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Hello and thanks for your reply. Yes, born in Canada and I presume still living in Canada

Hello. I am new to this. Very new. There is a big reason behind trying to find the mother of my half brother, reason being quite complicated but the father of my half brother is now DECEASED. I need to tell the mother of my half brother what has happened so she can then use that information as she wishes (to tell or not tell my half brother). I know my half brother is in his teens so this is why I am not reaching out to him, wouldn't want to disrupt his life. The information I have is based purely on my father. I know my fathers D.O.B, where he was born, when he died, the fact that he had been with the mother of my half brother in a turbulent relationship in CANADA but he was originally from ENGLAND. I know the first name only of my half brother and I know the mother of my half brothers initials. I also know my father had been 'chucked' out of Canada. Can anyone help?

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