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The Common Room / Re: Edward Lewis Carey
« on: Today at 14:37 »
Hi Sandra,

I had the 1860; 1870 and 1880 Census details but not the 1875 and 1892. I also had Edwards date of death but not the place of burial. I didn't have the death of Jane. Thank you for the info. (I have death details about Mary Carey)

I am trying to find the marriage between Edward and Jane - had to be between the death of Mary (3/7/1866) and the birth of Charlotte (Jan 1870). I think that her name could have been Medhurst (Re: 1870 Census) as Alfred Medhurst is with Edward and Jane in the 1880 Census (his surname is recorded as Methirst).

The Common Room / Re: Edward Lewis Carey
« on: Today at 14:15 »
A look at the entries for both of them on FamilySearch shows that they were both born in Ireland. My two were both born in Lincolnshire.

The Common Room / Re: Edward Lewis Carey
« on: Today at 14:00 »
Thank you Sandra. May I ask which site you found this on please?


The Common Room / Edward Lewis Carey
« on: Today at 13:46 »
Edward was born in Sibsey, Lincolnshire in 1815. He married Mary Dickson in 1840. They appear in the 1841 Census then disappear but 'pop up' in the USA Census 1860 living in DeWitt, Onondaga County, New York State.

I am trying to find when they crossed the Atlantic. I think that it was before 1851 as they can not be found in the 1851 Census. I have checked passenger lists that are available on FindMyPast bur drew a blank.

I have posted this here as it is not a 'fixed' question for Lincolnshire. However, if the moderators feel it should be moved, please do so.

Northumberland / Re: Laura White (1897-2003)
« on: Yesterday at 14:37 »
There is a marriage in the Civil Registrations showing William T White marrying a Laura Thompson in the June Qtr 1918 in the South Shields District.

Ancestry points towards the 1901 Census for Laura Thompson, age 3 years, born and living in Wallsend. Parents Frank William and Ann.

A look for William T White shows a birth registration for a William Thomas White, birth registered September Qtr 1897, Tynemouth District. 1901 and 1911 Census returns shows him as been born in Howdon (near to Wallsend) and living in the Wallsend area. A William T White died in the June Qtr 1959 in the Northumberland South District (which covers Wallsend).

Might be the one you are looking at??

Northumberland / Re: Looking for Mary Jane McKenna
« on: Yesterday at 14:12 »
Sorry JenB, didn't see #8 at bottom of page 1

Northumberland / Re: Looking for Mary Jane McKenna
« on: Yesterday at 14:07 »
Yes, the death was registered in the Tynemouth District.

Her baptism appears to have been 'Latinised' -- details :

Maria Joanna McKenna
Born 20 May 1901
Baptised 17 July 1901
Father: Thomae McKenna
Mother: Sarah Tate McKenna

Source: England, Births and Christenings , 1538 - 1975

Northumberland / Re: Looking for Mary Jane McKenna
« on: Yesterday at 13:54 »
Are you aware of a death of a Mary J McKenna in 1923?

The Civil Registrations show:

Mary J McKenna
Birth: 'about 1901'
Death: December Qtr 1923
Vol: 10b
Page: 263

Edit: Should have added 'Tynemouth District'


Civil registrations show a death as follows

Mary A MacDonald
Southwick District
March Qtr 1942
Vol. 1d
Page 19

(Shows birth 'about 1872')

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