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Kent Lookup Requests / Whittaker - 1910-1916
« on: Tuesday 14 February 12 01:48 GMT (UK)  »
Seeking any info on a Mrs. 'E' or Nellie Whittaker, widow of John Whittaker and formerly married to a Smith. In 1916 and surrounding years she was living at 44 Wiltshire Road in Orpington. I would love to know her proper first name and when she died. Any help greatly appreciated!!
Should anyone have the surname she was using when she married John Whittaker I would be elated as I cannot find any record of his marrying a Smith widow. It would have been between 1910 & 1916.

London and Middlesex / Albert George Smith 1886-Which birth record?
« on: Wednesday 26 October 11 02:02 BST (UK)  »
I would like to order a birth record for Albert George Smith born 11 Aug. 1886 in Middlesex but want to be sure (if possible) I request the right one. In looking at the Free BMD listings I see two for people with that name - one born in Fulham and another in St. Saviour. Could someone familiar with these districts suggest which one it is apt to be? According to his marriage record his father's name was exactly the same as his but I have no name for the mother. I've had no luck whatsoever finding out any other way. The marriage record says his father was a police sergeant and it is felt that he (the father) had likely died before the 1891 census. I speculate that the children in the family were sent to live with various relatives as I can't find the family living together at all. He had a sister Ada born in May 1885 and supposedly an older sister Eva and younger brother Charles.
All help appreciated!

Kent / Whittaker/Whitaker/Smith-Bromley District
« on: Friday 12 August 11 17:03 BST (UK)  »
Searching for any information about Albert G. & Rose (Whittaker) Smith who were married in Bromley District
between Apr.-June 1919. Rose was the daughter of a John Whittaker but know nothing about her mother or Albert's parents or where either Rose or Albert were born. Any help greatly appreciated!!

Hertfordshire Lookup Requests / Wheathampstead Directories
« on: Monday 06 December 10 01:53 GMT (UK)  »
Could anyone look in any Wheathampstead directories for me covering the years 1912-1932, working back from 1932? E. M./Eliza Maria/Marie Walker, a widow, died there in Sept. 1932 and we are trying to find out how long she lived there. ANY help very greatly appreciated!! I am in Canada or would gladly do it myself.

Hertfordshire / New Marford, Wheathampstead resident
« on: Tuesday 30 November 10 00:54 GMT (UK)  »
According to a probate record and will, Eliza Maria Walker, known as Marie or E.M. Walker, died in New Marford, Wheathampstead in 1932. Finding out info about the middle and later years of her life has been SO difficult. Her meagre assets were left to her chauffeur despite the fact that she had 5 adult children and 3 grandchildren. The only surviving grandchild is still hoping she can learn about her grandmother. Now knowing the date and place of her death, can anyone suggest ways we can work backwards to trace her life for the previous few decades? Her husband died 42 years earlier and she is not buried with him. Help very greatly appreciated!!

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Boroughbridge Cemetery Records?
« on: Thursday 21 October 10 21:29 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me who holds the cemetery records for the Church of England in Boroughbridge? I've been to the Records Office in Northallerton and have death dates but would like to find out if some ancestors have gravestones there. My time visiting in England is quickly running out so help would be greatly appreciated!!

Quaker Family History / Quaker Burial Records & Chorlton cum Hardy Burial Records
« on: Monday 18 October 10 21:40 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me where the burial records for Quakers who lived in the Manchester area in the 1870's - early 1900's are held?
In addition, does anyone have any idea of where I might find burial records for Chorlton cum Hardy? I spent many hours at the records office in Manchester today and while everyone there did what they could to help we came away without a single bit of new information.

Lancashire / Prestwich - Manchester directions
« on: Saturday 16 October 10 16:53 BST (UK)  »
I have received much help from Rootschatters in England so turn to you again. I live in Eastern Canada and am presently in England with a friend, helping her with genealogy research. We have found we will have time to make it to the Manchester-Prestwich area on Monday & Tuesday (her Eveleigh ancestors lived in Prestwich) and would welcome suggestions of what area would be best to stay given that we will arrive by train. Neither of us are at all familiar with the area and want to go to both Prestwich and the records office. Any suggestions greatly appreciated as I need to make some arrangements prior to our arrival!

London and Middlesex / Mary Elizabeth Armitage of Kensington
« on: Wednesday 06 October 10 18:45 BST (UK)  »
Probate records note the death on 27 March 1884 of Mary Elizabeth Armitage of 5 Russell Road , Kensington, Middlesex
We strongly suspect that she was related to the Walker family but I am unable to determine who her husband was or where she was born. Help appreciated greatly!

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