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Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: Berry family from Penistone
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 08:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi "kellydando' and great to hear from you. I follow > Charles Berry and Sarah Moorhouse > Benjamin Berry and Margaret Quirk > Edward (Ted) Berry and Clara Herrick > Edward Roy (Roy) Berry and Josephine (Jo) Prime. Who do you follow? I have a copy of a diary of their trip out to Auckland, NZ from Liverpool and was written by Ted, and on the last page he wrote how much the fares cost for Ted, Clara and their nine children. Clara was pregnant with Eva at that time and she was born on 13 Oct 1907 about 45 days after they arrived in Auckland and another daughter Clara was born in Auckland in 1910. One of Clara's brothers, John Boultbee Herrick by then was living in Auckland with his wife Eva Newton and son Alfred and I was told they met Ted and Clara and children when the ship arrived at the port and went and lived with them until they found somewhere to live. When my father was nine his mother died and he went and lived with his grandparents Ted and Clara and his aunties and lived there until he joined the navy in 1939. Who do you follow?
  I have a wee bit of info on the Berry family when in England, census records for Charles and Sarah Berry plus their children and their children's children and other facts. I saw on a UK real estate website a few months back one of the farms that was for sale, Charles once managed and I saved some of the photos but will need to search my photos to see which farm it was.
 I don't have any info on who were Charles Berry's parents but I came across a will which I think may be "our" Charles and the executive of his will had the surname of Armitage and he was a inn keeper, and I have saved a couple of baptism records for Charles Berry but whether they are him I don't know but one of them was for Charles Armitage Berry, mother Ann Berry and no mention of the father. After seeing the will I'm wondering with the name Armitage if the baptism record for Charles Armitage Berry is him.
 Let me know if you want what I have on the Berry's in England and NZ but you probably may already have it.
  Cheers, Judy

Warwickshire / Re: Was my great grandmother adopted?
« on: Thursday 02 August 18 03:52 BST (UK)  »
"zuluspirit" I have sent you a PM regarding Frances Jane.

Essex / Re: ***COMPLETED*** Susan PATTEN born abt 1812 - 1815 Langley
« on: Thursday 29 March 18 01:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi and am hoping "amondg" and "enzfan" will read this as need a little bit of help as I have been going over my PATTEN and HAYDEN tree and I have Sarah Hayden as the daughter of John Hayden and Mary Townsend and baptism as 2/11/1789 at Manuden, Essex. I also have Joseph Patten's death and burial in London and his occupation glove maker and after his wife Hannah Balk died (in London 14/10/1792) he remarried 17/9/1798 Mary Lightburn and both were widows. I always wondered if I had correct facts regarding Joseph Patten and him living and working as a glover. Do you know if that part is true and also did both Joseph and Hannah both die in London?
 Also do you know who Issac Hayden's parents are as I have no Issac Hayden's on my tree?
 What I have is this - Sarah Hayden > John Hayden m Mary Townsend > William Hayden m Elizabeth Rand > Nathaniel Hayden m Mary Reinolds > George Hayden m Dorothy Rust
I noticed also you had details of Susan Patten and George king Prime's marriage. I could never find their marriage certificate on ancestry or find my past and the only info I managed to find on ancestry was the date 12 June 1832 and place and much the same on FindMyPast. For Geo Prime's 2nd marriage to Charlotte Patten was a different story.
 Most of my Patten and Hayden families info/facts come from either ancestry and find my past and there has been many times I have had incorrect info from ancestry members. All the above people I have mentioned are my direct ancestors. Another thing is I got a bit confused regarding maiden name of  Elizabeth wife of Issac Hayden, was it Newman or West when she married Issac and did she marry twice?
 Enzfan -  we are distant cousins by the sounds of it all.
  Thanks and Cheers

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: Berry family from Penistone
« on: Monday 12 March 18 04:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Gibel and it says from Oxspring I still am not sure of course if that is "my" Charles Berry due to it saying from Oxspring and not Penistone but then i thought maybe he lived there his last few years. Cannot find any census for him after 1871 living at his farm(s), I also checked a couple of his children's census from 1881 and he is not on any pages (i went back a few and forward a few) i could see. Thanks and Cheers

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: Berry family from Penistone
« on: Saturday 10 March 18 10:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hi and yes i have that record for Queen St Independent Chapel at Sheffield for 1802 for Charles printed out - when i was a paid member of Find My Past i came across it but i wondered if that was "my" Charles as his parents names were Robert and Rebecca and those two christian names never seemed to appear in future generations (even shortened like say Becky) and when i began doing the family trees i noticed when reading the help and guide lines for starters that first names seemed to carry on which helps you to work out if they are family. But honestly i do not know. In all of the census i have for Charles, 1841-1881 they have him from Penistone except for 1881 (but not sure if it is him) Charles is a retired farmer, widower, age 79, living at Roughbirchwood, Oxspring, Wortley and born at Hall Green, Yorkshire. Charles died in 1882 at Wortley so i saved that census due to it being in Wortley.
 Thanking you for replying to me, much appreciated.
    Cheers, Judy

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: Berry family from Penistone
« on: Tuesday 27 February 18 21:56 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for that Gibel and so don't need to find out where this David 'disappeared' to now or wondering if Edward was a twin also.
I saw the farm on google search and wow it looks amazing. Wonder if there are any old photos of the farm long before renovations were done. I must do some google searching one day.
 Thank you again and cheers

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Berry family from Penistone
« on: Tuesday 27 February 18 01:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi and I am searching my 3rd great grandparents Charles Berry and his wife Sarah Moorhouse and their 6 children. Charles was a farmer and he had two farms, Kirkwood Farm and Castle Farm (but not sure if he actually owned the land) and in a 1868 Poll book Shepherd's Castle or Farm is mentioned as well as in the 1871 census. Charles was born about 1802 in Penistone but I have not being able to find any info on who were his parents. His wife Sarah was born about the same time as Charles but in Thurlstone and I did come across a baptism record for Sarah which reads " Sarah, daughter of William and Amelia Moorhouse - at Millhouse, township of Thurlstone, born 27 Nov 1803 and baptised 2/3/1804." Charles seems to have lived his whole life in Penistone and from what I can make out his children were more than likely born at one of his farms. Charles and Sarah were married at St John the Baptist, Penistone on 4/3/1832 and their first 2 children, Edward and David were both baptised on the 13/1/1833 (found the records on Find My Past) but they only have a birth date for Edward which was 10/7/1832; so I presume that Edward and David must be twins. Two of their other children, Joseph and Mary were twins, born 16/2/1834 and baptised 25/9/1834 and their other two children, Benjamin (b 1835) and Amelia (b 1839) appears that all their 6 children were baptised at St John the Baptist in Penistone - found the birth/and or info on FindMyPast. Does anyone know which site/s I can go onto for any info on baptisms at St John the Baptist in Penistone which will give me besides baptism dates their birth dates, especially to see if Edward and David were twins. Also any info regarding who may be Charles Berry's parents and/or birth/baptism records?
  Thanking in advance for any help on the Berry family from Penistone would be very appreciated.
    Cheers, Judy

Lanarkshire / Re: Elisabeth PEW
« on: Wednesday 27 December 17 06:37 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for that "soapy1" and yes I follow Robert Pew. The children of Thomas and Elizabeth I have are - Henry; Robert 1819-1859; Eliza 1824; Martha 1828; Agnes 1830-1897; Isabella Smith 1832-1889 and Thomas 1837-1904. Not sure if all is correct and most members on ancestry doing the Pew tree had the above as their children. Thanking you again for your reply

East Lothian (Haddingtonshire) / Re: Robert Yorston
« on: Tuesday 20 June 17 08:28 BST (UK)  »
I have no daughters for Robert Yorston and Helen Smith, just the two sons William and George.  But William Yorston (1793-1881) m Mary Ann Cowley (1793-1851) and they had a daughter named MARGARET (1830-1915);  and George Yorston (1790-1873) m Mary Ann Williamson (1800-1845) and they had a daughter named AGNES (1819-1884)
  Hope that helps.
   Cheers, Judy

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