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Kent / Re: Thomas Batchelor Ightham 1780s and two marriages to women named Mary
« on: Thursday 21 January 21 21:35 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Rosie, just intriguing as to where the burial of his first wife was

Kent / Thomas Batchelor Ightham 1780s and two marriages to women named Mary
« on: Thursday 21 January 21 17:00 GMT (UK)  »
The parish registers for Ightham show marriages for
Thomas Batchelor on 25 May 1783  to Mary Bist  and another on    17 Oct 1785 to Mary Gardiner but reveal no burials of any Mary Batchelor
8 children were baptised there to Thomas and Mary Batchelor, one in 1783 the remainder from 1791-1808
were there 2 couples or did Mary Bist die?

A dilemma to resolve unless anyone can point me to clear evidence to help

The only burial in Ightham of Thomas Batchelor in 1816 says he was born in 1750

Dorset / Re: Emily HOLLOWAY and William Henry WHITE married Bere Regis 1854
« on: Thursday 14 January 21 21:51 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks to those who've answered the 1851 census entry tends to confirm that this is not the William Henry who was my GGF's brother, born Wyke Regis 1829 son of Robert and Mary.  His father was a mariner and then a coastguard who moved from Dorset to Mylor in Cornwall between 1837 and 1841 and then to East Stonehouse. This William Henry was in Cornwall in 1841 but I've not managed to clearly find him thereafter although I have seen the Ascension Island claim.

That is more plausible given his father and 2 brothers were all coastguards

Dorset / Emily HOLLOWAY and William Henry WHITE married Bere Regis 1854
« on: Thursday 14 January 21 09:58 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to find out what became of this couple who married 21 Sep 1854 Bere-Regis

Emily, baptised Feb 1835 Milborne St Andrew, was the daughter of Frederick and Martha Holloway
William Henry was the son of Robert and described as of full age.

The only Ancestry tree which gives a year of death for Emily ignores her marriage

At that level the DNA match is likely to fall below Ancestry's  current cutoff . I have several 6th cousins who fall in the 6-8 cM range although two, descended from the same pair of ancestors are 14 cM and 15 cM matches.
My wife and 1 are related, she is my 4C2R, but only a 4 cM match on Gedmatch and obviously not a match on Ancestry

Buckinghamshire / Re: The Martins, Bossington Lane, Linslade
« on: Wednesday 06 January 21 15:05 GMT (UK)  »
William is a confectioner and tobacconist on marriage.  Some shopkeepers seem to accumulate a lot of money, perhaps it was a knock-down price, or the seller just wanted anyone to take it off his hands.

Some do. My uncle and aunt did pretty well after starting with one shop in Linslade by the bridge

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: DNA breaks down brick wall
« on: Monday 04 January 21 16:52 GMT (UK)  »
The number of errors in Ancestry trees is indeed frustrating but DNA has pointed me to finding what become of the youngest son of my 4 x great grandfather.  Born 1812 with a surname very common to the West Midlands I had stopped looking for him, but a couple of DNA hits and perusal of a number of trees were all consistent with the individual having emigrated to the US

Bedfordshire / SINFIELD Husborne Crawley early 18th century
« on: Sunday 03 January 21 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
My GOODMAN line appears to link back to Henry SINFIELD of Husborne Crawley, wife Elizabeth. henry was apparently a son of Henry

However, it is difficult to unravel the SINFIELDs as I cannot locate the marriages of either Henry in Beds or Bucks

The NBI shows burials of Henrys in 1693 and 1733 with baptisms in 1678 and 1733. The burials appear to align with the Henry, father of 7 children baptised 1672-1692 and Henry, wife Elizabeth, 7 children baptised 1703-1723. No mother's name is given for any of the earlier baptisms nor for 2 of the later group.

Any suggestions/insight welcome

the closer the match the fewer the possibilities that arise.

I have a 339 cM match and his niece a 167 cM match, with a maternal 2C1R a 145 cM shared match to both.
Although the unknown match has a scant tree from the two names I have been able to ascertain who his father was. This individual had his birth registered twice, initially 2 years late with his mother's surname then much later with his mother's husband's name.

Given the respective ages of the individuals, allied to the fact that both my grandfather's brothers had emigrated to Canada the only solution that fits the known facts is that the unknown is my half 1C, having been fathered by my grandfather shortly after his second daughter was born.

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