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Good morning everyone
I dont suppose anyone has any information on when this photographer was working? I can find examples of their work online, but not much on dates the photos were taken.

Thankyou :)

A Hull Kingston Rovers Supporter then  ;D

Well, you would think that, wouldnt you XD

Instead of making an entirely new thread, i thought i might as well ask here since you might have some information in your book. Do you have any information about a photographer called R.T. Watson? The photo im looking at now was taken by him down Anlaby Road.

(if you're curious what im doing, was given a stack of about 300 photos by a distant relative, curated by his grandfather, who was my great-grandmothers cousin. Many of them are of my side of the family, but trying to identify who could be who is hard. Im using photographer information to narrow down the dates taken to narrow down who the photos could be of)

Im an East Hull guy myself, born and raised off Holderness Road, with East Park as my playground. I admit, i do miss the city. I still just cant quite bring myself to call Rotherham home.

Thankyou for the replies everyone, very useful, and it goes a long way to hellping identify the young lady in the photo :)

Treetotal - I was born and raised in Hull myself. I only moved out of Hull 3 years ago to move in with my fiance in Rotherham, but my family all still live there :)

Thankyou for the reply Treetotal, i appreciate it :) If it is who i think it is, then the 1920s fits perfectly!

You say you have a book on Hull photographers? Is this one you have written yourself, or one you own? My 2x Great Grandfather was a William Mortimer Edmonds, who was a photographer at 123 Witham from the 1880s to roughly WW1. I would be interested to hear what information you might have on him?

Hello everyone
Im trying to identify who the young lady in this photograph might be, and thought that knowing a bit about the photographer and when their studio was operating might help in this regard.
The photograph was taken, as you can see, by a T.H Blackmore, of Hull, UK. By searching Google, i can find other examples of his photos for sale on Ebay, indicating that his studio was located in Paragon Arcade in the city centre, but ive also found dates raging from the early 1890s, into the 1920s, which whilst not impossible (my 2x great grandfather was himself a photographer in Hull from the 1880s through the WW1), i would like some clarification on if possible?


Thankyou all for the replies thus far!

Yes, the photo is connected to my FH. The album was curated by the nephew of my great-great grandparents (g-g grandmothers brothers son). He was an only child, and very close to his family, so all photos are either family or close friends of his. There are over 300 photos in his collection, some with names on, some without. His own grandson contacted me and sent me scans of them all. This part of the family was located in Hull, UK.
The most prominent photographer in the collection is William Mortimer Edmonds (as seen in these). He was actually my g-g grandfather, and the curators uncle.

Hi everyone!
I dont suppose anyone could give me an estimated date (as best as possible) for the attached photos please. All from a family album from northern UK, and im trying to work out who could be in them.

Snowden was in business between 1879 and 1892, and WM Edmonds was a photographer from roughly 1888 to 1920.

Thanks guys <3

Hi Fishy and welcome to Rootschat, My guess would be 1890s/1900s...Jim will have a better idea...Is the back plain?


Thankyou for the reply :) Sadly i dont own the actual photo. Its a scan i was sent by a distant cousin amongst hundreds of others. From what i heard, the photos are all pretty delicate in a very old album, so the gentleman was loathe to remove them.

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