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Carmarthenshire / Re: Revered David Rees died 8 Jan 1885 Obituary
« on: Saturday 23 January 21 12:54 GMT (UK)  »

I do believe that everything, and perhaps more, that you are seeking is contained within an extensive tribute to David Rees on page 3 of the Seren Cymru issue of 27th March 1885.

You can find this by searching on Welsh Newspapers Online via "south-yarra" and then isolating the year of 1885.

As you will find, it is in cymraeg and I would like to help further but I have not spoken the language since I left Wales at the age of 4.


Shropshire / Re: Tebly Price
« on: Monday 18 January 21 12:28 GMT (UK)  »

The following is probably not of any substantive help but hopefully may be useful to you nonetheless.

In Ancestry, in 1851 Emma Bolter [as Bolser] is in Roushill - which is where she was with Bart in 1881.

In 1871 [as Boulter] she is with her widowed mother and her marital status is 'unmarried'. No children are there present with them.

Nic has already referenced the Shrewsbury Chronicle (1885) item containing the name of Charlotte Price but there is also the following death notice from the Wellington Journal issue of 25 April 1885: "22nd inst., aged 19*, the Atcham Union Workhouse, Minnie Price, late of Mary's Parish, Shrewsbury." [*although aged 18 in the GRO index]



The Common Room / Re: A family story about a will
« on: Sunday 10 January 21 11:52 GMT (UK)  »
The account of Lady Coventry's accident in 1873 had a nice ring to it, in the context of the family anecdote, and other sources online suggest that she was a really nice person.

However, as Cathy has already sown the seeds of doubt, I regret having to advise that it was probably not that person, Lady Blanche Coventry, that David Neale aided so well.

This is because, whereas he died in 1883, Lady Blanche did not die until March 1930.


The Common Room / Re: "Tory" in place name? What does it mean?
« on: Thursday 10 December 20 13:07 GMT (UK)  »
As this link shows: the derogatory use of the word Tory as an insult has a long history.

Thank goodness our modern politicians do not stoop to using such mutual abuse!

The Common Room / Re: "Tory" in place name? What does it mean?
« on: Thursday 10 December 20 12:04 GMT (UK)  »
If it was a squatter settlement, were the squatters Irish? Tory was a derogatory name applied to Irish outlaws including Catholics and Royalists.

In the Shropshire Archives catalogue, when searching using the single word 'grimpo', there is to be found an item from 1895 titled: "Correspondence concerning proposal to petition for enclosure of Grimpo Common to the exclusion of gipsies and tramps". This sits within the archived papers of the West Felton Parish Council (1894-1942).

Additionally, there is a following 1909 reference to: "Bye-laws of the Oswestry rural district council in respect to the Grimpo Common".


The Common Room / Re: Father Adopts Own Child???
« on: Saturday 28 November 20 22:42 GMT (UK)  »

With reference to your enquiry:

"Has anyone come across/heard of an example, where a child is born out of wedlock, the fathers name is missing off the birth certificate, the child takes the mothers maiden name, at a later date the parents marry and the father "adopts" their own child, and the child then takes the father's name."

Hopefully this may help:

When my older brother was born in September 1945 his (our) parents were not married and so his given birth surname was that of our mother.

However, after they married in April 1947, one of the first things that they did was to go to their local juvenile court (in Shrewsbury) to jointly formally adopt their first child. Thereafter he carried his fatherís surname.

Although both he & I were not made aware of this by our mother until shortly after our father's death, I still took a certain vicarious pleasure in pointing out to him that he had appeared in court at such an early age.

By the way, this is not anecdotal as I still retain a photocopy of the relevant court document - having passed the original on to my brother.


World War One / Re: Medal card info please
« on: Thursday 12 November 20 12:50 GMT (UK)  »

This link:
from the Shropshire Archives online catalogue refers to page 5 of the Wellington Journal issue of 25th November 1916.

As you will (hopefully) see in the 'details' section, amongst the names of Shropshire LI men listed as 'Wounded' is: 26834 W E Sleigh, Liverpool.


Here, within this link: is what looks as though it may be the farmhouse at Maestryfer (Farm).


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