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I can't look at anything on Ancestry as I don't have a sub.  I don't know whether looking in Crockford's for 1953/54 would have given any useful information.

Yes you are quite right, it is C of E.  I've had another look at the Crockford's website and it looks as though it doesn't cover 1954 era.

Unless I was doing it wrong, I couldn't see him on Crockfords which makes me wonder if he wasn't C of E. 

The 1911 just says clerk in holy orders and the 1939 states retired priest, so no indication as to which religion he belonged.

Welcome to Rootschat  :D

Have you considered local newspapers for the area?  There may have been an obit in one of those.  I see that he was 90 years old when he died.

Do you know which religion he was?  Cof E, Roman Catholic, Baptist etc?

Have you searched for likely photographers for that area and era?  I don't know if NSW has such a thing as a list of photographers.

Good thinking bbart, two words not one.  ::)

Ah that makes more sense.  It was the son Kenneth who had a daughter in 1948 not the father James.

Looks like Kenneth died in 1996.

I'm seeing a large E followed by W W and what looks like 're'. 

Where and when was this photo taken?

Gosh, this is a tough one  :o

Linequish or linguish, neither of which makes any sense  ::)

It seems to have been added at the same time as the Mrs. Taylor name.  It's not quite clear enough is it and looks smudged towards the end of the word.

Tantalising isn't it!  Is it an important word or not  ???

Perhaps someone else may have some suggestions.

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