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Lancashire / Re: Prestwich Workhouse Inmates
« on: Monday 10 April 06 16:34 BST (UK)  »
Hello MJP and UK Girl. Sent a too long a replyand it cut off. Basically Showed Mary Ann  death cert to someone today. Address should in fact be OF 27 Sudell Stret. the OF looked like an 8 and the Seven a long comma.
Do not know if you will get my previous posting. In which I thanked you both for all hard work and wondered if you could check out 27 Sudell Street  Nos 2-39  on RG13/3750/82 page 1-5. Thanks again wont write too much in case this does not work either.  Do not know what happend. This is all new to me.
Kind Regards and Thanks  to MJP and UK Girl
Porcelayne Ladye

Lancashire / Re: Prestwich Workhouse Inmates
« on: Monday 10 April 06 15:51 BST (UK)  »
Hello MJP and UK Girl. Thank you both very much for all work you have been doing. Fantastic.In answer to some of your questions.Re Michael Dunne 82 Sudell Street and your question "Do I sense romance in the air" NO  More later.
1881 Census Yes got a copy back in 1990's after Charles Edward Grainger childrens births in Newport found.
Don't know where Cyril comes from but MARMADUKE

Lancashire / Re: Prestwich Workhouse Inmates
« on: Tuesday 04 April 06 19:06 BST (UK)  »
Hello MJP Thank you for your reply. I am not surprised that no 82 Sudell Street did not exist. Marian seems to tell lots of porkies. Death Certificate says she was the wife of Samuel Mann a salesman. of 82 Sudell Street Manchester. However on looking again there is a seraph which makes it look like 82 it could EVEN be 32. Maybe you could try 32 Sudell Street.Please.
When I contacted Manchester Archives a while ago I was told they did not have these registers and where did I get the information from.
I hate to admit failure but really DO NOT know where to go now. All dead ends. Records not survived.
As Chas Edwd was born in Hulme in 1854 I found a Louisa Cowburn(aged 17)  living with her mother brother and sister in law  at 13 Foster Street. on the 1851 Census. (This was back in early 1990's)
Mother gives Louisa's birthplace as PENDLETON. Paid a researcher she could not find a baptism there for her. I managed a couple of trips to Manchester and too found nothing.
As I believed this could be Marian AS SOMETIMES IN POLICE RECORDS in 0xford calls herself  just Louisa.
Found her brother Henry's marriage at St Augustines Chapel (Roman Catholic) 3 June 1850. His fathers name JOHN Cowburn a PAINTER.
Looked for a Marriage between a John Cowburn in Preston to an  Ann.   the only one found was @ Holy Trinity Preston - Anne Whittle spinster. o.t.p. and John Cowburn of Moorgate Fold  Blackburn. 9th June 1825.
I just had to sit on this since 1990's could not find any other clues to follow. Until I was made redundant in February and started to hunt again. Found her Marriage father JOHN but he was a FARMER not a painter.  0r did she think a Farmer looked better than a painter who knows?  She also said she was 48 on Marriage same age as Samuel. However age was correct at time of death.
1871 Family now living in 0xford birthplace PRESTON
1891 Now remarried gone back to Manchester birthplace PRESTON  again.
I only found her on 1861 Census last year at 1837 on line  living in Eccles. could not believe it. Birthplace ITALY (Naturalised British Subject) Even checked 0verseas Marriages.  Children born Ramsgate.
Where oh Where to I go now. Have searched Holy Trinity Preston baptisms for her mother nothingI am beginning to think they must be non conformist? But how many registers for Manchester and Preston.
Any suggetions will be greatfully appreciated. Thank you for reading my saga and dilemma.Living some distance away Maybe I had better sell my house and move to Manchester.
Look forward to your comments and thanks for checking the 1901 census for me.
Porcelayne Ladye

Lancashire / Re: Prestwich Workhouse Inmates
« on: Monday 03 April 06 23:12 BST (UK)  »
Hello again,
Sorry if my posting not very clear. What I was hoping for was" to see if you could find anything in Prestwich Workhouse Inmates for my Marian Louisa Mann."
I wanted to know   "when she went in and from where she came from prior to going into workhouse."                 I was quite surpised when I received her death certificate to see where she had died. Wanted a bit more information on my elusive Marian.

Reference to registered under Grainger I meant on her admission to workhouse. If not found under surname of Mann.

I have Marian Louise on 1891,1881 NOT FOUND for her.
1871 0xford.  1861 Eccles.
Possibly 1851 Hulme. and 1841 Salford. (Not 100% on these)     Under the name of Louisa Cowburn.

Her marriage Never found. Childrens Births and Baptisms never found. Conflicting birthplaces. Tried both birthplaces. Also checked the whole of Isle of Thanet for 1851 Census not there. Have also checked Preston for her baptism zilch.(Circa 1835 born) Have not yet tried the non conformist churches though. Not one Cowburn from 1813-1860.

She was tried at the Assizes in 0xford 1877 for Wilful Murder of her husband James Grainger. Found not guilty. Her son and son in law 'paid her off to go away and have no more contact with family 'July 1877.(Found this in 1990's) Brick wall LOST HER found her in February 2006 remarrying in her mid 50's.

When her son Charles Edward's first son born he regd and baptised him Charles Edward COWBURN Grainger.I checked to see if a Chas Edw Cowburn was born in 1854 YES Hulme Manchester. Mother Louisa Cowburn.Fathers name blank.

When I received Marian Louisa Grainger (WIDOW) marriage (Feb 2006) her fathers name was JOHN COWBURN.  So thank you Chas Edwd for this clue. My hunch had always been right. But never found his sister's details.0r either of their baptisms.

I know I will never find it but would LOVE to find her on 1881 Census.    Goodness knows how it was indexed.

Need to know who was living at 82 SUDELL STREET MANCHESTER at time of 1901 Census. Was this where she lived prior to going into workhouse???? and who was there on night of 1901 Census.

Sorry if rambling but it is long involved and not straightforward. Especially ITALY??? and Preston????
Look forward to your comments and advice.
Regards Porcelayne Ladye

The Common Room / Re: A little bit of help needed pls
« on: Monday 03 April 06 19:46 BST (UK)  »
Hello Valda
From memory Samuel died pre 1837.He was a hairdresser. John Died pre 1851 Census. Cannot remember about Josiah Coward off hand but I will have a look at my notes. and let you and Ann know. I am supposed to be going out this evening will look later.
Thanks for your your reply Bye for now.
Porcelayne Ladye.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1901 Census Lookup Manchester
« on: Monday 03 April 06 19:38 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I am wondering if it would be possible to check for me to see who was living at 82 Sudell Street Manchester on 1901 Census.
Gt Gt Grandmother Marian Louise Mann died 26 January 1901 in Crumpsall Workhouse. Husbands address given on death certificate as 82 SUDELL STREET MANCHESTER.  By which I am mystified as his address from 1890-1911 (death) he was living at Providence Street.Manchester I have him as a widower 1901 Census.
In his will dated Sept 1911 he put a codicil saying his wife Mary Louise Mann should not benefit any way from his Will as they were legally separated by an Agreement. THEREFORE I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WAS LIVING AT  SUDELL STREET.
Porcelayne Ladye

Lancashire / Prestwich Workhouse Inmates
« on: Monday 03 April 06 19:09 BST (UK)  »
Hello Suzyf
My gt gt grandmother. Marian Louise Mann died Crumpsall Workhouse.Prestwich.  26th January 1901.
However Matron gave her name as Mary Louise Mann 0n the death certificate. Do not know when she was admitted only date of death. She died of pneumonia and cardiac failure. Husbands address given as 82 Sudell Street Manchester. He was unaware she had even died. He died 1911 and  made a codicil saying his wife Mary Louise from whom he was legally separated by Agreement should not benefit from his Will. Her first husband was James Grainger who died 1877. She has told so many porkies throughout her life she could even be registered under Grainger. Any help or advice or suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.
Regards Porcelayne Ladye.
p.s.I have spent 15 years hunting her.0nly recently found her remarrying in in 50's in 1890. She was NOT ??? on 1881 Census.

The Common Room / Re: A little bit of help needed pls
« on: Monday 03 April 06 18:44 BST (UK)  »
Hello Valda and Ann. In 3 days you have got the jigsaw puzzle on the table. It took me three years backwards and forwards to Potsmouth to get where you are. Plus paying a researcher who could not find George Thomas Wainwright on 1841 census. Even though I gave her the address he was at. I found it a couple of years later. Here goes.
Samuel Wainwright mar Sarah Bath St Marys Portsea 1792. They had 6 children. Matilda youngest. 1816.
George Living at Military Row 1841 Census as per birth certificate. Also with John and Matilda Dollery at Puds Lane. They married 6 December 1841. John was a Mariner. Matilda SPINSTER. 1849 12 August George plus 3 other Dollery Children bapt St Johns Chapel Portsea. 1851 Census Matilda now a widow. 0n relief. 1853 25 December Matilda Dollery widow married Josiah Coward.Alvertstoke. He was a bootmaker.When George Thomas married Jane Rosina we was a WAINWRIGHT my Fathers maternal grandfather. Its must be 20 years since I did this. Cannot find all notes at present. But at least you have the picture I hope. Ann Thanks for your email have replied via forum so that all who helped you know what I have found and their conclusions correct. E mail me as I will be sure to see what you think Ann. Regards Porcelayne Ladye

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / 1841Census Preston -Accused of Murder
« on: Monday 27 February 06 10:28 GMT (UK)  »
I have been searching for parents of MARIAN LOUISE  since 1990's. She was born in Preston Lancashire. "Married JAMES GRAINGER" Their Marriage Never found. 2 Children Mathilde and Charles Edward both born Manchester 1853 and 1854. Their Births not registered.             Known information
1871 Census 0xford age  36 born Preston Lancs          children place of birth Salford and Manchester.
1877 0xford Assizes for Murder of husband James Grainger.  Found Not Guilty after 3 months in 0xford Castle Prison.
Children places of birth Salford and Manchester -1901 Census.
Last week came across a Marriage in 1890 Manchester. Applied for copy. YES it is my Marian Louise
lied about her age (48) March 1890
1891 Census Marian Louise Mann (new Married name) Again lied about her age (49)   Born Preston Lancashire
Applied for her death at same time of Marriage
Husband Now puts her CORRECT age of 67.
I am therefore hoping someone might be able to track down my COWBURN Farmily in 1841 Census in PRESTON
Her daughter Mathilde Born Salford 1853 Son Charles Edward born Manchester 1854

ps In 1861 Census Eccles
Husbands Name Age, occupation Place of birth 100% correct.
Marian Louise Wife Mar age 26 ITALY;(Naturalised British Subject)
Mathilde              Dau                  8 Ramsgate
Charles Edward   Son                  7 Ramsgate

Checked Births, None anywhere in Country for children
Checked 1841 and 1851 Census for the whole of Isle of Thanet None  (November 2005)
Someone please help Now I have got her Fathers Name and 0ccupation and Preston.

Sometimes she goes under Full Name, Sometimes Louise or Louisa.

Thank You for reading this posting

porcelayne ladye.

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