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Ancestry tree.Would that be the same as

A little bit overwhelmed by the help I am receiving.I remember his first wife nick name was Chic so  there is a clue .I will try and piece together .George Barnetts fathers name was Joseph  he had three  brothers Denis Reginald & Ernest two sisters Pam and Joan.My grandfather Joseph Barnett married a second time  first name was Annette.Moved from Dulwich area of London early 60s to Freshwater Isle of Wight

Hi thank you for your replies.I had some help with friends reunited Solent middle School Cowes is on there .Former teacher and pupil replied to my inquires but only said that he was remembered.

Trying to find about where abouts of my uncle George Barnett who was in the RAF rank squadron leader in the 1960s when he left the RAF he went to Bogner regis teacher training college.Later took up the position in the 70s  as Arts and Crafts teacher at Solent Middle school Cowes Isle of Wight till retirement.I visited him in the 1970s at his home address on the Isle of Wight and meet him later in 1982 at my fathers funeral Denis Barnett.Uncle George Barnett was married to a teacher and had a son Solent Middle School East Cowes Isle of Wight is now closed.He would be in his 90s proberly deceased I would be interested to here from any one who may be a relative or no any think about him

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