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I will post it, but it's the location that's the important information for the family and I was hoping the date might narrow down the particular studio and town.  The date is likely 1928-9.  The child was born Feb 1926 and looks like she's holding on to the chair for support. 

I've just had an interesting reply from the website owner.  He said Gale Studios were gradually converted to the Jerome name over a number of years, beginning after WW1, so thinks the 'branches everywhere' would be on all the backs and wonders if the printing has slipped on this card so that line has been missed off.  I think he's right.

Also that people took in their own photos to be made into postcards, although then usually the reverse says Jerome Ltd.

So no nearer the location of the studio - does anyone recognise the scene?  The backdrops and props might be common to a number of studios though.  It does look like a studio shot but suppose it could have been set up by an amateur in their home.

Oh yes I can see it's Jerome so it was a logo of sorts.

Looking at those links, it seems this postcard predates Jerome taking over Gales studios, as this card doesn't have 'branches everywhere' which was the message on Gales advertising. 

There is also no violet ink date stamp, which absence might indicate something.

I shall contact the website owners of the links posted and send them the pic to see if they can narrow down the date.  Hopefully it was when Jerome was only in a few places.  If only London, Liverpool and Manchester, then it's very likely to be the London studio, based on the family history.

Thanks so much everyone for helping out. 

Thanks both.  I thought it said --rome, perhaps chrome, but the photo is B&W.  The O could well be D - oh well, 'readme' isn't going to get us very far is it.

It's the location that is a mystery, other than UK and most likely England.

I'm clutching at straws here but perhaps someone can help please?

I have a studio photograph of a child (a relative) which would have been taken in around 1929.  What we don't know is where this photo might have been taken but there is no studio/photographer info on the back.

The photo is presented as a postcard with the usual headings, but also a central piece of writing.  Perhaps this is standard too, or perhaps it is a clue?

I've attached the image of the reverse.

Thanks for looking.

Found him via DNA of his descendants.  In New Zealand! And was not in the workhouse but in the household of his grandmother, then his aunt, until leaving England.

So I was able to get the death cert, which confirmed it was her, since her late husband was mentioned and his occupation, and her daughter was the informant.

Found her!  Died 1911 in Brighton.  Buried in Calne, Wilts and her name was on a family memorial stone in Curzon St cemetery, where her first husband was buried.  The burial record gave her address in Brighton and age.

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Ann MATTHEWS in Abbey Rd, Brighton
« on: Saturday 30 April 22 09:57 BST (UK)  »
No by the time of the census, Maud and John Campbell were in Maida Vale in London (see the earlier thread).  Of course there's no way of knowing if they were already living there but as they were with Ann Matthews in the early 1900s as a family, I imagine they all moved to Brighton together.  Hard to know.

So really any hints about any of them living in Brighton would help fill in the gaps.

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Ann MATTHEWS in Abbey Rd, Brighton
« on: Saturday 30 April 22 09:23 BST (UK)  »
The informant is her daughter Maud Crook present at death, and cause is hemiplegia (so half paralysed - probably a stroke), glucosuria (high glucose in urine, possibly diabetes) and exhaustion. Certified by W D Calvert LRCP

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