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Lancashire / The 'four and twenty gentlemen' of Ribchester
« on: Sunday 26 June 22 15:19 BST (UK)  »
In 'A History of Ribchester' by Jonathon Shortt and T C Smith, the authors talk about an old custom in the towns of Ribchester, Goosnargh, Preston of having a group of 'sworn men' who would act to 'help and counsel the mayor.'  They state that, 'The records of ďthe gentlemen and four-and-twenty" of Ribchester are preserved for an unusually long period. From 1650 down to the present day, with but few intermissions, the churchwardens' accounts and the minutes of ďthe gentlemenĒ are contained with much fulness ; and are also in an excellent state of preservation.'
However, they do not say where these records can be found!
I am interested in the Seed families in Ribchester, and wonder if these records might prove a useful resource.
Has anyone come across any information concerning this group and their records?


Lancashire / Re: Farming north of Preston
« on: Monday 07 September 20 17:35 BST (UK)  »
Thatís an interesting article - thank you for sharing. It makes you think how very dark it must have been and how much work went into the simplest things.

Lancashire / Re: Farming north of Preston
« on: Sunday 06 September 20 14:49 BST (UK)  »
"My book is "Garstang and District: Historical selections" by John Askew, published 2012."

Searching online for this book, the only one that comes up is one by this author called 'Garstang: A Pictorial History'
Is this an alternative title, or a different book?

Lancashire / Re: Farming north of Preston
« on: Sunday 06 September 20 08:28 BST (UK)  »
So much to look at. Thank you so much.
My ancestor is Thomas Seed b. 1754. He worked on the Claughton Hall estate from 1790ís to 1839. He married Anne Gardner in 1776 when he is recorded as a house carpenter from Goosnargh. Presumably he might have done an apprenticeship, but I canít find any records for this. They had 14 children baptised at St Thomas RC Claughton.
I am in touch with the descendent of the Claughton Hall family, but not finding much about the tenantry.
Iíd really like to find more about Thomas - parents etc- but nothing so far.
The family were Catholic (though not sure if Thomas became so on joining the Claughton Hall estate) which makes tracking a bit tricky!

Not sure why Iím telling you all this! I guess just inc are anyone comes across anything.
Many thanks again.

Lancashire / Re: Farming north of Preston
« on: Saturday 05 September 20 23:09 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks for the info. Iíll have a look for the books. The cheese detail is interesting - I have a few Preston cheese sellers in the family.

Lancashire / Farming north of Preston
« on: Saturday 05 September 20 16:30 BST (UK)  »
I am writing up my family history research and would like more information about the lives lived by folks farming in the Claughton/Garstang area between Preston and Lancaster in the 1750's-1840's.  Are there any relevant published histories that anyone could recommend?

Australia / Builder came for work 1880's
« on: Saturday 05 September 20 16:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi there,
I'm looking for ideas on how I can find out more about my G Grandfather Richard Henry Catterall b. Preston 1860. The family story is that he went to Australia for several years to work as a builder and make money so that he could marry his fiancee, who waited patiently for his return! The story was that he worked on the Sydney Harbour bridge, but, since that was opened in 1932, the dates don't fit - unless there was another bridge somewhere? He was at home in Preston, Lancashire at 1881 census, and married in Preston in 1889, so I guess he would have been gone between those dates. Does anyone know if there would be any records of temporary workers in this period? Ship passenger lists? Any other ideas?

Anglesey / Re: Seed - Prichard family
« on: Saturday 05 September 20 10:35 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for this - was it in English do you know?

Anglesey / Re: Seed - Prichard family
« on: Sunday 30 August 20 17:22 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks Ray - thatís great.  Iíll have a look.

All the best,

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