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Somerset Completed Lookup Requests / Ernest Frank Hill death.
« on: Wednesday 25 November 20 08:08 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for information on the death of Ernest Frank Hill who was born on 7th December, 1906 Westbury, Somerset.  Baptism date 2nd January, 1910.  Ernest married on 24th May, 1926 Horfield, Bristol to Annie Whittaker also known as Nancy.  Ernest and Annie immigrated to Western Australia with their young daughter Pearl departing London on 27th November, 1928, arriving in Fremantle, Western Australia 28th December, 1928.

Annie (Nancy) passed away on 2nd October, 1932 in Perth.  Their daughter was later adopted as Ernest could no longer look after her and continue to work. There is no death certificate for Ernest in Australia, I can't find any travel information of him returning to England.  He has in effect disappeared.  The information available that Ernest died in 1940 and was buried in Karrcatta in Perth in incorrect.  It's a plaque placed in memorandum with an assumed death date.

I'm doing this research on behalf of my SIL whose mother was Pearl.  I would appreciate any help.  This may the wrong forum to be asking, my apologies if this is the case.

Thank you,

Family History Beginners Board / Ernest Frank Hill
« on: Thursday 03 May 18 06:43 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I posted on here quite some time ago asking for help in finding Ernest Frank Hill who was born in 1906 in Westbury, Somerset to Henry Hill and Susan Hill nee Mumford.  Ernest married Annie (Nancy) Whittaker in 1926 and he, his wife and young daughter Pearl immigrated to Western Australia in 1928.  They left England on 27 November on board the 'Esperance Bay', arriving in Fremantle, Western Australia on 28 December, 1928. The reason they immigrated to Western Australia is because their daughter Nancy had rickets and it was suggested that a climate with plenty of sunshine would be helpful in her recovery.
Unfortunately Annie died in October, 1932 leaving Ernest to care for Pearl.  As he was unable to care for Pearl and work at the same time, she was ultimately made a Ward of the State and eventually adopted.  The last record I have of Ernest Frank Hill is in a rate payment book of 1933 in Perth.  From there, Ernest seems to vanish into thin air.  There does not seem to be an Australian death certificate for Ernest.  Certain family members have speculated that he may have returned to his home county of Somerset, England but I have been unable to find a travel record of him doing so or a record of him living and dying in England
Although someone in RootsChat very kindly looked into this mystery a few years ago for me, I would appreciate any further help in finding Ernest, whether he may have remained in Australia under an assumed name or returned to England.  Any help would be very much appreciated. 
Thank you,

Family History Beginners Board / Charles Schomberg
« on: Tuesday 25 August 15 14:27 BST (UK)  »
I am currently researching my husbands family and am looking for information and details for Charles Schomberg who was apparently born at sea in 1805 according to the 1861 U.K. census.  I don't have his parents names or know whether he had any siblings.  He married a Henrietta La Marchant about 1856 but am unable to trace any record of a marriage certificate.  Charles and Henrietta had at least three children, their son Junius was born in 1858 and emigrated to Australia at some point before 1885 when he married Hope Thuell.  On the birth certificate of Junius it states that Charles occupation was a 'pay master military train' and on the 1861 census, a retired Lieutenant.  I hope these details may be helpful in someone tracing this elusive family, I've spent many hours trawling but to no avail.  Many thanks for your help.  Anne

Family History Beginners Board / Annie Hill nee Whittaker
« on: Friday 10 April 15 07:57 BST (UK)  »
Hello again,

I am doing some research for my sister-in-law and was wondering if anyone could help me find some missing details.  Annie Hill my sister-in-law's great grandmother, migrated to Australia departing London on 27 November 1928 on the 'Esperance Bay'.  Traveling with her were her husband Ernest Frank Hill and 1 year old daughter Pearl Nancy Hill.  Annie and Ernest immigrated to Australia as Pearl had rickets and their doctor had advised them she needed more sunshine in order to improve her health. 

I have found the departure records from London but am yet to find their arrival date at Fremantle,  which was their destination and it is known that they lived in Perth somewhere.

Unfortunately for the family, Annie died in about 1930/31 from a heart condition which left Ernest to care for Pearl which he did so up until she was about 4 or 5.  She was then placed in a home and put up for adoption.  The details of the adoption are known.  What is not known is the date of Annie's death and what happened to Ernest as that information was never made known to the family who adopted Pearl.  My sister-in-law would like to know the death date of Annie and if Ernest stayed on in Australia or returned to England. 

Any information in regard to these missing details would be greatly appreciated.  It would seem my research efforts to date have proved fruitless.

Thanks for your help,

Australia / William and Ann ASHBY
« on: Tuesday 17 March 15 12:29 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the death certificates of William and Ann Ashby, my 3rd great grandfather and grandmother who immigrated to Australia somewhere between 1823 and 1840.  William was baptised on 15 August, 1786 in Crowland, Lincolnshire.  Ann (nee Jordan) was baptised on 23 January, 1791 in Honington, Lincolnshire.  They were married 9 January, 1821 in Yaxley, Huntington, England.  They had two sons born in England, Samuel baptised 6 August, 1821 Crowland, Lincolnshire and died in 1878 Victoria, Australia.  William was baptised 21 March, 1823 Crowland, Lincolnshire.  He married Catherine Waters in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia 27 July, 1856 and died 27 September, 1908 Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.  Two daughters were born to William and Ann in Australia with a gap of 17 between the second son and first daughter.  Mary Ann was born in 1840 Maitland, New South Wales, marrying Sampson Carrison 22 December, 1864 in Port Fairy/Belfast, Victoria. She died 17 October 1919 Northcote, Victoria.  On her death certificate it states she had been living in Victoria for 69 years which leads me to believe she moved to Victoria about the age of 11.  Elizabeth was born 1843, Sydney, Australia and died 4 December, 1925 in Victoria. 
I have been unable to find the death certificates of either William or Ann and am also trying to find out when they arrived in Australia.  Because of the age gap between William Jnr and Mary Ann, I'm wondering of William Snr came to Australia first and Ann followed much later with the children.  If this information is correct, then Ann would have been over 50 when she gave birth to her two daughters.  If anyone can assist me in tracing this information or point me in the right direction I would be most appreciative. 
Thank you.

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