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Shropshire / Re: Walcott family of Bitterley Court, Ludlow, Shropshire
« on: Sunday 12 February 17 12:10 GMT (UK)  »
There a number of interesting newspaper articles relating to the Walcott family on the Welsh Newspapers Online (free) website.

These may be found precisely by searching using the exact phrase: "bitterley-court"


Lancashire / Re: Blackpool A.Purcell
« on: Monday 16 January 17 22:34 GMT (UK)  »
If, as seems likely, the Nellie Purcell who (re)married in 1933 to Harry Waterhouse was Austin's wife - do you have a copy of that marriage record to validate Nellie's given marital status - i.e. does she there declare herself to be widowed?

If nothing else this would confirm that Austin had died by then and would save you from (possibly) fruitlessly searching the 1939 Register (wherein, of course, a Nellie Waterhouse can be readily found). Additionally the 1933 marriage record will tell where Nellie was living at the time.

Regarding Austin's probable demise at a relatively early age, could this have been associated with a combination of his exposure to french polishing materials from a young age and his kidney problems during his WW1 service?


Denbighshire / Re: Edward Bowen And Family
« on: Friday 11 November 16 16:15 GMT (UK)  »

The lead that Carole offered you in her first post looks like a good one - albeit somewhat compromised by the (perhaps understandable) online mis-transcriptions involved.

Edward's 1901 family (including Joseph) can be found in the 1911 census living in Normanton, Wakefield, Yorks - which is where he and his wife Rebecca still are in 1939.

Intriguingly, there are no less than 7 children born of Bowen & Jones and registered in Wakefield between 1912 & 1922 - but none of them are named George Sydney.

Hope this helps.


Carmarthenshire / Re: Help interpreting burial entry
« on: Monday 07 November 16 17:52 GMT (UK)  »
In The Cambrian issue of 24 March 1821 (in Welsh Newspapers Online) there is a (family) death notice that simply states:

"Aged 29, at Trawsdre-Fach, in the parish of Llanarthaney, Mr Evan Madocks, late student at the Presbyterian College, in Carmarthen."

Also, see this link:


Lancashire / Re: School Master.Harry Newton Dawson 1899-1982 lancashire
« on: Sunday 25 September 16 10:13 BST (UK)  »

The Probate index for 1982 at:
on page/folio no. 2415 should get you off to a flying start.
Subject, of course, to your willingness to pay 10 for a digital copy of the Will & Probate documents.


Lancashire / Baxenden school admission records for 1894/1895
« on: Monday 12 September 16 21:46 BST (UK)  »
As I am a newcomer to researching in Lancashire, I am hoping that someone will be able to help me with regard to the following family mystery.

The (Shrewsbury) Trinity Girls school register [in FindMyPast] shows that my grandmother, Frances (Fanny) Bliss (born 3 January 1887), left the school on 30 November 1894 - but without also noting her onward (educational) destination.

Then a subsequent register shows that she was readmitted to the same school on 2 September 1895 - when "The last school attended before entering this school" is noted simply as: Baxenden.

When I first found this (second) entry a few years ago I thought that the reference to Baxenden related to a local, Shropshire, school but an exhaustive search of the whole register did not reveal any other mention of Baxenden. This then suggested to me that my grandmother had temporarily gone to school in Baxenden but, as this had no direct bearing at the time in respect of my research into her adult life, I left it at that.

However, subsequent recent developments have now created a fresh perspective with regard to a possible Baxenden connection and I am now seeking assistance to establish whether or not any Baxenden school admission records embracing the years 1894 & 1895 have survived. My particular interest in this context is to possibly glean the name(s) of her guardian(s) - as I know that her mother remained in Shrewsbury during this period.


Carmarthenshire / Re: William THOMAS - living in Ffynonddrain in 1911
« on: Tuesday 21 June 16 19:48 BST (UK)  »

Thank you for causing me to focus my mind on the basic detail that I should have absorbed from the outset.

I say this because, in the process of identifying the relevant census record for your consideration, I have now looked carefully at the full transcript rather than simply at the respective names on the image.

In doing so it is quite plain that the address that William THOMAS (a Farmer, born in Llanegwad  c1866) was living at is in Ffynonnberwin and not Ffynnondrain!

Having got myself into such a pickle I feel that, with apologies all round, it is probably best to abandon this line of research for the time being.


Carmarthenshire / Re: William THOMAS - living in Ffynonddrain in 1911
« on: Tuesday 21 June 16 00:28 BST (UK)  »
Hello Mar,

Regrettably I do not yet have the marriage certificate.

My great-grandmother's maiden name of DAVIES comes only from my grandmother's birth certificate.

At the moment, the only information that I have regarding the marriage derives from the 1911 census where my (widowed) great-grandfather has inadvertently recorded that the marriage had lasted for 38 years. As I do not know whether he was reckoning up to 1909 or 1911 the best I can do is to assume that the marriage took place sometime between 1870 & 1873.

Using these parameters, and assuming that they married in Wales, I have identified 9 potential marriage records.

However, were I to splash out and obtain all of these certificates, without previously knowing (one or both of) the respective fathers names I would still not be certain which of the marriage partners are my great-grandparents.

Equally frustrating is that I also do not have any parental information for my great-grandfather - Daniel DAVIES, who was born in Dowlais in about 1848.


Carmarthenshire / William THOMAS - living in Ffynonddrain in 1911
« on: Sunday 19 June 16 23:13 BST (UK)  »
Please can anyone help with regard to the following?

I am hoping that someone may have previously researched William THOMAS, who is listed as a mourner at my great-grandmother's funeral in Carmarthen in March 1909.

In the LLGC extract of the report of her funeral he is mentioned as a cousin.

From this reference I have connected to a William THOMAS in the 1911 census who is living in Ffynonddrain and I believe that this is the same person - because his place of birth is recorded as Llanegwad and the birthplace of my great-grandmother, Mary DAVIES (nee Davies), was also recorded as Llanegwad in the 1881/1891/1901 censuses.

My interest in William is to hopefully identify his ancestry and to thus thereby identify which of the (4?) Llanegwad Mary DAVIES's (born about 1848/49) is my great-grandmother.


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