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Kirkcudbrightshire / Re:MCGEORGE family
« on: Wednesday 19 October 05 18:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi Wendy,

I am delighted to 'find' another McGeorge researcher.  My GG grandfather was Samuel McGeorge, born c1837 in Kirkpatrick Durham.
I have been doing a one name study on McGeorge for several years and have quite a large data base on McGeorges, world wide. can I help you?

I have my own family on a web page if you would like to check it out


Hi, Kay - Just me again, my computer having lost your e-mail, so using this to get info to you.  I just looked up a will for John McGeorge of Lochside of Corse, Kirkcudbright, who died 6th June 1826.  His executor and listed next-of-kin was his nephew William McGeorge.  John died intestate, so no goods listed, and obviously no wife or children - may have outlived them, or may never have married, etc.   But if perchance his nephew William happens to be MY William Sr., then it would locate him in Scotland in 1826, perfectly logical, since my first record of him in England is in 1829 when he became one of the founders of a church parish group in Bath.  But ... William being a very common McGeorge name, do you have any clues on this John McGeorge of Corse (or Corsock) of Kirkcudbright?  John is one of my family names, but then it is fairly common anyway.  Thanks much -


Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: MCGEORGE family
« on: Wednesday 19 October 05 16:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi, folks -

I am new to this chat forum, though not to Roots Web and so on (Hi, Kay - it's been a while since we were in touch!), and I have also been helped by Kay with my McGeorges.  I am still fighting a brick wall, and will post what I know here below, in case anyone happens to come across any clues that might help me.

My basic information, gleaned from my great-aunt (who was known to make mistakes, but we aren't sure if this is correct or not since we have not found other info to countermand it), is that she was the daughter of William McGeorge, born in 1841 in Bath, England to William McGeorge of Kirkpatrick-Durham, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, Scotland.  That Scottish William is reputed to have been born in 1799 since he appears on the England 1850 census as 51 years old, and on the 1860 US census as 61.  His date of birth may be either August, April or October of 1799.

Scottish William (aka William Sr., as I usually call him) married Mary Ann Haddock of Woolwich, Eng on Sept. 23, 1830 at St. Mary Magdalen Church.  We have records of that marriage, but we have no records of who William's parents are, no verification that he was born IN Kirkpatrick-Durham, no positive ID on any siblings, although my great-aunt reported that he had (at least) one brother, Robert.

There is an Alexander McGeorge, who married Agnes Glover and lived in Kirkpatrick-Irongray and who, among other children, had a son William who was born in 1799.  At the moment, this does not appear to be my family, though with the similarity of family names there could be a relationship, a fairly close one, perhaps, between the families.

Names that may appear in my McGeorge family include:  William, Robert, Anne or Anna, Amelia, Janet, Arthur, Mary, Wallace, John ... judging from subsequent generations, and trying to separate McGeorge names from the ones that came in via the Haddock, Wilcox and Percy families on the English side.

I am still in Iceland, where genealogical facilities for me are only online, so I would love any leads to new possibilities.  But I am looking forward to a potential sabbatical during the 2007-2008 school year, when I will spend time in Scotland and plan to work hard on this brick wall.

Meanwhile, thanks to RootsWeb for sponsoring this sort of chat - it was nice to find today in a spare moment between students (I teach singing, etc.), and thanks to anyone who has suggestions for me to follow up on.


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