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I have been exploring and that is very useful as long as only 1837 onwards is of interest.

I have found numerous Annie Crooks here of different ages.  Also Ann Crook ('my' Ann) along with her mother Ann Crook nee Warren, and her father Robert Crook's parents George and, yes, Ann, nee Pottow.

I do need to check that Ann Campbell formerly Crook, referred to on the children's birth certificates, would be her maiden name Crook and not a previously married name Crook.  There are some Anns who married Crooks on WiltshireBMD but I need to check dates and see if the families appeared in the 1901 census.  If so, then they cannot be my Ann.

OK, I can see from Barnado's webpage that you can enquire - with a fee.  I am going to explore the possibility that the families the children were boarded with in Newbury were distant relatives, but the householders are shown as born in Newbury so perhaps the school(s) they went to organised accommodation.  That's another avenue - their schools, but according to Berkshire Records Office , they don't hold much detail.  Possibly registers and possibly punishment books, but unlikely to have info on parents etc.  I don't live in the area so that avenue is going on the back burner for now.

Thanks for the Barnado idea - do you know if they have searchable databases or is there a way of finding out more about children they dealt with?

Correction - I really must check my notes before writing.

Alfred was shown in 1911 census as born in London, but Violet was shown as unknown.  So it would seem the family she boarded with had no info, and neither did Violet, or perhaps she wasn't asked or it wasn't deemed important. 

Hi again

I'm not sure what is considered West London.  There is also the Middlesex/London confusion that drives me slightly potty.  Places in the west ie in Middlesex came under London for BMD from a certain date in the early 1800s.

Ann Campbell did state she was head of household in the census, but who is to know if she was telling the truth, as you say.  The names are just too common to search on for deaths - Ann and John Campbell - so many of them, and if John Campbell was travelling and did actually die, it could have been in any part of the country.

There is a family story that Ann Campbell ran a beauty salon in Bond St before her accident. However, my grandmother was prone to dramatic licence!  When I saw the occupation as chiropodist, that did at least fit with the beauty salon story.  Perhaps she worked within a salon (chiropodists often worked in hairdressers then, apparently), and perhaps she was an employee or manager at some stage, but she is working 'on own account' so working for herself in the census.  Would she have worked from home or visited clients? The Bond St reference has always puzzled us, but there is a Bond St in Ealing, which might be more likely.  Presumably there are other Bond Sts in London, and that is the next search.

I have contacted chiropody associations but they began a bit later and it was a struggle to get people to sign up. Apparently it was quite a secretive profession, and also women practitioners often worked under their maiden name.  I have started wading through Kelly's directories for surnames, businesses and residences....a lot of the directories are online on the Univ of Leicester website.

I have found it easier to download a directory and search it on my own computer.  While looking online, it takes an age.  However, the search does skip quite a bit so you do need to pay attention and read sections too.

Thanks Rosie99.

You're right - I checked my notes and I have obviously just invented the Pancras reference!  I mixed it up with the 1901 address.

I took that squiggle to mean W for West London, rather than London with U for unknown area.  The letter matches the W of Wiltshire and the W of widow in other places.

In the 1911 census, the two children (Alfred and Violet) are both shown as from London with no further detail.

On Alfred's marriage cert, it states John Campbell deceased as his father, but the occupation (gentleman) does not match that of the John Campbell (commercial traveller) on his brother's and sister's birth certificates.  I'm assuming gentleman means someone living on their own means?  Perhaps Alfred had delusions of grandeur?  Presumably you could give any info you liked as no-one would check.

On the 1901 census, there is another person in the household who is listed as a domestic servant.  I wonder if she was more than that, and wonder if she filled in the census and didn't know where the children were born exactly.  It all depends on when Ann Campbell became incapacitated.  I looked up the servant's whereabouts in 1911 (easy to find from her age and place of birth) and she turned up running a boarding house with her sister (I think it was) in another part of London.  So she didn't stay with the Campbell household.

I have trawled the ineternet and found this useful website
where you can look up names, years and areas of Wiltshire.  Not all areas and years are covered, but when I searched for Ann Crook under marriages for all areas over a spread of years, I obtained these results (all for Annie Crook - but her daughter was named Violet Annie Louise Campbell, so perhaps Ann Crook was known as Annie?).

I have yet to search for other info, but I certainly didn't find any of this on LDS or ancestry.

I hope the link is useful to all of those searching Wiltshire records but cannot get to Chippenham records office easily to view the microfiches.

Thanks Groom.

I may look up that Alfred John Campbell in Shoreditch, but if he pops up again in 1911 as Alfred John then he won't be my Alfred, who was in Newbury then.

Alfred John's birthday (Sep 1897) is too close to 'my' Alfred's brother John's birthday of Oct 1897.  So not him, but thanks for the tip.

I'm afraid I can't see any Crook/Cambell marriages anywhere. They may not have married.

Were you looking online or at the actual parish register?  I have drawn a blank using online sources to find any Ann Crook marriage to anyone at all.

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