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Buckinghamshire / Elizabeth Deverell of Swanbourne, born about 1550
« on: Thursday 06 June 19 16:41 BST (UK)  »
I’m looking for the origins of Elizabeth Deverell who married Richard Meade 30 June 1576 in Soulbury, Bucks. One possibility is the Deverell family of Swanbourne, Bucks, about five or six miles from Soulbury. There was a William Deverell there who left a will (PCC, made 1558, probate 1559). In it he mentioned daughters Elizabeth and Anne, as well as sons Thomas and Augustine.

Elizabeth was unmarried when this will was made and may have still been a child. She’s a possibility but I don’t have enough evidence to connect her in Swanbourne with the marriage in Soulbury.

Essex / Kellogg or Kelhog in Essex and Cambs, 1400-1530
« on: Wednesday 15 November 17 11:58 GMT (UK)  »
The family of Kellogg originated in Northern Essex. It occurs also as Kelhog, Kylhogge, etc, meaning a hog bother. The earliest known in the direct line was Nicholas Kelhog, of Debden, Essex, born about 1480 and found there starting in 1515. I have collected others in that area from the Court of Common Pleas, manorial, lay subsidy, and other records. All of these are from an area within about 10 miles from Saffron Walden. I don't know how they are related, but those names Rich alias Kellogg (and variants) must be related.

Shalford and Bocking, Essex
- Walter Kelhogg, of Shaldeford (Shalford), Essex, husbandman, found in Common Pleas, 1418, born about 1350-1390.
- John Kylhogge, of Bokkyng (Bocking near Braintree), Essex, husbandman, found in CP 1446, born about 1390-1420. Possibly the son of Walter; Bocking is just a few miles from Shalford.

Linton and Carleton cum Willingham, Cambs
- Thomas Ryche alias Kellog, senior, of Lynton (Linton), Cambs, husbandman, found CP 1469-1499, born about 1430-40. In the 1490s called Kellogg, the Riche part has been dropped. Linton is a few miles north of Saffron Walden, Essex.
- Thomas Kellog, junior, of Lynton, Cams, husbandman, found in CP 1496-99, born about 1460-70, son of Thomas senior.
- Thomas Kylhogge, of Carleton, Cambs, husbandman, found in CP 1488-90, born about 1430-1460, possibly related to Thomas senior and Thomas junior. Carleton is a few miles northeast of Linton.
- Simon Kellok or Kylhogg alias Riche, of Wyllyngham (Willingham), Cambs, husbandman, found CP 1531-1535, born about 1470-1510. Willingham is now in the same parish as Carlton.
- John Kellegge alias Riche of Carleton, Cambs, found in CP 1538-55, born about 1490-1510.

Sible Hedingham, Great and Little Sampford, Essex
- William Kylhogge, of Great Sampford, Essex, husbandman, found in CP 1520, born about 1460-1490. Great Sampford is halfway between Sible Hedingham and Debden, about 6 miles from each. He paid tax in the lay subsidy in 1525.
- John Ryche alias Kellogg in the lay subsidy rolls in Little Sampford (less than a mile from Great Sampford) in 1525 and in feet of fines (land conveyance) in 1540-43, born about 1480-1500. Possibly the son of William.
- Robert Ryche alias Kellogge, of Sybyll Hemyngham (Sible Hedingham), Essex, laborer, found CP 1532, born about 1470-1510. Sible Hedingham is about 5 miles from Shalford.

Debden, Essex
 - Nicholas Kelhog or Kellogge, in will of his father in law, William Hall, 1515, lay subsidy rolls 1524-5. Born about 1480-85.
 - William Kylhogge of Kellog, in manorial records 1518-20, lay subsidy rolls 1524-25. Born about 1480-1485. Possible the brother of Nicholas.

Common Pleas indexes:

Kellogg in Common Pleas:

Various medieval records with Kellogg:

Somerset / Ester Benham in Somerset?
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 05:55 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to identify a place name in Somerset. It's in a Common Pleas record from 1449. I can identify the other places mentioned: Pitney, Aller, Queen Camel and Bridgehampton. This pace is written as Easterbenham.
1449 Trinity/dorses 1398, second entry:
Soms. John Irlond, junior, versus Thomas Godwyn alias Martyn, of Pytteney Lorey, husbandman; Thomas Mede, of Ester Benham, laborer; William Godwyn alias Martyn, of Pytteney Plukenet, husbandman; Robert Yerde, of Alre, butcher; Robert Broun, of Weston juxta Quene Camell, husbandman; Richard Broun, of Briggehampton, husbandman. Debt.

Useful Links / Link: Indexes for Common Pleas and King's/Queen's Bench
« on: Friday 02 December 16 11:55 GMT (UK)  »
About nine million images, equivalent to about 4.5 million sides of parchment, have been photographed for Anglo-American Legal Tradition, with the permission of TNA. These cover many types of records, such as Exchequer, Chancery, and the central common law courts. They cover the period 1200 to 1880, but most are from 1350 to 1650.

About 65 terms in King's/Queen's Bench and Common Pleas have been indexed. Particularly the Common Pleas records have the advantage that they provide information about a huge number of 'the middling sort of people', including name, place of residence, and occupation or status. Each term contains about 4000 to 8000 entries with about 12,000 to 25,000 names. Many of these were merchants and gentry, but Professor Palmer has calculated for one year (1465), that some 70% were husbandmen, yeomen, butchers, bakers and so on. This is particularly useful for the 15th century, when there are no parish records or lay subsidies, and few wills.

Surnames are as in the original: Mead might be atte Mede, Mede, Meade, Meede, Meyde, etc. First names have been modernised. Place names are mostly as in the original, though we have translated names with Nova, Alta, Alba, etc.

Common Pleas (some terms for 1381-1554 indexed so far)

King’s/Queen’s Bench (some terms for 1530-1666 indexed so far)

Lanarkshire / William Grant McKee, born 1888 in Glasgow
« on: Monday 31 October 16 12:07 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for the ancestors of William G. McKee, born in Glasgow, born 1888, given as about 1889 in the census.

I'm pretty sure I have the right person in the 1901 and 1891 census. His father was James McKee, born about 1861 in Glasgow, his mother was Agnes Elizabeth (Grant) McKee. They were living in Pollockshields in 1901 and in Govan in 1891. Judging from the age of William's older sister Agnes, James and Agnes must have been married in about 1884.

Before that I'm not sure. There are some James McKees in the 1871 census, but I can't be sure which one might be the right one. James was born in Glasgow but I have been told that the family came from Ireland.

Buckinghamshire / Mead, Meade and Mede, 1600 and before
« on: Wednesday 22 July 15 17:25 BST (UK)  »
You couldn't swing a dead cat in Buckinghamshire without hitting a few Meads. I have collected a lot of information about them from wills, parish records, Common Pleas rolls, etc, particularly from before 1600 and going back to before 1500. Where wills and parish records are available, I have been able to connect them over several generations.

I am especially interested in Meads in Saunderton/Horsenden, Soulbury, Stewkley, Wing, Whitchurch and East Claydon. I also have quite a lot of information about individuals in other parishes, but can't connect them across generations.

If anyone is working on the Mead family in Bucks before about 1650, I'd be glad to hear from you. I'd be happy to share what I've found and meet others working in the same area.

Buckinghamshire / John Pontifex of West Wycombe
« on: Tuesday 21 July 15 19:38 BST (UK)  »
The family of Pontifex was researched by Claud Pontifex and published in "The family of Pontifex of West Wycombe, Co. Buckingham, 1500-1977”. The earliest Pontifex he found in the direct male line was John Pontifex, of West Wycombe, whose will was made in February 1588/89. He named two sons, William and Edward, and his wife was Alice. He was born around 1540.

I have found several earlier Pontifexes in the plea rolls of the Court of Common Pleas. These and other legal records going back to the 13th century can be found at the AALT site:

John Pontifex of Hughenden, cook, and Joan his wife are found in Common Pleas 1551 to 1553. Since this parish is adjacent to West Wycombe, I think it likely that these are the parents of John Pontifex of West Wycombe. He was born possibly 1500-1520.

Before that there were three Pontifexes in East Claydon. John Pontifex, of East Claydon, husbandman, is found in Common Pleas 1489 to 1512. William Pontifex of East Claydon, husbandman, is found in 1509. And Robert Pontifex, of East Claydon, husbandman, is found 1505 to 1512. It seems likely that John is the father of Robert and William, and it's possible that one of these two, born around 1480, is the father of John Pontifex of Hughenden.

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