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The Common Room / Re: Where do the roots end?
« on: Friday 05 July 19 15:58 BST (UK)  »
To answer the original question, a lot depends on what sort of people they were. For the middling sort of people - husbandman, yeoman, butcher, baker - the limit is probably about mid-15th century, using the records I mentioned above. If they were landowners - gentry, squires, knights - it might be possible to go back to about mid-13th century, using records having to do with with feudal landholding.

It's all a matter of luck, of course, whether records for any particular person for family might be found.

The Common Room / Re: Where do the roots end?
« on: Friday 05 July 19 06:10 BST (UK)  »
I don't know if these have been mentioned previously but, after you have looked at all the parish records and wills, these are the records I would check for the 16th century:

Manorial court records
Lay subsidies (1520s and 1540s)
Muster rolls (1520s to 1540s)
Common Pleas and Kings/Queens Bench

Original legal records here:


Some of these, such as manor court records and lay subsidies, are not online and would require a trip to the county records office or the National Archives.

Buckinghamshire / Re: Mead, Meade and Mede, 1600 and before
« on: Wednesday 03 July 19 06:09 BST (UK)  »
In Family Search (Batch Number: C145421) thereís a John Mead, christened 1 January 1660 in Little Horwood, Bucks, son of William Mead and Mary. (Marriage: William Meads and Mary Dassett, 20 October 1653 in Little Horwood. M145421)

William Mead could be the son of John Meade and Elinor. I have these christening records in Little Horwood St Nicholas:
29 Mar 1620 John son of John MEADES
8 Dec 1626 Bridget daughter of John MEADE
5 Oct 1630 William son of John & Elnor MEADE
28 Apr 1633 Mary daughter of John & Elner MEADE

There could be confirmation in the will of William Mead, of Little Horwood, 1694. This is at Hertford, probably because Little Horwood was a manor that had belonged to St Albans Abbey.

Before John Meade I donít know. There were a lot of John Meades, for example at Stewkley and Soulbury, about a mile or two away.

One Name Studies: H to M / Re: Hasler names origins
« on: Thursday 20 June 19 19:13 BST (UK)  »
Here is a much earlier Haseler in England, in Common Pleas, Hilary term 1448, first full entry, middle of fifth line:

John Haseler, of Babstoke, (Baverstock, Wilts) yeoman

At around the same time, Hilary term 1453, the same spelling was used for the parish name of Haselor, Warwickshire.

First entry, sixth line:

Geoffrey Perkyns, of Haseler, (Haselor, Warwick), husbandman

Buckinghamshire / Elizabeth Deverell of Swanbourne, born about 1550
« on: Thursday 06 June 19 16:41 BST (UK)  »
Iím looking for the origins of Elizabeth Deverell who married Richard Meade 30 June 1576 in Soulbury, Bucks. One possibility is the Deverell family of Swanbourne, Bucks, about five or six miles from Soulbury. There was a William Deverell there who left a will (PCC, made 1558, probate 1559). In it he mentioned daughters Elizabeth and Anne, as well as sons Thomas and Augustine.

Elizabeth was unmarried when this will was made and may have still been a child. Sheís a possibility but I donít have enough evidence to connect her in Swanbourne with the marriage in Soulbury.

The Middle English Dictionary has this definition:

(a) math ale, money paid to tenants at the end of haymaking, ?money for ale to celebrate the end; math mede [OE mǣĢ-mēd], math silver, ?pay for hay-making, ?

So, hay-making, maybe from mow, mowing, moweth.

Occupation Interests / Re: Sugar Planter in British Guiana
« on: Saturday 01 June 19 16:16 BST (UK)  »
My mother's great grandmother, Thulia Pontifex, was born 1841, Georgetown, Demerara. Her father. George Pontifex, was a sugar planter.

They have original census records as well as original wills and parish records, so it's not completely useless.

The Lighter Side / Re: Surname pronunciation help ...
« on: Tuesday 30 April 19 16:50 BST (UK)  »
I suppose Medieval scribes would write it as they heard it. Here is a Bartholomew Gotobed, of Burne, Cambs, husbandman, in 1468.

Second entry, third line

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