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Hi again Nell

Thank you very much for your help.  Also thanks for the additional  1841 Information on Cressall and Bradley.

Yours sincerely,

porcelayne ladye

Hello Little Nell

Thank you very much for the very quick response to my posting yesterday.
Apologies Yes should have been JAMES not John had been working on both John - his father and JAMES.

James was born and grew up in Worcester city.  Could not understand why no Marriage ever found there for him.

After obtaining Rachel's father's Will (1821 he died Nottingham Place Commercial Road Whitechapel -  Undertaker)  He must have been quite successfull with what he left his daughter Rachel and her husband Mr Lee (No forename given for him).  He had been in business in Whitechapel since pre 1790.

Rachel at time of Marriage Spinster of this parish RICHMOND.  She would have been around 25.
Her Father's house in whitechapel was copyhold.  Maybe other family  members living in Richmond. Too early for Directories to check.

I omitted to ask for details of WITNESSES at their Marriage  to see if they were CRESSALL's  LEE's or 0ther. Would it be possible to let me know this information too.

0nce again thank you for your reply,

Yours very sincerely,

porcelayne ladye

I am wondering if someone could kindly lookup the Marriage for RACHEL CRESSALL to JOHN LEE at St Mary Magdalene Church Richmond. 9 May 1819.
I am wanting to clarify this is the right couple I am looking for as I was surprised to find it so far from where John was previously  living - Worcester.
I know from Census Rachel born Whitechapel and with such an unusual name for her I would like to clarify correct marriage.
Also would like to know if was by Licence or Banns. Do Licences for St Mary Magdalene Richmond survive?  Some Counties seem better than others.
Thanking you in advance for any light you can throw on this Marriage for me.

Yours sincerely

porcelayne ladye

John Cressall was taken ill on 26 November 1821 solicitor was called for and he wrote his Will.  He died the next day Friday 27 November 1821
He was living  at Nottingham Place Whitechapel - Commercial Road. He was an Undertaker.
Would it be possible to check date and details of Burial.  If not St Marys what other Church would it be in the area. 
He was aged about  84 which is what was given in his Will.

Thank You

porcelayne ladye

The Common Room / Consular Marriage Europe-1850's What info does it contain
« on: Sunday 23 October 05 22:35 BST (UK)  »
Thanks to the ladies at who suggested I try Consular returns for a Marriage I have been looking for for 15-16 years.
Tried it and hey presto the name I am looking for appeared on 1837 online. Calais France.
I am purchasing it tomorrow Monday hope it is the right one.
What information will I find.  Will it be similar to our Marriage Certificates information. Would love to hear from anyone who has a Consular Return Marriage.
Don't know how common they are in most families but can only ask and hope someone opens this message.
porcelayne ladye


Kent / Re: Charles Grainger 1861 Census Birthplace changed HELP!
« on: Saturday 22 October 05 20:10 BST (UK)  »
Hello PaulineJ and Ruth. Thanks very much for your very quick replies
With reference to Ruth's reply #2 22.10.05 at 13.52.28
I raced off to Berkshire Records 0ffice to check out GRO indexes the first day it opened after weekend to check Thanet.  ZILCH!!!!!!!! Last week.
You then suggested overseas Marriage Indexes at 1837online.
Almost at the bottom of the page
GRAINGER JAMES      CALAIS   vol 1  page 227.
Have eveything posible to cross crossed as this might just be James Marriage I have been looking for for all these years.
I phoned Southport to see How I order a certificate as the forms for Marriage were for England and Wales  only.  They gave me a number to call on Monday who deal with 0verseas Marriages.
The children were born in RAMSGATE just a blip from Calais. Seems too good to be true.
WHAT INFORMATION WOULD I GET ON A CONUSLAR RETURN  FOR A MARRIAGE.  Spent all afternoon looking through books and internet mentions them but not what they contain. Parents names to confirm it is my James Grainger her Parents too?????? You have been so helpful I dont know how to say thank you enough.

Jayne (porcelayne ladye)

Kent / Charles Grainger 1861 Census Birthplace changed HELP!
« on: Saturday 22 October 05 02:46 BST (UK)  »
Never found Charles Edward Grainger Registered at St Catherines years ago. Born 1854 MANCHESTER.
1901,1891,1881,1881, all says Manchester.
Could not find him or his Family on Manchester 1861 for city.
15 years later (last week) looked at 1837 on line YES found 1861 Census at last. But it throws up even more queries.
Now gives his place of birth as RAMSGATE KENT also his sister who was also previously given as Manchester born RAMSGATE KENT.
Their Mother who was given as Manchester in 1871 as Manchester. Now
ITALY (NATURALISED BRITISH SUBJECT) Husband JAMES GRAINGER gave his place of birth including the actual parish which is correct.
Never found their Marriage  as did not know her maiden name applied for 6 possile James Grainger Marriages all wrong and did not apply for anymore as there were quite a few.

Why would they change place of birth from Kent to Lancashire. Is this common???
How do I look for a Naturalised Italian with no name. She was 18 in 1853 when 1st child born.
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
porcelayne ladye

England / Re: CHAMBERLAIN Robert b abt 1723 & GRAINGER
« on: Wednesday 28 September 05 18:00 BST (UK)  »
Hello Gene Genie,
This is very new to me hope it works.
Robert Chamberlain Snr did not have a son called
THOMAS   However he had a grandson THOMAS GRAINGER He was was apprenticed to him and his Uncles ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN JNR AND HUMPHREY.
I have been working on both families for a few years Robert Snr being my husbands 5x gt grandfather.

What is your Family connection ??  Look forward to your reply.

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