John was the brother of Williams mother. Making
William and Emma Cousins.
So if 2 cousins marry and one has an illegitimate daughter is the daughter IE EMMA LOUISA NESBITT his Second cousin as well as stepfather???????? ???

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