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Travelling People / World War One. Gipsy Roll of Honour.
« on: Monday 12 November 18 21:06 GMT (UK)  »
Helo Everyone

In the Dan Boswell Thread I am doing several researchers, I was told I must separate my researchers, one of those researchers is about the Gipsies in the First World War, WW1, so this now is the Roll of Honour Research for all the Gipsies that wore the uniform in the First World War, I make no distinction between people who have more Gipsy relatives than others, if by chance I put a name up of a person that as no Gipsy relatives what so ever then the fault lays with me alone, still at least they will be in good
In the Dan Boswell Thread where I started the research into the times of the First World War you will find full accounts up over many pages telling of the story surrounding the name of the person I am writing about, now in these posts I will no longer write up the story’s but I will write the name of the newspaper and date so you may research the Archives yourself to read of the times of your relative, I am looking for any information about the people I have researched, like did they manage to stay alive throughout the war, so below I will show you what I mean, I am researching Ambrose Bacon, this below is how I first learned of him, the Bacons I have found I think are related to the Elliott’s and Boylings Heaps, Smiths, Woodwards and more, I only think this from the things I have found, when I put up all the other Gipsy Men from the times of the First World War, I will not put up no writings only their name, this then will be their Roll of Honour page for everyone to know of their names, over the Thread about Dan Boswell there are many of the record story’s, you will have to read through all the pages for I was doing several researchers back then and stop and started different story’s and researchers and mixed them up, so if you see a name that you know in the  Gipsy Roll of Honour all you need to do is look at the Newspaper from the Archives just join their site and learn yourself of your relatives, if you would then put on here any information about the person to help me in this research I would welcome your help, apart from the many Gipsy people that I have already found and wrote about in WW1, well I have found many more and will put their names on here to, so I will first show you how I started this research for Ambrose Bacon and tell of the information I found, I found much more to, this is just a sample, you can read all about the War to in the research I did from the link below, I respect all the Gipsy People of the research that I will now show you, r.i.p.

Travelling People / Hurn Herons Hearns Youngs
« on: Monday 10 September 18 20:14 BST (UK)  »
 Hi everyone

I am at present looking for all the records related to the Old Gipsy Family named Heron Hurn Hearn Young Herrings and evan more ways of spellings, I am at present trying to connect the written records of all the Gipsy Families of Britain to the stated Census reports and see how the Genealogy of both match up, in turn learning as much as I can and helping everyone who as an interest, many people have down through the years wrote of, and about, Gipsy Families, I will try in my own way to collect also the history of the Genealogy and times of all the Gipsies, it is well known that the Heron Hearne’s are a very Old Romany Family, I was told that many of the northern Gipsy Families have their roots linked to the Herons, I was also told that the Hurns and Dark Young’s are of the same People, I do not know what is true but the People I listened to, I would say were telling the truth, I want to find records of all the Gipsy Families of Britain and share them with everybody who as a love for the People I write about, I know not every Family line as in a direct way, would have been the ones who landed in this Country along with Families like the Boswells and the Smiths, there will be many, maybe most who’s Families joined with the original Romany Gipsies, and there is nothing wrong with that, i think all Gipsy People who came out of the Gipsies are Gipsies, I will try my best and find the truth for everybody. If anybody who reads these words would put on here any related Census reports or records of the People I write about I would appreciate your kind efforts in bringing the truth to all, this below is the first record I have wrote, it is a great record of the times of the mid 1800s if you read into the record there are many truths, if anyone as found records of the People below i would be grateful if you would post them on this thread, I will put everything on that I find in the following pages of this thread about these stated Peoples, i have found many records of Herons Hearnes, some may not connect to the Gipsy People and be just locals, i have found it is best to collect everything, you can then work through the information, do not let evan the name of a magistrate or town hall go astray, records of names like this i have found turn up again in other storys connecting People, it is best i have found to write the full accounts up of all the many records that you may come across while researching, this is what i will also do from now, after this research I will again try my best and search for another Family, i also hope to find every Gipsy Family in Britain, i know this will not be possible so also hope that someone one day will carry on when i am gone, i believe all the Gipsy Families of Britain are Related, in some way they will all connect, the wrong message i think as been wrote down through the yeares, everybody as had their say, this is just me having my own talk, i want to learn as much truths as i can and inturn share the truth, so everybody then may have respect for All of the long Dead, for how could you not respect all of them if the truth came to you.
Stamford Mercury
Friday 15 May 1857

Wellingborough Petty Sessions
May 11, before C. Sergeant ( Chairman). F.U.Sartoris, J.Young, and H.M.Stockdale. 
Edw, Hearne, marine-store collector, a swarthy son of the Gipsy tribe, was charged by Superintendent Chambers with camping by the roadside and making a fire near the roadside, contrary to the Act. Constable Cowley said he was on duty at Easton on the 19th inst., about 4 in the morning, when he saw a Gipsy camp, near which a fire was burning and a child amusing itself close to it, he apprehended the prisoner, who had been in the lock-up since. Defendant said his usual residence was at Buckden, in Huntingdonshire, and had nine children to maintain, which he did by buying and selling bones, and although his mode of getting a livelihood for himself and family was thought by some to be not of the most respectable kind, his opinion was if persons were honest in their dealings his was equal to any other. When away from home sometimes it was necessitated to rest for the night by the wayside, but he was not in the habit of camping after the Gipsy fashion. A young woman lit a little straw to dry some baby-linen, and which was all the fire that was made. He had never been in custody before. Mr. Chambers stated that farmers of the locality complained of the frequent depredations commited by gangs of itinerant prowlers, and were anxious the mischief should be stopped. Mr. Coleman and Mr. York, farmers. On tendering defendant a good character, he was discharged with a caution on payment of 3.s.6.d. Costs. The wife of the Gipsy stepped forwards and exhibited a shinning sovereign, from which the expenses were taken, and the defendant after a polite bow and thanks to the Magistrates, made his exit.

Travelling People / Re: Were they Gypsies?
« on: Saturday 25 February 17 19:11 GMT (UK)  »
 I never stared this thread,  but I was in general just thinking as I was reading posts, well that's how I see it, yes just thinking, and to be honest its about several months back but best to forget about such things, I could say more but best to move on

Travelling People / Gipsy Dan Boswell
« on: Saturday 12 September 15 12:16 BST (UK)  »

I went by selston today, well i was working and the rain heavy going, i called in to pay my respects to the Gipsy Dan Boswell, he's gone manys the long year, but the strangest thing happened, i met this man tending a grave, he says its the grave of the old vicar, he died in 1978,well this man i was talking to says how he was the church warden and served with the priest of this church for several years back then, he says  he would tell me the story of Dan Boswells gravestone, he told how the vicar herbot victor Simmons was such a fine man and respected by all, this man now telling me was  putting flowers on his old vicars graveside, its just on the left  side as you walk up towards Dan Boswells grave, its a white stone with black letters i think now, yes i think it was 78 he died, well this old church warden from those times telled how the priest , vicar was sad about Dan's grave stone, the years would be the early seventy's i think he said, maybe the middle seventies, well it was a very important grave in there church, so they had a collection from the village church people, they raised the money for the new stone by getting paper and selling it, this is and old thing from years back for i even done those things with my own brothers, you would take it to a paper factory and weigh it in , old news paper and such, well this old church warden his name Mr harper if i recall said the old grave stone the buried under the grass right next to the new grave stone, he showed me the spot, and he said the old grave stone of Dan Boswell was not facing the way it is now but if you stand in front of it , it was on the left hand side facing the church walls, most of the writing was hard to read and the had to search church records for the date, he still as old magazines of the time and history of the time they put the new stone up, he no longer goes to that church but if any of Dan Boswells relatives wants more information i think its best to search him out now, he said he thought the stone was made by copes in ridding, i think that's just down the hill another sort of small village,  the people who are alive and know true history often die of, and the story then becomes mixed up, he was a real nice man and telled how the good vicar Mr Simmons did his very best for the Gipsy Dan Boswell,  its just i met by the strangest of chance this very day with the old church warden, i,m sure his names Mr Harper.

I sent this letter to the Romany connections web site a few years back, but just encase no one seen it, I'll put it here as well, them old stones might have reference numbers on with info, and that warden or church helper as photos of himself digging the grave, the old stone, right under your feet he telled me, hope some one find him one day, maybe he's dead himself now, I think that was his name but old people who do go to the church would remember the old vicars helper, I don't know what was really wrote on the grave, but all you hear is what old writers wrote and a cow knocked it over, maybe all the old stone is under your feet, best respects for the Gipsy Dan Boswell , you'll rest in pease

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