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Australia / Captain Thomas Farrell, partner of Emma, "Queen of New Guinea"
« on: Saturday 28 January 17 07:18 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know the family history of the mariner, blackbirder & trader, Thomas Farrell who was from NSW and went to Samoa via the New Zealand gold fields.  He had a hotel in Apia where he met Jonas Coe, an American and his married daughter, Emma Forsayth (1850-1913).   Emma's mother was Joana Talelatale, a Samoan belonging to the Malietoa dynasty.   Her husband had been lost at sea and after some political trouble in Samoa, in 1878, with her father's blessing, she and Thomas sailed to New Guinea (NG) and opened a trading post at Mioko.  Their time together is well related by R.W. Robson in his book "Queen Emma", first published in 1965.   Robson described Thomas as a big man with a red beard.
Their business thrived & Emma became a person of fame, fortune and influence in East New Britain, NG.   In time, Thomas had a few vessels in his charge, hence the title "Captain".   He became ill and, in 1885, went to Brisbane where tuberculosis was diagnosed.   He went back to NG briefly, transferred his business assets to Emma, then returned to Brisbane for treatment. Thomas died in 1887, either in Brisbane or Sydney.   There is one record of the death of a Thomas Farrell in 1887 on the Queensland Index (C1210) which includes the note "born in NSW aged 40yrs", which could be relevant.
As far as I am aware, Thomas was not in my line of Farrells, but he is of historical interest and I would like to know more about him, especially his background in NSW.

Australia / A Farrell Family Who Migrated to NSW in 1839
« on: Monday 28 March 16 03:46 BST (UK)  »
Hello Fellow Family Historians, including Jennifer C

The subject/topic is on the Kildare sub-board, but I thought it more appropriate to continue our discussion on the Australian sub-board, as we have been discussing events in NSW, rather than in Ireland; also, it might attract the attention of other family historians who may be looking at the Australian sub-board & not the Kildare one.

Our line of Farrells in Australia stem from the immigrants John & Catherine Farrell plus daughter Mary Ann who arrived in Port Jackson, NSW on the "Susan" on 10 March 1839.   A second child, Catherine may have been born during the voyage or later in 1839 in Maitland.   John 1 (cir 1808-1873) & Catherine 1 (cir 1810-1894) had another nine children in NSW (total of 11 according to John's death certificate).   They moved from Morpeth in the Lower Hunter region to the Quirindi region.   Some info on the children follows:

Mary Ann (1835/36-1911) married Michael Malony;

Catherine (1839-1869) married Denis Behan;

Elizabeth (cir 1841-1902) married James O'Connor;

William (1843-1929) married Mary Considine;

John (1845-1923) married Hanorah Lloyd;

Margaret (1847-1847);

Bridget (1848-1885) married Thomas Plunkett;

James (1850/51-1935) never married;

Michael (1852-1932) married Annie Lloyd; and

Thomas (1854-1929) married Honorah Scanlon.

There was another male child who predeceased John Farrell 1.   Who was he?


Australia / Female Descendants of Sisters of Private James Stephen Farrell, KIA in WW1
« on: Wednesday 09 September 15 01:42 BST (UK)  »
 :) For mitochondrial DNA purposes, I am trying to trace the female descendants of sisters of James Stephen FARRELL, a fettler from Quirindi, who was KIA in the Battle of Fromelles on 19 July 1916.   One such person is the daughter of a CAMPBELL (father) and a HOLZ (mother), the latter being the daughter of Phillip HOLZ (1885-1962) and Catherine FARRELL (1881-1964); Catherine, who was born in Gunnedah and died in Burwood, NSW was the oldest sister of James S. FARRELL (1893-1916).

New Zealand Completed Requests / Lucy DONOVAN who migrated to NZ in the 1860s
« on: Tuesday 17 March 15 03:51 GMT (UK)  »
Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Can anyone help me in finding the descendants of Lucy DONOVAN who migrated to NZ from Ireland in the early-mid 1860s, according to oral family history.
I believe her parents were Mary nee BOYLAN and Peter DONOVAN, from Co. Meath; her father died at a relatively young age.   She had a brother, (George) Peter DONOVAN (1844/1845-1931) who came to NSW about that time, but the circumstances of his arrival are uncertain.   He went to the Solferino (Clarence River region) gold fields & eventually settled in the Lismore District as a farmer. :)

Kildare / A Farrell Family Who Migrated to NSW in 1839
« on: Tuesday 17 March 15 02:16 GMT (UK)  »
Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all

I am keen to find more about the origins of John and Catherine FARRELL who arrived in NSW on the ship "Susan" in March 1839.   They were accompanied by their daughter Mary who was born in Newtown,  some four years before.   They eventually settled on a farm in the Quirindi District of NSW.

To the best of my knowledge, my great, great, great, great grandfather was one Thomas FARRELL, born in Ireland about 1750.   His spouse, Diana SWEETON (1750-1835) had a son, William born about (ca) 1775 in Co. Kildare (gargie63, “Ryan Family Tree”,

William FARRELL married Judith KENNEDY (1775-?).   Their son, John was born between 1806 & 1808 at Moyvally (north-west Kildare, on/near the (northern) border with Co Meath).  John, an illiterate farm labourer, married Catherine FALLON, born ca 1810, a laundress and needlewoman, in Kildare.   Catherine was from Newtown which is not far south of Cappagh and some 10 km east of Moyvally.

I would love to hear from anyone who may have knowledge of my forebears.

May the road rise with you.

KF (in Queensland, Australia) :)


I am trying to trace the ancestry of an OLIVE family who emigrated from Kent to NSW and whose ancestors may have originated in France.

To the best of my knowledge, Charles OLIVE (1797-1868) & (Mary) Jane LUSHINGTON (-GRIFFIN) (1796-1844) married in England in 1819, together with their four children, including a  William, migrated to NSW in Nov 1827, sailing from Portsmouth on the merchant ship "Marquis of Anglesea".   Charles OLIVE  was the son of  James OLIVE (ca 1773-1852) & Lucy AUSTEN (1771-1848) who married in Canterbury, Kent, England in 1793.

James's lineage has been traced back to Jean ('John') OLIVE (1676-1741), who was a son of Jacques (Delafaye) OLIVE (1645/1650-1707) & Marie VERE  or VERRE (1646-1738) who married in  1670/1675.   Jean was baptised in the Walloon Church, Canterbury, Kent on 29 Oct 1676 (England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975, FamilySearch).     The spelling of the surname as “OLIUE” in some references is probably a transcription error.   Jean's mother, Marie was the daughter of Thomas VERE & Martha; Marie was christened in St Marys, Sandwich, Kent on 12 Jan 1646 (England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975, FamilySearch).   

Jacques & Marie had eight children including Jean, Jaques & Marie, their last (Ellie Carlton on ).      There is a record on of a child Marie born in 1690 to a Jaques OLIVE & Marie VERE.   The lineage of Jacques & Jean  is endorsed  by David Kelly in his family tree on

Ascendancy beyond this point is a challenge due to discrepancies in some published trees with respect to years of birth & death of father and grandfather of Jean OLIVE, and the paucity of French records online, compared with those of England.   Jacques (Delafaye) OLIVE may have been born in Kent, being a son of Jacques de LAFAYE (1625-1724), a Huguenot who had fled France to escape religious persecution.

Kent / Forebears of MITCHELL family who emigrated to NSW in 1838
« on: Saturday 14 March 15 05:12 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the ancestors of Charles & Harriett MITCHELL (nee HUNTLEY) who emigrated to NSW on "Westminster" in 1838.   I recently started a new topic on the Australian forum on the history of this family in NSW, with the last response appearing on 22 Feb.

To the best of my knowledge, Charles was born in Sandhurst, Kent in 1799 and married Harriet HUNTLEY in Mountfield, Sussex in 1821.   His parents were Charles MITCHEL born 1774 in Sandhurst, Kent and Catherine SOANE, who had married in the same place in 1797.   Harriett HUNTLEY was born in Salehurst, Sussex in 1801 to John HUNTLEY (1756-1819) and Mary BENE (1757-1837).   Charles Sen. died in 1855 in Cranbrook, Kent.   His parents were Edward MITCHEL and Anne EVANS, who married in Newenden, Kent in 1772.

Does anyone know more about their family history?

Australia / The circumstances of the arrival in NSW of George Peter DONOVAN
« on: Saturday 07 March 15 00:29 GMT (UK)  »
I have a copy of the church record of the marriage in Wyrallah, District of Lismore, NSW on 18 April 1882 of George Peter DONOVAN, farmer of Wilson's Ridges, NSW to Lucy BYRNES of Wyrallah.   The record lists George's parents as Peter Donovan & Mary Boylan of Co. Meath, Ireland.   George died in Lismore in 1931 at the age of 86 yrs (BDM NSW 9655/1931).   
Oral family history suggests George emigrated with his sister, Lucy who went to New Zealand, their father having died at a relatively young age.
His obituary & death certificate indicate he arrived in NSW in 1863 or 1864 but I can't find George Peter DONOVAN in the online indexes at 

My interest is in determining the ancestry of Agnes Elizabeth (“Aggie”) MITCHELL (1901-1972) who married Bernard FARRELL (1897-1969), in Casino, NSW in 1922.   I believe Aggie is a descendant of Charles MITCHELL (ca 1800-1869) a farm servant & native of Kent who arrived in NSW as a Bounty Immigrant 1838, 27 June with Harriet  & five children , probably William, Iden , John, Harriet & Matilda, on “Westminster” ex Gravesend.   They had a son Henry MITCHELL (1841-1916) born in Morpeth, NSW who married Elizabeth INNES in 1869.   She had a son, Henry Oscar MITCHELL (1876-1953) born in Maitland, NSW who married Martha Jane HAMILTON (1875-1955) in 1898,   Aggie was one of their children, being born in Morpeth, but in 1909, the family moved to Toonumbar in northeast NSW, where Henry took up a selection & commenced dairy farming.
Can anyone confirm the above ancestral line or have I found the wrong Charles MITCHELL?   If he is the correct one, does anyone know anything about his English origins?

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