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Midlothian / James Harkiss
« on: Tuesday 18 September 18 19:41 BST (UK)  »
James Harkliss/Harkiss marries Elizabeth Middleton in 1864 in Dalkeith.  He is a tailor, age 21.  His father George is a gardener and his Mother was previously Jane Hogarth.

In subsequent censuses he is from Newbattle or Dalkeith.

Can anyone see his birth or him with family in 1851 or 1861?

His death information is from Midlothian and Terbles District Lunatic Asylum giving his father as James, and an unknown mother.

Are any of the details of his parents correct?


Ayrshire / Mary Currie born Irvine around 1835/1841
« on: Thursday 19 April 18 21:26 BST (UK)  »
In 1841 living in Glasgow Vennell there is
Mary Currie   35  Ireland
Mary Waugh   62  Ireland
Charles Currie   8  Scotland
Mary Currie   6  Ayrshire
George Currie   5  Ayrshire
William Currie   1  Ayrshire

in 1851 in Dundonald Ayrshire
Mary Curris   38  Ireland
Mary Curris   15  Irvine  dau   muslin sewer
George Curris   14   Edinburgh   son
William Curris   11   Irvine   son
Patrick Madder   4    illeg. son  Irvine
John Madder   2   illeg. son Irvine

in 1861 in Dundonald
Mary Currie   20  head muslin sewer  Irvine
John Madden   9  half-brother Irvine
Mary Lawrie   2  daughter  Irvine
Mary Smith   20
Elizabeth Amster   18

Is it reasonable to assert that this is the same group of people, despite the disparity in ages through the years?

Also, if Mary Lawrie is the daughter of Mary Currie and Patrick and John Madder/n the illegitimate sons of Mary Currie, snr, then their father's surnames are Lawrie and Madder/n respectively?

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