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Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Missing 3, 3 x great aunts.
« on: Thursday 30 July 20 01:11 BST (UK)  »
Thanks heatherjulie.
That's probably the reason i haven't found it.
The youngest child was Jonathan born in 1828 and buried 25th Jan (or Feb) 1829 and I found his record in "England and Wales, Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial Registers, 1567-1970 but it was the address that clinched it as correct.
I was hoping that the similarities  between registers might produce an answer.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Missing 3, 3 x great aunts.
« on: Thursday 30 July 20 00:54 BST (UK)  »
Thanks jamjar.
The 3 girls have such common names and no second christian name which makes it difficult to search the large number of possibilities. However, searching on Ancestry using the surname "Ogden" and father's name and profession  over a likely time period finds the marriages of both elder brothers, John in 1839 and David in 1863.
Tried both professions, also both Jonathan and John.
I suppose it's possible that the girls may have married and omitted  father's name but except in the case of illegitimacy I haven't come across  it. However not possible to be 100% sure is it and the reason I posted.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Missing 3, 3 x great aunts.
« on: Wednesday 29 July 20 03:36 BST (UK)  »
Hello all.
I have three, 3 x great aunts who just seem to disappear.
First is Mary baptized 25th Dec 1819 at Manchester Cathedral, parent's Jonathan Ogden, a Dyer, and Mary, no further records found.
Second is Martha baptized 20th Oct 1822, ditto, last appears in the 1841 census with parents but wrongly named Matilda.
Third is Elizabeth baptized 1st Jan 1826, ditto, last appears in the 1851 census with mother and eldest brother John W Ogden.
The father Jonathan was a Dyer when baptizing the children but a School Master in 1841. Either of these occupations would normally appear on marriage certificates for the girls, if found, and did on both son's marriages.
But in particular, Family Search have a Mary Ogden buried 25th June 1822, age 2, and parent's Jonathan and Mary but no occupation stated and no image. I am unable to find this record on Ancestry for some reason. So i wondered if some body may be able to find an image or alternative record which confirms this Jonathan's occupation?
There was another similar couple baptizing children at the same time, same Cathedral, but occupation Coal Miner.
Any help would be just great.

England / Re: William Edward Maloney born 1890, Hulme, Manchester.
« on: Sunday 03 December 17 04:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hello rosie. Sorry, only just seen your latest post.
Both my g grandmother and gg grandmother died shortly after the 1891 census, my g grandmother Hannah Bella Swindells on the 13th April,1892  age 28, and her mother, Mary died 23rd June 1892, again surname Swindells and age 59. Hannah Bella of TB and Mary chronic bronchitis.
My grandmother, Mary Ellen born April 1887 would have been 5 years old and she was apparently taken on  by a Frederick Joseph Ohara and his wife, not sure when though. I had wondered if William Edward went the same way if his mother had abandoned him.
Until I became interested in family history we actually thought my grand mother was Mary Ellen Ohara and so were unable to find a marriage. My mother's birth certificate was the short version and did not give her mother's maiden name. Cheers. kiwigeoff.
Thanks for your continued interest.

England / Re: William Edward Maloney born 1890, Hulme, Manchester.
« on: Tuesday 28 November 17 20:14 GMT (UK)  »
Thankyou rosie for your interest and yes, the 2 births are correct, Mary Jane didn't claim a father for George Henry and the 1891 census was the correct one, what a mixed up family.
My brickwall remains resolutely standing.

England / Re: William Edward Maloney born 1890, Hulme, Manchester.
« on: Tuesday 28 November 17 09:57 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks rosie.
The one and only census was 1891, age 1. I'll try your suggestion tomorrow, getting late in NZ.

England / Re: William Edward Maloney born 1890, Hulme, Manchester.
« on: Tuesday 28 November 17 09:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Kay 99 and rosie99.
I didn't realize the situation regarding the 1939 register, makes sense I suppose.
William Edward was my Grandmother's cousin and in the 1891 census, can be found under the surname "Swindler",his grandmother is Mary Swindler, he is aged one. My grandmother was Mary E Swindles, age  four. The correct surname spelling was "Swindells". I have William's birth certificate and his mother was Mary Jane Maloney, formally Swindells but as she was not married i think the father, George Maloney, was a fabrication.
Mary Jane never seems to appear in records following the birth record and William Edward also disappears following the 1891 census. Finding him in the 1939 register was a possible break through as you can see. The age given in 1939 would indicate a birth of 1889 but with an actual birth date of March 1890 could still well be the right person.
The death you found Kay could well be my man and it may be worth my getting the certificate.
Obviously, i was hoping the 1939 record would lead me to family members.
Thanks for your thoughts.

England / William Edward Maloney born 1890, Hulme, Manchester.
« on: Tuesday 28 November 17 05:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all.
Would it be possible for someone with access to the 1939 register transcriptions to lookup details of  William Edward Maloney living at Batley MB, Yorkshire, England for me. I currently have a subscription to FindMyPast but the register is not included. My ancestor was born 10th March 1890 and there appears to be only one born between 1888 and 1892 so the one in the register is likely mine.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Mary Hannah Walmsley nee Ogden b.1842 in Manchester.
« on: Wednesday 20 September 17 22:43 BST (UK)  »
Good morning Tassie.
The Ogden family, my maternal branch, is a can of worms.I am currently in Brisbane and my research notes are in Auckland so bear with me. Clearly, Mary Hannah was a problem girl and very quickly upset her husband. Like father like daughter as they say.
David Ogden married Martha Heathcote c.1835, ages 17 and 19. There were 4 children:-
1841 William Henry.
1842 Mary Hannah.
1844 Walter, died early on.
1847 Sarah Frances, died age 8.
Sometime late 1840's David commenced a relationship with Mary Street. There were 5 children:-
1849 Sarah.
1852 William Henry, my g grandfather. Yes, same name as older half brother.
1855 Walter.
1856 George Valentine.
1859 Elizabeth Ann.
Notice the repeat of some of the names.Nasty Mary who registered them.
Mary registered the children with a mixture of the surnames, Street and Ogden.
Her sister Sarah lived with them for many years.
Martha died in the workhouse in Manchester in, from memory, 1859 and then David married Mary. Mary died in 1871/2 and David in 1873.
Where Martha lived whilst David lived with his mistress I never discovered, poor women.
So was Mary Hannah a chip off the old block?
It took me a long time to get to the bottom of David Ogden and his extended family. I did enjoy the journey however.
You can probably understand my wanting to track Mary Hannah down!!!

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