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Thanks for that Rosie

Really, thats a long way from London, Perhaps thats her

I think his father and mothers names were John Foster and Margaret Foster, I found this in the 1861 cencus, just going to look into it a bit more

Hi Rosie, yes I think that is her, at least I know her death and her parents now, many thanks, I'm going to look for the deaths of her parents now, and maybe their parents

I have found a death of a Harriet Philpot, in 1939 but death is in Romford and her est birth date is 1870, V4a P 720, dont think that is her though

I'll try now,

Hi Rosie

Thats a great help thank you. do you know when she passed on ?

Hi all

I seem to be stuck with this, Harriet Martha Foster was married to my Great Grand father Thomas Joseph Philpot, he was born in 1883 and died in 1935, Harriet was born abt 1869 but I can,t seem to find any other information about her, can anyone help please, you were all very helpful with another person I could not find, so I'm hoping you can help with this



Hi Maggsie,

Ok great, I'll keep looking hopefully we will get there


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