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Travelling People / Gipsy Dan Boswell
« on: Saturday 12 September 15 12:16 BST (UK)  »

I went by selston today, well i was working and the rain heavy going, i called in to pay my respects to the Gipsy Dan Boswell, he's gone manys the long year, but the strangest thing happened, i met this man tending a grave, he says its the grave of the old vicar, he died in 1978,well this man i was talking to says how he was the church warden and served with the priest of this church for several years back then, he says  he would tell me the story of Dan Boswells gravestone, he told how the vicar herbot victor Simmons was such a fine man and respected by all, this man now telling me was  putting flowers on his old vicars graveside, its just on the left  side as you walk up towards Dan Boswells grave, its a white stone with black letters i think now, yes i think it was 78 he died, well this old church warden from those times telled how the priest , vicar was sad about Dan's grave stone, the years would be the early seventy's i think he said, maybe the middle seventies, well it was a very important grave in there church, so they had a collection from the village church people, they raised the money for the new stone by getting paper and selling it, this is and old thing from years back for i even done those things with my own brothers, you would take it to a paper factory and weigh it in , old news paper and such, well this old church warden his name Mr harper if i recall said the old grave stone the buried under the grass right next to the new grave stone, he showed me the spot, and he said the old grave stone of Dan Boswell was not facing the way it is now but if you stand in front of it , it was on the left hand side facing the church walls, most of the writing was hard to read and the had to search church records for the date, he still as old magazines of the time and history of the time they put the new stone up, he no longer goes to that church but if any of Dan Boswells relatives wants more information i think its best to search him out now, he said he thought the stone was made by copes in ridding, i think that's just down the hill another sort of small village,  the people who are alive and know true history often die of, and the story then becomes mixed up, he was a real nice man and telled how the good vicar Mr Simmons did his very best for the Gipsy Dan Boswell,  its just i met by the strangest of chance this very day with the old church warden, i,m sure his names Mr Harper.

I sent this letter to the Romany connections web site a few years back, but just encase no one seen it, I'll put it here as well, them old stones might have reference numbers on with info, and that warden or church helper as photos of himself digging the grave, the old stone, right under your feet he telled me, hope some one find him one day, maybe he's dead himself now, I think that was his name but old people who do go to the church would remember the old vicars helper, I don't know what was really wrote on the grave, but all you hear is what old writers wrote and a cow knocked it over, maybe all the old stone is under your feet, best respects for the Gipsy Dan Boswell , you'll rest in pease

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