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The Common Room / Re: The Scavenger Hunts - Everyone Welcome To Join In.
« on: Sunday 26 February 17 09:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hi TamlaDawn

Of course, if you let me have your search details on Tuesday I can put them on the board for you.  Include ALL information you may already have on the person/people you are searching for, and if you have done any other searches on RC, then please include a link to these - it just makes it easier for the Seachers when trying to help you.

All the best


The Common Room / Re: The Scavenger Hunts - Everyone Welcome To Join In.
« on: Tuesday 26 January 16 10:20 GMT (UK)  »

Happy Time Traveller Scavenger Hunt.

The Common Room / Happy Time Traveller Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Tuesday 26 January 16 10:17 GMT (UK)  »
Welcome to another Scavenger Hunt, it's been a while since the last one, but I'm sure everyone has their thinking caps ready and raring to go.

Good Luck and Good Hunting



I'm searching for the marriage of John James Earwaker to Elizabeth Pain around 1870. John was born in Southwark, Surrey (London) and Elizabeth in Bermondsey, Surrey (London).

John born 23 March 1838
Elizabeth born 1844 - I'd also like to find her birth and death and parents too!

First child born 1870 in Southwark. They lived in Southwark all their lives. John died 1898. Can't find a death for Elizabeth but she was alive in 1911 census which doesn't give the length of the marriage.

I have no idea if she was married previously.

I know her maiden name is Pain because it says so on her daughter's birth certificate.
John was known as John /James/ John James

I have found Earwaker spelled Eawaker/Earwalker/Earwaken/Sandaker. It is a really difficult name to follow. I know it is also pronounced Erriker.

I have searched under Pain/Payne

I have looked for marriages in Southwark and Middlesex and London under every variation I can think of.

If anyone out there can find it, I will be so grateful!


Thank  you Carol and japeflakes, more brilliant restores...... you are all so talented, and I can't thank you enough for what you've done.

Sorry I'm a bit late getting to this, I've been away for a much needed break... and NO computer!

Thank you all again.


Thank you all so much for the restores, they're all so wonderful, all done with subtle differences.  I would be hard put picking a favourite.

Thank you all.          :-*

The Common Room / Re: The Scavenger Hunts - Everyone Welcome To Join In.
« on: Tuesday 16 June 15 10:22 BST (UK)  »

Iv246 Scavenger Hunt.

The Common Room / Iv246 Scavenger Hunt....Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Tuesday 16 June 15 10:19 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to this weeks Scavenger Hunt, it's a bit convoluted, but I'm sure you'll be able to help.

Good Luck and Good Hunting



I would like to know where the following were born and died who thier parents were if possible.

James Anderson and Elizabeth Ford his wife.

I am not 100% confident in the year of Birth for them both as i got it from a hand written family tree of a relative without a source.

What i have

James Anderson and Elizabeth Ford had the following children

I have all the OPRs for the children and can provide OPR numbers for the rest if needed?

All born in Edrom (each place listed is within 1 or 2 kms of each other, I can provide an old map if needed?)

1. Isabel I have 2 OPRs here i am 99% is same person...

1st OPR 735/00 0040 0129 DUNS : Isabel Anderson lawful daughter born to James Anderson (Hynd) in Turtleton and Elizabeth Ford his wife. March 12 1798 and Baptised April 8th, witnesses James Darling and George (Laurie?).

2nd OPR 738/0010 0188 Edrom : James Anderson (Hind) and Elizabeth Ford his wife had a daughter named Isabel Middlestots 19th Mar 1798.

They both seem to be the same family so another member suggested that maybe Elizabeth went home to her parents house for the birth?

2. John Middlestots 2nd Aug 1800 (h)

3. Christian Reedyloch 22nd Sep 1802 (h)

4. George Blackaddertown 16 Dec 1805 baptised the 30/12?  -my family line- (c) (b)

5. Mary Blackaddertown 28 Oct 1808 baptised 27/11? (c) (b)

6. Margaret Blackaddertown 24 Jan 1811 baptised 24/02? (c) (b)

7. Elizabeth Sheriffhall 21 May 1814 bap 30/6 (c) (b)

(h) = profession Hynd or Hind

(c) = profession Carter or carrier

(b) = was noted on the OPR as being baptised before the Burgher congregation in Duns(e)
Earlier births don't mention this?

The next record I have of the whole family is from my direct ancestor George when he marries Sarah Emond in Selkirk on 23 Jul 1830 OPR 778/000 0060 thomas and Robert Emonds as witnesses
I am not sure if the whole family moved from Edrom to Selkirk or just George?

Mary (5.) married a Thomas Emond 24 May 1836 so that's at least 2 of the children I have a record of going to Selkirk

One other thing to note that I am hoping may provide a link or more information on James and Elizabeth, on the OPR for Christian (3.) 2 entries above her lists a child born between a Walter Dalgliesh and a Barbara Anderson in Blackaddertown in 19 Oct 1802.

Now this is another Anderson and same place, I was hoping to link her or rule out.

Another name I found was Grieve on the 1841 census for Turtleton (where it said Isabel was born) it lists a Grieve family living, when i was looking at the census records in Selkirk I also saw that name it's a long shot but maybe a link to the 2 towns?

I hope this information makes sense and is easy to follow?
I have a bit more background stuff if needed?

I can't find any records for what happened to James and Elizabeth or the rest of the children.

 can find some

(Added......years of birth for James Anderson and Elizabeth Ford I have are

James 1773?

Elizabeth 1777?   However I am not confident that they are correct.

The children were all born in Berwickshire, Scotland, (Middlestots, Blackaddertown, Sheriffhall etc being in Edrom) However records seem to have been recorded in Duns close by.)


WOW......... thank you all for the brilliant restores, I honestly thought nothing much could be done it was so badly damaged..... but I obviously didn't count on you lot being so good.   I should have known better shouldn't I    ;D ;D ;D

Thanks again

And thank you for the kind thoughts on the loss of mum, I'm sorta lost without her!!

Could something be done with this pic?   It's of my mum, on the left (who passed away just recently) and her sister.   Sorry it's so bad, but it's a scan of a scan!

Hoping something can be done, and thanks in advance


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