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Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Thursday 01 October 15 20:54 BST (UK)  »
and I forgot to tell you, just finish writing any time you want, don't write just be course you think you have to, you done just fine, in fact fantastic, and if you ever write in a magazine or paper just say you found everything, don't have to be telling no one of me, for when we've done here I'll tell them to delete the lot but you copy things and put it in your name, only the bits you want to copy mind you,
I know you'll do this

your pal michael

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Thursday 01 October 15 20:45 BST (UK)  »
I got the bit about rev Harrison in the first post mixed in with the talk about rev Wright, herrmmm

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Thursday 01 October 15 20:32 BST (UK)  »
 just read this bit again Rich,

His parish was years ago the rendezvous of the gipsy race, and he hopes to organise a festival in which the representatives of the various clans could take part, and could see re-erected the broken tombstone of Dan Boswell

he more than likely did see some of the Gipsys, but they wouldn't come back and change the stone,
that rev Harrison did about everything he set out to do, looks like 38 shows he failed on the gravestone, well all you can do is look at what you find , if more is found , maybe we have to think again, but least people in the future will know, or can use things to help in there own search , even in a hundred years time, I,ld say we would be well forgotten then Rich


Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Thursday 01 October 15 20:12 BST (UK)  »

hello Rich

I know what your saying about the rev Vic Simmons,

but there was two churches, I think the st Marys is not as old as st Helens, your getting mixed with the sours about Vic's life, I read he went to two churches  , but our talk is st  Helens

if you look on page one I give a list of all the church people at st  Helens in Dan Boswells time ,  I've cut it down here to the three big ones , and do you see there all buried in st  Helens with Dan
the rest are not ,I think your saying st Marrys becourse on the web I seen that to ,

number one is vicar Wright, he's the one in the time the stopped the Gipsys coming,  it was the time of the enclosure of the commonland and finishing with the old bit of the churchyard were Dan Boswell was layed to rest, I think this is what the rev Harrison is talking about when he said this from that report you just wrote,

   The Vicar of Selston, however has now another scheme on hand. His parish was years ago the rendezvous of the gipsy race, and he hopes to organise a festival in which the representatives of the varions clans could take part, and could see re-erected the broken tombstone of Dan Boswell"

 so this is Rev Wright below, st Helens

11 Sept 1856
Robert John William Wright, vicar
On cession of G Williamson. Died 2 Aug 1887, buried in the churchyard.
then you have Rev Harrison,

the man with great idears, I read a lot of him , there a photo on the web to,

this is him below st Helens

26 Nov 1887
Charles Harrison, vicar
Died 28 April 1916, buried in churchyard
 then you have  good old Vic, that's some name herbot, no wonder they called  him vic,
 this is him below st Helens not st Marys but I see why you said that, I seen his grave my self, he is of the time they cleared all the old stones up to make paths, I read a few reports on this but only wrote a little, I will have to try and find it all again but I,v forgot where it was,pluss hes the good man who at least had the dignity to put a new stone up,
this is him below st Helens
Hubert Victor Simmons
On cession of Pearce. Died 3 March 1978, buried in churchyard

 yes the broken stone still  standing in 38, but the big bit is as it says the stones on its back on the ground , this is the top half, so looks so far like there was only ever one stone till 1972 I think or the odd year here or there, but I think 72, and he did say it was inside the church they searched for the date for it was me who asked him, and he did say some more things but I don't think I'll talk about it,  it was Vic he says done the lot for Dan Boswell,   I did say he could be searched out, plus he's photos of him digging the new grave in, and the old one you could read a bit but blurred, you had to dig that out the ground, when I get time I think I'll  get photos of
the path if I find it and the place where he  showed me the old stone was , just to the left it was , facing the church , plus all the vicars graves, plus the church,

I don't know if it was the register they looked at, in the church he said, no inside the church, why didn't the Family back the 1800s put the stone back,

like no one dear touch it, they might of thought Dan did it, it could be mokody Rich ,not what the books says  mokody, but how I learned from young,  mokody, I'm not trying to be clever, i,m thinking why would they not go near it, it as a lot of meaning that word does, you cant learn it by reading from all them books, it could be the stone itself  mokody, and Dan the top man , sure he came back and smashed the stone for the date was wrong,
the relatives might have moved on before the ground had settled and the stone erected, it couled have been a year before they returned , found the wrong date on the stone and it smashed, then they wouldn't touch it ,that's just my talk Rich, everyone should talk there own talk ,


Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Wednesday 30 September 15 20:04 BST (UK)  »
hello Rich

if this is true

Nottinghamshire history resoures for local histories and genealogists
it says the Kings England Nottinghamshire
The Midland Stronghold
Edited by Arthur Mee 1938    Hodder & Stoughton, 1938
The Gipsy King

Dan Boswell's gravestone.

SELSTON. The finest views of this colliery village are from the neatly tended churchyard, with lovely trees, where we look out to the Derbyshire hills and Crich Tower high in the west. It is a fitting resting-place for one who loved the open country, and under the shade of a lofty lime near the 15th century tower lies Dan Boswell, King of the Gipsies. On the broken stone now flat on his grave a few words are still seen, and though the epitaph is gone it was odd enough to be remembered:

I've lodged in many a town,
I've travelled many a year,
But death at length has brought me down
To my last lodging here

it means Rich the stone is still next to the grave in 1938,

but if this is true

Southwell and Nottingham church history project

During the 1960s and 1970s only minor alterations were made inside St Helenís. The exterior appearance was greatly altered by the removal of many gravestones from the oldest part of the churchyard in 1963-1964. Some of the stones were used to create paths,

it means the top half of the original stone is in one of the paths round the church,
and the man who put up the new stone in 72,  I think he said, well he  said that the vicar searched records for the right date from the church,

so if the stone was never replaced in 1912, it was still there together in 38 but in the sixty's they cleaned the place up and put the top half in a path, in 1972 they changed the stone the inscription and alignment of the grave, but Liston there's more , do you think that someone still alive now  would have had any input into the new inscription, other that the vicar I mean, now that would be a turn up if the inscription from the 1874 letter never gets outdated,



Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Tuesday 29 September 15 19:53 BST (UK)  »
hello Rich

more great writing from you, very sad writing to,
I will talk another time,  I think its best to show some respect for all those people, it was very sad writing,
but I do hope to talk again
respect for all Gipsy people who have moved on,
and rest in peace all people of the world


Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Monday 28 September 15 21:17 BST (UK)  »
and in the first letter of 1873, it is again just the locals saying king, in the 1874 second letter of the writing on the grave it does not say king, the second letter even thoe one year older must outdate in value the first , that's if you can believe anything that's wrote,

I think I will when I get time put everything thing in an order of time, so people in the future can see through time age the things we found and the things I know from meeting that man who put the new stone up, that's why I started this, for others not me, then other people can insert things in the timescale as they find them if they wish, I hope you keep putting things on ,Linda spoke decent to me years back , not many really did, I only ever wrote for her, she's a well proud person, she's from those I think the Samuel fox talk of the Derbyshire Boswells, there of the original   original's, the had the dna done and that's the old lot, but I think there all related, you can be proud of that to
and she say Michael don't ever be afraid to put things on the internet of my people,

so that was good enough for me ,just encase anyone was thinking bad, and if you did,the bad luck is looking at you


Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Monday 28 September 15 20:02 BST (UK)  »
hello Rich

how can the first letter contradict the second letter,
first the man who tells of halls green, then the story of the cow breaking not kicking the headstone in two, and not seeing  the inscription, why is this, is this the earliest source of a cow, I even read some writing which says bull, do you think its just a fairy tale;

why in 1873 does he not read the inscription when in your other letter of 1874 it tells of the true inscription, well the oldest up to now, if the first letter as only a thread of truth its must be the second letter of 1874 is quoting an even older source for that inscription , through everything I have read I don't believe no cow pushed or kicked a gravestone in two, it would of just lent backwards or forwards , if there's no eye witness its just someone covering up,
a local fed up with all those Gipsys coming in strength to visit the grave in the years after Dan's death could of put the hammer through it, that's how you break a stone,

the letters contradict each other unless the inscription one is quoting an even older sours

if the relatives of Dan Boswell found the grave stone smashed they would be asking questions, being that the vicar was seldom there , the pore curate who had all the work to do maybe had to make the tale up, in my earlier post it tells how the vicar was absent most of the time in those times as quoted from this source

Southwell and Nottingham church history project

The low number attending the church and the absence of the vicar may go some way towards explaining why, during the 18th and 19th centuries, the church seems to have been neglected and falling into disrepair. The next three vicars were largely absent, but there was a long-serving curate in the parish. John Pepperís name first appears in the parish registers in 1803. He continued to complete the registers and officiate at nearly all of the baptisms, marriages and burials which took place at St Helenís until the beginning of 1836. The register chest installed in the church in 1815 bears the name of this curate, not the vicarís name.

these are the two letters you found,

This letter was written to the Derbyshire Times on 7th June 1873:

Dan Boswell - 'When a lad at Pinxton some twenty years ago, I recollect having pointed out to me on Selston Common, not far distant from the Hall, the place where the Gipsy King Dan Boswell died. He was buried at the back of Selston Church, and a headstone placed to his memory. I regret to say owing to the shameful practice of allowing cows to graze in the churchyard, one of the animals broke in two the stone. When I saw it one half was left in the ground and the other part not far distant. I presume it is not possible to obtain a copy of the inscription of the stone, Any particulars relating to Boswell will greatly Oblige' W.A.  Editor - Cows still graze, to our knowledge, in two churchyards of this county. We are thinking of putting the owners of these freeholds [the clergymen] into the pillory of print

The Derbyshire Times, Sunday April 25th 1874 is the earliest source I can find which gives a description of the original stone:

"In Memory of Daniel Boswell, who died March 1827, Aged 83.
I have lodged in many a place 'tis true.
And traveled many a year,
Till God at length has brought me down
To my last lodgings here"

Travelling People / Re: Gipsy Dan
« on: Sunday 27 September 15 17:46 BST (UK)  »

and that was a very interesting post about what you just wrote,
 I hope you write a sort of book one day,     


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