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Afternoon All

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I am looking for information on 2 children who are listed in the workhouse on the 1851 census

James Mantle, Age 9, Pauper, Born in France
Henry Mantle, Age 4, Pauper, Born in France.

Any information on these two, especially dates of entry and exit of the workhouse, and the jackpot would be parents names or other family members.

Kind regards


Happy Saturday everyone.

I have Henry Mantell m. Catherine Alexander on 25th May 1871 in Birmingham. All information I have for Henry is after the marriage, but consensus is that he was born about 1845 in Birmingham (Marriage cert and several census, etc)

I would like to find a birth record for Henry.

Henry's marriage cert lists his father as Thomas Mantell, deceased, Millwright. I cannot find much definitive info for Thomas except an 1841 census record in Hopton Wafers, Shropshire. This does fit with other members of the family that I am trying to connect, so could well be him. Thomas is 65 and no other household members. I can't find Thomas in 1851 or any later census.

So I think Thomas married between 1841 and 1844/45 when Henry was born. (late age marriages seem to be a thing in this family so not completely strange), and died before 1851.

Can anyone offer any guidance or find any information on Thomas, or records for Henry before 1871?

I would be so grateful to smash this wall as it is probably the key to connecting the other family members who are currently "floating".

The Common Room / SOLVED: Frank Jeffrey TRIGG, when did he die?
« on: Friday 10 December 21 12:16 GMT (UK)  »
Firstly, apologies for putting this here, I wasn't sure of the etiquette when it could be either England or Wales.

Frank Jeffrey Trigg was born 23 Dec 1923 in Newent, Gloucestershire. He grew up just over the border in Llantarnam, Monmouthshire.

Family lore says he died when either he, or his elder brother Harold Maurice (b 1915) was 14. It is unclear from the sentence structure which one was 14! He died of TB. ("oh yes, Maurice had a brother who died of TB when he was 14")

I have ordered a death certificate for the only death I can find, which is Jan 1929 in Bournemouth. This would make Frank around 4 and Harold around 14 which could fit, and although the family have no connection to Bournemouth we thought it possible there was a TB sanatorium there (There were many on the south coast due to the favourable air).

All well and good we think.................................

Except that I now find Frank is listed on the 1939 census as living at home in Llantanam and is described as incapacitated, which would fit with being ill with TB but completely throws out the 1929 death.

I cannot find another death anywhere that could be him, after 1939.

Can anyone help?

TIA, Tracey

Gloucestershire / Eva or Ethel TRIGG, who is still alive in 1911?
« on: Sunday 05 December 21 12:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everybody

I did ask about Eva before and got a couple of answers. I was just checking to see if anyone had any further information as its coming up to Christmas and I can't justify splashing out on more certificates right now! Especially as it is not a direct line.

Timothy Trigg B1842 Marries Mary Meek b1854 on 31st May 1879 in Gloucester.

They have the following children:

Kitty May b1880-d1909
Hilda b1881-d1964
Maurice John b1882-d1891

Eva b1823-d????

Mildred b1885-d after 1928
Archibald Martin b1806-d after 1928
Colin b1887-d1888
Morton b1889-d1977

Ethel b1891 - d????

Arthur Harold b1892 d1892
Lilly b1897 - d after 1911

On the 1911 census, Tim and Mary record 11 children, 6 living, 5 dead.

All the above information has at least 2 sources so I am as sure as possible that it is correct, which leaves either Eva or Ethel alive in 1911, The other must have died.

It may be Eva who died as there is a BMD record for a death in Westbury on Severn in Dec 1883 apparently, although I cannot find the index at the GRO, Ancestry or FreeBMD.

I did find an index for the death of an Ethel in 1906, Newent 6a 188 which could be her as the age is about right

If anybody has any additional info on these girls which might confirm, I would be really greatful.


The Common Room / Conundrum for future generations
« on: Tuesday 30 November 21 21:39 GMT (UK)  »

My husband and i were married abroad. While the marriage is 100% legally recognized in the uk, it isnt registered with the GRO.

In order for that to happen we have to get our spanish marriage certificate officially translated and notorisef in order to lodge it with the GRO and obtain a british marriage certificate.  This would cost a considerable amount so we have never bothered.

However, anyone in the future searching for a marriage for us wouldn't find one and would presume we are unmarried. Not a problem in this day and age, but also not correct!

I wonder how many other people this applies to?

Gloucestershire / Can anyone find marriage or death for Eva Trigg?
« on: Sunday 28 November 21 14:57 GMT (UK)  »
I have Eva Trigg, born about October 1883 In East Dean, Gloucestershire (one of 11 children), To Timothy Trigg and Mary Ann Meek.

I have an index for her birth, and I have the on the 1891 census with her family.

I can find later info for Ada Eva Trigg, but the problem is that there was another Ada Trigg born a year later, and also in later records confusion because my Eva had a sister in law Ada Trigg (nee Sysum).

Family recollection plus a death record for Ada Bertha Trigg at Corner House, Newent, Gloucestershire, but I think that was Ada Sysum.

Generally, I'm confused, and don't want to mix up different people into one record. She is not direct line (she would be my Mum's grand aunt) but I would just like to be able to pinpoint a death at least, if not a marriage just to round out the records for that family.

Thanks in advance.

Family History Beginners Board / Filing by family group
« on: Tuesday 23 November 21 21:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

For those of you who file by family group, how do you deal with 2nd families?

Especially if it is the wife who has the 2nd family?


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Marriage certificate witnesses
« on: Thursday 18 November 21 18:12 GMT (UK)  »

Wondering if anyone can help.

Witness name of Henry Mantell (definite, he is the bride's father) after that is another name I think that may be Dorothy ? ?
Then 2nd witness name Marie Mantell (wife of above) then maybe Margaret ?

Was it normal to have 4 witnesses?

Thanks in advance.

The Common Room / How to handle unlinked individuals
« on: Thursday 18 November 21 09:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

Apologies if this is the wrong place. I have done a search but can't find the answer I'm looking for so here goes.

When entering events/sources such as marriage or census, I want to record the unrelated individuals (witness to marriage/other households on page etc)

I am unsure which is the best way to do this:

a) add a new unrelated individual to the tree
b) use the shared fact/witness feature to free type the names
c) just type the names into the notes/ details fields

If it makes a difference I am currently using Rootsmagic 8 but also have Legacy 9.

My feeling is that I should add them as an unrelated individual in case the names crop up again at some point, but I then run the risk of having hundreds of unrelated individuals. The plus side though if they turn out to be related later I will get a "duplicate person" warning so that I know they are already there in my tree.

What do you guys do?

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