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Useful to know.  I wasn't aware that there were different versions of the index.
Many thanks.

Where did you access the Kendal Mercury?

Thanks for all info.

How did you find that Taylor was Maryís maiden name? Could she not have been widowed before marrying George?
Also, where did you find the death announcement?

This does make sense - Janetís husband Robert Seed was innkeeper at Kirkland/Churchtown when he died in 1860 so perhaps Hannah was living with her sisterís Seed family.

Thanks again. Now, what other walls do I have?

Wow folks! This is great (sound of wall falling down)....

Lots to work with here :)  :)

I hadnít thought of that.

No, probably not, unfortunately, Robert died in1860 leaving Jane a widow and head of house.
I also think I know all of his family, and there are no Hannahs that I can see.

Iíll have another look though.

Thanks Lizzie also. Maybe a different father. Iíll check for any Cranes marrying Hannahís!

Any thoughts on whether Hannah was a proper name, or perhaps a form of Anne?


Thanks Pauline.
Seed is Janes married name - maiden name Taylor.
Hannah is listed on 1861 Census as Hannah Crane, married, sister of Head of household, Jane.
So I assume her maiden name was also Taylor.

But maybe she had a different father?!
Sorry - itís complicated!

Family History Beginners Board / Missing from Census, marriage index - where to next?!
« on: Wednesday 25 October 17 09:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I am trying to get round a brick wall!
My direct ancestor is Jane Taylor, b. 1822 Kendal, Westmoreland. Married Robert Seed Preston 1844.
Father late John Taylor. Common name so having difficulty.
She appears on 1861 Census in Preston with sister, Hannah Crane b. 1834 Kendal.
Jane died 1861.
So I am trying to track down Hannah.
I find no 1851 Census return for a Hannah Taylor b Kendal or a Hannah Crane (though she would have been only 17 - young to be married?). And no marriages of a Taylor to a Crane.

Westmoreland parish records do not seem to be very accessible online.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Lancashire / Re: Board of guardians, registry office
« on: Tuesday 11 November 14 18:53 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks for all replies.  So helpful.
The family is that of James and Jane Catterall nee Price. The name of the missing girl is Nancy Catterall b. 1829.  Her mother, Jane and younger siblings show up on the Ribchester 1841 census, but I can't find her on the census.  Her father died in 1837, I think as the result of an accident.  I can't find a record of death for her, but do find a marriage for a Nancy Catterall to Thomas Lamb in 1847 which has correct father details, implying that she was alive in 1841.
Also - Jane Catterall remarried in 1845 and there are two marriage entries, same reference number, on freeBMD, one with her maiden name, Price, and one with her first married name, Catterall.  Is this usual?
As you can tell, I have a few questions about this family!

Lancashire / Board of guardians, registry office
« on: Tuesday 11 November 14 11:57 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone can tell me if there are records somewhere of Board of Guardians business for around 1837-1841.  I have a family in the Ribchester workhouse on the 1841 census, and would like to find more detail about how they came to be there.
Does anyone know at what age children were housed separately from their family?  I have a 12 year old girl who is missing from this workhouse family, and wonder if she's been put elsewhere.
Also, when did non-church weddings in registry offices become an option?  I have a marriage in 1845 that states 'register office/registrar attended'.  I think the two people may have both been on their second marriage - would this affect whether they married in church or not?
Thanks for any help

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