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Thanks, yes that's Fanny,but unfortunately the birth certificate of her daughter Elizabeth Ann has no father's name on it. I assume that is because Stephen Horton was the father of most of her children, but he was still married, with one son (Hubert??). On Elizabeth Ann Parker's marriage certificate to Thomas Edward Collins she states her father's name was Edward (Edmund) deceased, so either Fanny was telling porkies, or this is not the right Elizabeth Ann. Can anyone confirm this???

I'm looking for the family of Elizabeth Ann Parker, born 1902 in West Ham/Bow, London. Her married name was Collins, and on her marriage certificate her father's name was given as Edward or Edmund, deceased. She died in 1944 of cancer. I can find no birth details that make sense, although there may be links to Fanny Parker, who had a child of that name at that time, but not by Edward or Edmund. I have the Collins side of the family way back to 1760s, but the Parkers have disappeared!
Any links to the East End would be appreciated.

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