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The Common Room / Re: Nena Lilian Prinsep
« on: Wednesday 11 October 23 13:16 BST (UK)  »
I have now seen Grace's will in which she says she is married to George Roe/Rowe, not Prinsep. And we have found another infantile death of a child of Grace Phebe Roe, by a R. G. Evans !
Everything is uncertain as no birth record found for Arthur or Ernest, though seems they exist for others if that Nina Lilian and Henry were their siblings.
Seems Grace, the mother, was free and loose with her male friends.


The Common Room / Re: Nena Lilian Prinsep
« on: Thursday 31 August 23 18:12 BST (UK)  »
The 1887 marriage is that of Arthur's father, Henry Thoby Prinsep, not the supposed brother. We have now seen his mother's will which intimates that she was never married to Henry Thoby Prinsep, his father, but only to Charles Benjamin Roe whom she had married in 1855. A family tree says he was 1827-1900, but a search has produced no records to prove this - and not helping is his father's surname was Rowe according to a wedding record.
What a tangled web this family weaved.


The Common Room / Nena Lilian Prinsep
« on: Tuesday 29 August 23 11:47 BST (UK)  »
A group of us have been researching Arthur Haversleigh Thoby Prinsep, 1862-1938, a character who used various names during his time in New Zealand and Australia for boxing, writing, avoiding the law because of bigamy, acting etc. His life would make a good film.
But though finding info about him, his siblings remain unknown. Nena Prinsep was born in Calcutta in 1868 and baptised that year (though her brothers born earlier were not baptised until 1875 in England), the sum of records found for her. She may be the Lilian Prinsep, a young painter visiting Guernsey in 1884 according to the island's paper 'The Star' (16/2/1884) but no evidence found. Her brother Ernest Charles is actually better recorded, later living and dying in England, though a birth date  of 1867 can not be proven. And there seems no evidence that Henry Prinsep, supposedly born 1865, actually existed - not helped by the birth in 1863 in Lucknow of a Henry Stewart Prinsep to different Prinsep parents.
Nena's birth is in the Findmypast India births, but none of her brothers, including Arthur, are.

Is it possible to find what happened to Nena, or the births of her brothers.

I have tried to keep this short otherwise I could go on for pages! I do have some notes on Arthur if you are interested.


Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / Isle of Wight addresses
« on: Tuesday 11 July 23 15:29 BST (UK)  »
I need to find who was living at 63 St Mary's Road, Cowes c1962 and 9 Osborne Rd, East Cowes c1964/65. Hopefully the same folk both times with name of either Marsh or Buxton. Any help would be appreciated.


The Common Room / James G and Margaret J R Marsh
« on: Friday 30 June 23 11:07 BST (UK)  »
This couple lived at 397 North Circular Road, London according to electoral registers for the late 1940s - and they are the only records I can find pertaining to them.
Circa 1947/1948 they appear to be joined by a Helen M Rainone (born 1925 in London as Margaret Helen Rainone) who  the next year is listed as Helen M Marsh. I believe she married a Frederick Homan in 1950 (though GRO says Margaret H March) and definitely an Edgar Napper in 1957, dying 2010. There are Ancestry trees for her, and a few mention the name Marsh but with no reason why - as usual, enquiries have got no response or a negative one.
This enquiry may be a lost cause before it starts, but has anyone an idea of how to track this couple down.


Australia / Re: Dorothy Cork
« on: Friday 30 June 23 10:49 BST (UK)  »
So there is no way to positively identify the Dorothy Cork who died 2015 ? Sad that someone dies and immediately there is no trace of them.


Australia / Re: Dorothy Cork
« on: Tuesday 13 June 23 09:57 BST (UK)  »
Though I am not surprised no obituary for a M&B author, I am that is not one for Herrick Cork, a relatively well known artist.


Australia / Dorothy Cork
« on: Monday 12 June 23 11:13 BST (UK)  »
A lady of this name, from Stanmore, Sydney died 4/5/2015 according to Ryerson and the NSW Probate Index - but no indication of age or birth date.
A possible husband, Herrick Maurice Cork, possibly died 2003 in Sydney according to Ancestry trees but no source given.
Can anyone find evidence, like death notices, to help me determine if I am looking for the right people?


The Common Room / Re: Problem with GRO online site
« on: Saturday 10 June 23 12:14 BST (UK)  »
Wrong, as I just found mother's name for various years in 19th century. I know the printed index does not show mothers' name before 1912.
If you know the mother's name, it appears if you search a year and person plus the mother's name, but if you do not know the name and are looking for it,  you are out of luck.


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