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England / Will St Giles Workhouse, Endell Street help me in my search?
« on: Wednesday 15 February 17 11:07 GMT (UK)  »
I’m battling to trace my maternal great grandmother and great grandfather and would appreciate any help.  The only information that I have is as follows :

Elizabeth Behm née Haberer was born on 11 July 1868 at Palone (Patone?), Germany.  This place does not seem to exist.  I’m also not sure whether Haberer is her maiden name or a previous married name.

She seemed to have moved to England in 1897 as a cook.  This seemed to be the year she married George Behm as well; I’m not sure in which country.

On 6 August 1903 she stayed at 13 Whittaker Street, Sloane Square.  The document also says her residence was St Giles Workhouse, Endell Street.  I’m not sure why both addresses were stated on the same document (birth certificate of her son, Charles George Henry Behm, born 29 July 1903).  It seemed that he was born at St Giles Workhouse?  Don’t know where the father was at that stage.

During 1911 she stayed at 59A South Audley St, London W; assumedly still a cook.

Charles George Henry Behm, her son, joined school in England on 20 April 1914 after returning from Germany.  Elizabeth Behm née Haberer (Nana) assumedly remained in England over this period, however George and Charles George Henry Behm (father and son) were in Germany where the son went to school.  WWI started and the father returned to England with his son.  The son went to an English school, St Pauls Knighsbridge School.  The son left school on 7 September 1917, having attained standard 7.

On 19 October 1939 Elizabeth was staying at 48 Pelham road, Gravesend.  On this day she was at the Rochester City Police and registered as a female enemy alien, non-refugee.  She was cleared from interment and restrictions.  I don’t have any data about how she was interned during the First World War.  The document indicated she was a married woman, retired, however there is no data of George Behm.

Elizabeth Behm née Haberer died on 2 December 1944, aged seventy six.  Her address was 48 Pelham Road, Gravesend.  She was in the Gravesend and North Kent hospital, Gravesend at the time of her death.

England / Re: Ashley family
« on: Saturday 11 February 17 17:02 GMT (UK)  »
Is there perhaps anyone that could confirm the family tree?  Was the correct path taken?


Europe / Re: Behm family
« on: Saturday 10 September 16 11:31 BST (UK)  »
Correct, she had one child - my grandfather. Don't have any details about her husband, only that his name was George and he came from Germany.

Europe / Re: Behm family
« on: Saturday 10 September 16 11:00 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Rosie. I'm trying to trace her back to Germany, even her husband. My Mom knows nothing of her, unfortunately.  Would love to get more info for her.
Thanks, Braam

Europe / Re: Behm family
« on: Saturday 10 September 16 10:51 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the answer. It's a bit difficult, though, to search here (South Africa). I've tried using the internet with varied success.

England / Re: Ashley family
« on: Saturday 27 August 16 21:27 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Crisane.  That was also part of my "research".

England / Ashley family
« on: Saturday 27 August 16 18:03 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to compile a family tree for the Ashley family.  I've used FreeBDM to try and piece it together, however I'm not sure whether this is correct?  Some places I've also gone further than normal.  Any help would be appreciated.

1.   John Ashley (farmer) born 1781 at Ramsbury, Wiltshire, married on 8 November 1804 at Farringdon, Berkshire to Sarah Newman, born 1777 and baptised 18 April 1777.
They had ? children, John Ashley born 1807.

2.   John Ashley born 1807 at Faringdon, Berkshire (think he spent his later years with Priscilla Clark, born 1808 at Farringdon, Berkshire).  He married Ann.  They married December 1837 at Faringdon.
They had ? children, John Ashley born 1841.

3.   John Ashley born 1841 at Ramsbury, Wiltshire.  He was a farrier, currier and farmer.  Married Martha Ann Phelps (gloveress) at St Luke’s, Finsbury, London on 29 August 1863.  She died 1879, Hungerford, aged 49.  Born 1831 at Yeoville.  (Her Father’s name was Thomas Phelps, born 10 November 1807 and baptized 25 December 1807 at Yeovil Independent Church, Office Clerk / glove maker / book publisher / commercial traveler.  His Father was Thomas Phelps who married Ann Ellis at Yeovil St John on 4 September 1803.  Wife Ann Phelps (née Herring), gloveress born Bradford Abbas, Dorsetshire.  They married Yeovil St John 24 December 1827).  Children Elizabeth Sherring Phelps born 18 March 1828; Martha Ann Phelps born 1831, Mary Phelps (gloveress) born 1833; Thomas Phelps, born 1836 (solicitor’s general clerk); Ann Phelps 1843).
They had six children; John Ashley born 1865 at London, Middlesex; William Ashley born 1867 at London, Middlesex; Ann Ashley, born 1869 at Islington, Middlesex; Martha Phelps Ashley, born 1871 at Islington, Middlesex; Priscilla Ashley, born 1873 at Ramsbury; George P Ashley, born 1878 at Ramsbury.

4.   Martha Phelps Ashley was born in London in 1871 and christened 31/03/1871 at Ramsbury, Wiltshire.  She was a housekeeper.  She died unmarried at St Joseph’s Nursing Home, Boars Hill, Sunningwell, Berkshire on 07/08/1956
She had one daughter, Florence Mary Hill Ashley, born 13/02/1907.  She was supposedly a Foundling?  Obviously not possible, as the mother was known.  However she was given up, but no information available as to how.

5.   Florence Mary Hill Ashley (Father unknown) was born 13/02/1907.  Died ?/09/1989 at Gravesend, Kent, England.  Married Charles George Henry Behm / Benn 1930.  He was born 29/07/1903.  They divorced and both of them re-married.

South Africa / Re: Ian Neville Bosman
« on: Tuesday 23 August 16 10:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi Trevor.  Yes, I've tried however with no success.  Thanks for the suggestion.

South Africa / Ian Neville Bosman
« on: Monday 22 August 16 23:50 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to obtain the birth certificate for Ian Neville Bosman.  How would I go about this?  He was born in Cape Town on 8 March 1934.

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