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I was trying to remember how many times my Ethnicity Esimates on Ancestry have changed since I first tested?

At least 3 times, I think…

Interesting to see that my minor amounts of Scandinavian DNA have come back this time, having disappeared on the previous Estimates.

I must admit that I don’t take it too seriously, especially as my Ethnicities are so different on the My Heritage Site!

Romilly 😵‍💫🤣

The Common Room / Re: Advice needed on Cancelling Subs at FindmyPast.
« on: Friday 13 May 22 21:37 BST (UK)  »

Thanks Sandie

Romilly x

The Lighter Side / Re: WDYTYA New Series
« on: Friday 13 May 22 12:41 BST (UK)  »
I remember Anna Maxwell-Martin in the play, ‘Poppy Shakespeare’, but she’s done loads of other things!



The Common Room / Re: Advice needed on Cancelling Subs at FindmyPast.
« on: Friday 13 May 22 12:38 BST (UK)  »

Thanks Sandie!

Yes, it is frustrating  ???

I’m running out of ideas really  :'(

It’s such a shame about the 1931 Census, but I keep hoping that it might be like so many soldier’s WW1 Records, where some of them were saved.


The Lighter Side / Re: May-December marriages (19th century)
« on: Thursday 12 May 22 21:59 BST (UK)  »

My Father was 30 years older than my Mother, 57 when I was born and 60 when my sister was born.

It always amuses me when people talk about their Great Great Grandfather having been in WW1, - my Father fought in it!

Romilly  :)


I'm going to have another go at this tomorrow, and see if I can make any sense of it...

I agree that there has to be a link to Thomas Kean, because I have a new DNA match who is his Great Granddaughter.


Thanks Richard,

I really appreciate your input.

I’ve been puzzling over this for so long that I’ve probably lost perspective 😵‍💫🙄.

Thomas Kean was born in 1858, my Grandfather William James Wilson in 1860.

Thomas Kean’s son Joseph Frederick Kean is born in 1888. For my Grandfather to have been Joseph Frederick Kean’s half sibling, he couldn’t have been the son of Thomas Kean born in 1858?


Thanks again Richard.

Just trying to get my head round half 2nd Cousins!

And so, (potentially) my highest paternal DNA match, VK and I have a shared relationship to Richard Kean (1832 - 1894) but not to his wife Frances Butler (1833 - 1873).

This is confusing, because I also have Butler DNA matches, and I assumed that these came via her…?



Many thanks Richard.

I'm still trying to understand these hypotheses, but looking at the next page would seem to indicate that my highest paternal match is a half 2nd Cousin?


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