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Herefordshire Lookup Requests / Walter Henry HAINES
« on: Tuesday 30 March 10 10:11 BST (UK)  »
On the 1911 in Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire I found Walter Henry Haines, who was born Amystroy (Aymestrey), Herefordshire, c1893.  I wasn't actually looking for him, I was looking for Frederick Harry Barker, his wife Emily and his family.  Walter Henry Haines was noted as being 'nephew' to the head of the household.  The maiden name of Frederick's wife was Haines, so wondered if that was the connection. - I have ordered the marriage certificate for Frederick and Emily, so at this point, I am not sure who her father is.

I looked on the 1901 for Walter, thinking that might throw up a few clues and found him with George Miles and two of his children in Baschurch, Shropshire.  Walter was 'nephew' to the head of the household.  So, it seems we have a connection between the Haines and Miles families.

Now, going back to the wife of Frederick Barker, Emily.  I have searched and searched but not found her on a census as Emily Haines.  I did have a couple of clues from the 1911 in that she was born c1868, Clun, Shropshire.  So, I thought, I wonder if the names have been transcribed differently and I found Emma Haynes, born c1968, Clun, Shropshire, daughter of George and Sarah Haynes. 

I then looked for a marriage for George and Sarah Haynes and found George Haynes married Sarah Miles in 1854 at Clun, Shropshire.  That would *appear* to explain the Haines/Haynes and Miles connection.

At this point, my brain is turning into mashed potato deciding:

1.  Which one of the children of George and Sarah Haynes is the father of Walter Henry Haynes? - Noting that they have a son also called Walter.

2.  Is Emily Haines, born c1868, Clun, Shropshire the same person as Emma Haynes born c 1868, Clun Shropshire? - I think it is a good possibilty.

3.  Or has my brain just gone into meltdown over it all.   ???

Warwickshire / Re: HANCOX discussion
« on: Friday 05 March 10 20:35 GMT (UK)  »
I have some Hancox searching on the boil but thwarted by names well duplicated and without knowing exactly where they were born it makes it a tad more difficult.  But, in case they appear in anyone's tree:

I have a marriage certificate for William Moody. born c1883, cycle machinist living in Coventry, son of John Moody, tailor.  He married Agnes Marie Hancox, born c1884, living in Coventry, daughter of George Hancox who was deceased before the couple married.  The marriage took place in 1905, Coventry.

« on: Friday 05 March 10 19:09 GMT (UK)  »
Further to the above I now have a birth certificate for the daughter of Leonard Arnold Rayment and his wife Ethel Joyce. 

Sheila Joyce Rayment, born 1937, Chingford, Epping, Essex.

« on: Friday 29 January 10 00:24 GMT (UK)  »
I finally received the marriage certificate and it would seem my hunches are correct:

10 August, 1912
The Parish Church, Walthamstow, Essex.

JOHN FELIX GODDARD, aged 24, Bachelor, Cinematographer of 28 Miltose Road, son of JOHN WILLIAM GODDARD, Decorator


ETHEL PHILLIPS, aged 26, Spinster, of 16 Newbury Road, daughter of WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Labourer.



Winifred Purchase is my grandmother.
William Phillips is William Henry Phillips who died when Ethel was very small.
My grandmother had said her sister's husband was a cinema worker and the certificate says he was a cinematographer.

« on: Tuesday 15 December 09 09:56 GMT (UK)  »
You are right of course.  I hadn't got that far as I have been on a roll this morning following up many things before I whizzy off to work.

« on: Tuesday 15 December 09 09:41 GMT (UK)  »
Oooh.. You really are on the ball.  I am not deterred by the fact that he was an electrician, but what is of interest is that Ethel J Goddard is Ethel Joyce Goddard and that the mother is just referred to as Ethel.  My understanding is that she only had one Christian name.

I will indeed try the family history society.  It would be something short of a miracle if Joyce was still living, but think it is well worth pursuing.

I followed a similar pattern of hunches when looking for the descendant's of of Joyce's aunt which took me to the generation of today.  No guarantees it will work a second time but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Thank you ever so much!

« on: Tuesday 15 December 09 08:41 GMT (UK)  »
I am in hunch_mode with this one.  I have a few snippets of information provided by my grandmother many moons ago and the rest are about looking at options and possibles.

This is what I have found and includes bits of detail gleaned from my grandmother:

1. Ethel Phillips was born c1886, Bermondsey and the birth registered in St Olave, Surrey.  Her parents are William Henry Phillips and Mary Phillips nee Howell.

2. William Henry Phillips died within about 3 years of the marriage and Mary Phillips nee Howell married again, having 2 more children.

3.  The family moved to Walthamstow, Essex.

4.  Ethel married a cinema worker (no one seemed to remember his name) and they lived in Saffron Walden, Essex.  As far as I know they had only one child, a daughter known as Joyce.

Here is where the hunches come in and they may well be all a case of barking up a gum tree, but I thought the following details are worth looking at a bit more, even if only to eliminate.

I found a record for a marriage:

Sept quarter 1912
John F Goddard and Ethel Phillips, registered at W.Ham

I looked for a birth that might include the name Joyce, in Saffron Walden after the marriage:

June quarter 1914
Ethel J Goddard, maiden name of mother, Phillips, registered in Saffron Walden.

IF this is the right person, it could well be that she was named Ethel after her mother and the second Christian name showing as "J" might well be Joyce, the name she was known as.

So, moving along a bit I looked for a possible marriage for Ethel J Phillips:

1936 (not sure of the quarter)
Ethel J Goddard married Leonard A Rayment.  Marriage registered at Epping.

I have one frail and elderly aunt still living who often remarked "I wonder what happened to Joyce.Joyce was her cousin.  The family had lost contact just before the second world war.  My grandmother tried to re-establish it but there was no reply from any of the family.  I know my grandmother's other sister survived because I have traced her descendants down to the current generation.  But Ethel and her daughter Joyce have so far been able to elude me.

To find Joyce and or her descendants and understand what happened to them would give my aunt a spark of interest and clear up one of the family brick walls.

The Lighter Side / Re: Mugshots #5
« on: Friday 04 December 09 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
This is as good as it gets..  :D

Essex Lookup Requests / Re: Louie Grace Brooks - Census look up please
« on: Sunday 27 September 09 20:30 BST (UK)  »
I looked in FreeBMD for the birth and it must have been a case of not seeing the wood for the trees because I really didn't spot it.

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