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Cardiganshire Lookup Requests / Re: Mary Watkin Rees
« on: Tuesday 21 March 06 00:15 GMT (UK)  »
no...sorry didnt explain very well....i have no dates for mary or is margaret's eldest child which was born in by an average of about 30 years each generation i made a wide sweeping statement that i presume mary's birth to be around the 1820's era

Cardiganshire Lookup Requests / Mary Watkin Rees
« on: Monday 20 March 06 16:34 GMT (UK)  »
i have very limited information and am trying to find ancestors of a Mary Watkins Rees she married a William Roberts and together they had 7 children that i know of (listed below )....i unfortunately dont have any dates for her or her children but believe she was from machynlleth.
Her eldest granddaughter (from margaret) was born in 1881 so we're probably talking about her birth being around the 1820's

Margaret Roberts
John Roberts
Ellen Roberts
William Rees Roberts
Griffith Roberts
Grace Roberts
Kathreen Roberts

hope you can help.


Cardiganshire Lookup Requests / 1841/1851 Davies
« on: Monday 20 March 06 15:56 GMT (UK)  »

in continuation from this post (,140970.0.html) on the carmarthenshire board, i am now searching for the parents of Elizabeth Davies born Lampeter, cardigan shown in this census with her married name of Jones

1881 census RG11 5382/31 pg 2

Thankyou for reading this.


Carmarthenshire Lookup Requests / Re: Jones/Bowen Clarification please.
« on: Monday 20 March 06 15:47 GMT (UK)  »
 ;D ;D - oh briliant i can finally mark her in as a definite!

i still dont like the age at which mary got married....but at least shes now in the tree to work with!

i'll have to go across and post on cardiganshire section for details of elizabeths parents.

thankyou again!!

Carmarthenshire Lookup Requests / Re: Jones/Bowen Clarification please.
« on: Monday 20 March 06 15:27 GMT (UK)  »
Do you have access to the 1861 census to see if they have a 2 yr old mary with them?

Carmarthenshire Lookup Requests / Re: Jones/Bowen Clarification please.
« on: Monday 20 March 06 15:03 GMT (UK)  »
 ::)  it's certainly the right names ....i wonder where mary was??  as she would be 12 is it possible she was at boarding school or something? maybe working in a factory? ....whatever she's doing it would sort of explain why john had dissappeared by the 1881 census also........which would make me presume by 1891 jane would have also left?

that is the correct family... WOW! you have found mary and johns children......i'm about 95% sure that mary is john and elizabeths daughter......i just wish i had cast iron proof.

mary was highly immaginative with the names for her children then! - used her mothers name and then her siblings names!

Thankyou so much for finding out out the ages of the children....and grandchildren!

Carmarthenshire Lookup Requests / Jones/Bowen Clarification please.
« on: Monday 20 March 06 13:51 GMT (UK)  »

i've been looking at the 1881 census and at RG11 5382/31 pg2  it shows a john and mary bowen as visitors, can anyone confirm that mary is john and elizabeth's child?

i dont have any details of Elizabeth's (nee Davies) family unfortunately.

i have a vaige note that they had a child called mary but i have no dates and would love to be able to confirm this.

i have looked on the BMD and the only marriage i can find for mary and john is in Q.Dec 1872....what was the legal marrying age as 12 and 13 seems awfully young, can anyone find a marriage that i have missed?

i also believed there were two other children jane is shown but annie (no dates known) and john (the one i was initally searching for.... born 22 apr 1862) are not to be found.

i hope you can help!


Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: look up request 1861/1871/1881
« on: Wednesday 08 March 06 12:16 GMT (UK)  »
Oh wonderful - a maiden name for the wife...fabulous! - Thankyou

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Booker/Hide
« on: Wednesday 08 March 06 12:08 GMT (UK)  »

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