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Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan Boswell
« on: Tuesday 03 November 15 15:33 GMT (UK)  »
wow is all I can say Rich , 

I must read everything again and again, those Ayres was on the internet down like the Boswells as old people from way over the seas , same as the Smiths, I think Vince Smith was one of the first people in Britain to have his dna done, he's not to bad a fellow either, always gave me time anyways,
very knowledgably man he is, don't worry if that family history society don't print your work, most societies things are more than likely clicky, so if you don't fit in , don't worry for your content is second to none, you will be talked and read about for hundreds of years,    if no one wants you just put the lot on hear, and those Blewitts all bred with the Boswells for donkeys years, and the Boilings, I,m sure I seen censuses of far relations of mine marring them to in long years,

you really write well, don't get down hearted if you think people are not interested, my Mother drove it into us to get up, put your shoulders back hold your chin high and march out down the road, you've a tongue in your head she said, so use it,

she was great at knocking the doors and getting money, she could sell anything ,but I wont go on,

I to started this writing for I felt obliged to,

the things you find and write about are really of importance , and if you enjoy doing it to , well isn't life grand
you can always write a book, have it  printed yourself, I don't think it costs to much,

and I was thinking  about Dan Boswells early time in print, what you seek I mean, try researching
dates that don't match the register, just because you think that must be true maybe could put you from the real truth, maybe the dates that seem stupid maybe are right, I seen with my own eyes on censuses how people , well lets just say, they didn't want no one to find things, I,v a Great Grammar, and not a soul in the world ever traced Her, you have to maybe think like a Gipsy to understand and find the hard things,

anyways Rich talk another time, I will get the photos on, if there is anything I ever found you can put it in your writing to,

good luck Rich


Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan Boswell
« on: Tuesday 03 November 15 11:50 GMT (UK)  »
A. S. Buxton, Selston church, Transactions of the Thoroton Society, vol XVI, 1912


The work of the 15th century is seen in the three-light east window and the whole of the tower. On the battlement, on the south side of the tower, are the letters J. and M.,— Jesus and Mary. Also, the letters T. S. with a shield, bearing a bend between a pierced mullet and an annulet. Mr. George Fellows is of opinion that these are the arms of the Samons. The Samons were at Annesley Woodhouse, and of the same family as John Samon, of Nottingham, who contributed to the building of St. Mary’s Church there.

These arms seem to indicate that a Samon helped in the building of Selston tower. The tower was supposed to have been built by an Annesley, as it was thought that the stone came from some Annesley quarry. This theory perhaps gives us the clue to the exact part played by the Samons, viz., that the stone was provided by a member of that family.

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan Boswell
« on: Tuesday 03 November 15 11:19 GMT (UK)  »
web site .          A Vision Of Britain Through Time

A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001.
 Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.


In 1870-72, John Marius Wilson's Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales described Selston like this:

SELSTON, a village and a parish in Basford district, Notts. The village stands near the Erewash river, 1 mile S of Pinxton r. station, and 3¾ S E by E of Alfreton; and has a post-office under Alfreton. The parish contains also the hamlets of Bagthorpe and Underwood, and comprises 2, 330 acres. Real property, £5, 396; of which £850 are in mines. Pop. in 1851, 2, 101; in 1861, 2, 628. Houses, 503. The increase of pop. arose from extension of coal mining. The manor belongs to Lady Palmerston and the Earl of Mexborough. Stocking-weaving is carried on. The living is a vicarage in the diocese of Lincoln. Value, £150.* Patrons, the Heirs of Sir W. Dixie, Bart. The church was reported in 1859 as bad. There are chapels for Calvinists, Baptists, and Primitive Methodists.

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan Boswell
« on: Tuesday 03 November 15 11:10 GMT (UK)  »
Nottinghamshire history resoures for local histories and genealogists W E Doubleday, Notts Villages: Selston, The Nottinghamshire Guardian (August 1956)

There was a population of 833 in 1801, and 68 houses, the same as Basford, while Hucknall had 77, Bulwell 49, Linby 33,  and Newstead  16. In 1793, the inhabitants had numbered only 524, but it was rapidly increasing and during the previous five years, it had witnessed 117 births and 71 burials. The last census (1951) revealed 9,691, and the total to-day is estimated at 10,000 or more.

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan Boswell
« on: Tuesday 03 November 15 10:39 GMT (UK)  »
and i forgot to say, we back filled my Mothers grave, she still as the key to this day,

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Tuesday 03 November 15 10:23 GMT (UK)  »

yes Rich that's the st Marys my Mother was taken to as a baby or child, yes the same one they talk of , I did see on Sue Days Romany web site lists of baptisms I think with Boswell names, I telled Linda about that, and I know old churches were catholic years back, but st Marys is a very well to do church of Nottingham, how my Mother was taken there and why I'll never know, never heard of no one else taken there, not saying no one ever was there , but its so strange a thing,

we would walk by the high church and often she would remark on the fact, I never knew what to think of such talk, then when she passed away long ago my Brother went and asked them and sure enough what she telled of was true, so they said we could bring her back to the church where her own Mother took her long ago, if you look on the web site of st Marys you put up, there is a big black iron gate, that's where we came down with the coffin, and st Marys still as old ways like the old church, they had my Mother lay in state all night in the church its self ,and the old cannon vicar brought out the quire to sing old songs, its a very old church ,you would have to be there to understand, well now back to the story, yes the big iron gate, well we took my Mother to be buried and we was standing round the grave and the cannon was saying holy things and waving is arms about I think,

but then out comes the big old iron key, jumps straight out is pocket and down it goes, sure it land on top of my Mothers coffin, and there it stayed looking back at us, everyone stood still, the grave men looked to the cannon, thinking I would say of maybe getting the key back if the cannon wished, but he shook his head in a  silent fast way for them to not have such ideas, they would never had got near the grave anyhow, merrr, it was a singe Rich, us lot there new my Mother took the key to come back, any time she wants to, it was a singe,

and I was born near st Marys, if you toss a few stones that's how far I was, and Linda telled of her   Family living in the shadow itself of st Marys, old quarter that was back in those old times, I seen on census reports Sue Day showed me long ago of people I would be related to coming into Nottingham from the beginning of the 1800s, with st mary wrote on it ,like the parish name maybe,
Linda even said back the old times her people would more than likely have know some of the ones I talk of, then I even seen a census with some of what could be said my relations in a camp with those Blewitts, and some big names to, then i,m sure Sue said Dans lot was with the Blewitts as well over the years, so i think Linda was right , years ago people knew each other , i,v no clue really, but its great to lurn things ,people can think what they will in life, my own GrandMother would not stay in the same field as other Gipsys, i don't mean all Gipsys, and why , who knows

i will put more things on i find, i would think in times to come relations finding things like you write of will be very grateful for your efforts, and see it as the kind deed for which it is
i,m no one, not evan trying to be no one, i,m just me , everyone who is someone are more than welcome to be such,

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Tuesday 03 November 15 09:26 GMT (UK)  »

yes I'm fine Rich

I hope you are well to, your writings about Dan Louis and Sarah Boswell is I'm sure interesting for all who are lucky enough to read your posts, I could never tire of reading your   words ,

I found in some of the places on the internet that I searched that st Hellen's was restored or changed years back with stone from a man who had the stone for st Marys in Nottingham, I will put it on when I find it again, I just find things such as these interesting, its just how I think, so interesting to see the bigger picture, you get a feel for the times and people you think of or write about, I found a few writings of the old populations of those places we talked of, when you find that years ago selston was so small and only a few hundred people about the place, no wonder when the Gipsy came they would be the talk of the town, I will put that on to

and the Boswells would be the real deal to, they would of looked the part I would say, that why I put all that writing on about the 1600s, it shows how there was lots of folk moving abouts the country, but the Gipsys was different, that's why some of the other traverlas even thoe they did similar trades and true everyone no matter who they were got in trouble now and then, but back the 1600s they new the difference between what they called Egiptians and traverlas, that's why they called some traverlas ,counterfeit, you know like frauding away,

properly in the 1700s things were maybe mixing more, in all sorts of ways, this is how I see things from what I learn from writings I read and talking to knowledgeable people as your self, but you can always learn more and better your mind, that's what learning is, I will just tell you a story about st Marys you know the bigger picture , but I,ll do another post, I'm a dingolo and always deleting my posts of words to make it fit.

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Monday 02 November 15 22:09 GMT (UK)  »
I don't know but through time I sure hear a lot of st marrys church round Britain, I wonder does it meen anything from long ago

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Monday 02 November 15 22:06 GMT (UK)  »
hello Rich

when you talk of st marrys Nottingham, about Dans Wife, do you meen Nottingham st marrys or in Nottinghamshire, my Mother was born from st marrys and died there to but that is the old high church in Nottingham, which st marrys do you talk of,


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