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Seeking John CRANMER, born perhaps 1791, Carnmoney. He was an Engraver (block-cutter) with the calico industry in Co. Antrim (Ireland), also Ruthvenfield (Perth, Scotland), possibly also Glasgow.

I cannot find his birth, marriage, or death directly. All clues/suggestions very welcome.

John CRANMER is (very likely) the son of Hedley CRANMER born 1764 who left Newcastle-on-Tyne and worked in the calico factories of Carnmoney, County Antrim, being associated with Mossley Mill.

John CRANMER's children are given below [dates are approximate, based on census average]. The family lived in Ireland, Perthshire, Glasgow (1841 census), then Salford/Manchester (Hulme, Ardwick, Chorlton, Gorton).

     John 1818 born Ireland
       James born Ireland 1820, engraver (married Frances BESWICK), lived Salford
    Hedley 1824 - 1891 born Belfast
      Sarah 1825 - 1901 married CLIFFORD then BENTHAM
    William 1827 -
      Mary 1829 - married BRIMER then CHATFIELD, born Scotland, emigrated to Brisbane
    Thomas 1837 -
      Margaret 1838 - 1887, married WALKER, born Scotland, emigrated to Brisbane

John CRANMER's partner was Mary, presumably JOHNSON*, born in Dublin 1797.
        (Mary's daughter Mary styles herself "Mary Ann Johnson Cranmer".)
Mary CRANMER senior was alone with her children on the 1841 in Glasgow, as 'Mrs'.
On the 1851 she's in Salford, 'widow'. Presumably she lost John in Scotland, early 1840s? [Their last child was born 1838.]

Can anyone see the church records (marriages, births) for Carnmoney, County Antrim, between 1790 - 1810? I feel they might hold some very useful clues.

Thank you, Dulciebun

Army records are extensive and scattered everywhere, help.
I'm looking for details of missing men, NOT those with known graves.
Please guide me in the right direction.

WW2 enlistment records seem to be unavailable yet. So what other strategies could I use to learn more about men who signed up to serve in 1. The Welch/Welsh Fusiliers and 2. The Shropshire Rifles [Shropshire Light Infantry/King's Shropshire Light Infantry], specifically for Jun - Aug 1944.

* From which particular areas of the UK were these men largely recruited?
** How can I find out what these fighting units were actually doing in Normandy, during those months?
*** Are there any easily consultable lists of names regarding WW2 War memorials/Rolls of honour (because at the moment I'm having to check out every tiny village, and it's taking ages.)

The surnames I'm seeking are RICHARDS and PARRY.

Thank you for all suggestions.

Seeking any information after 1917 about the life of Philip Charles Vere PERRY.
Born 26.10.1892, Wem, Shropshire.

Son of James Perry and Susan Perry. Philip had 3 sisters: Grace, Olga, 'Philis'.
His father James Perry was a Shropshire man who became Police Sergeant in Ludlow, Shropshire, and Ludlow became the family home for a long time.

Philip C V Perry is present on the 1901 and 1911 censuses in Ludlow.
Findable in WW1 in connection with branches of the Air Force & Navy. Last appearance on the Navy Lists is dated 1917.

His name appears on the Ludlow War Memorial but it is not thought he died in WW1. A researcher says he was invalided out of the RAF.

His father James' will (1933) only names his widow and 2 spinster daughters, not Philip nor a surviving sister. [Why?]

There's a tiny form dated 1914 from 'Hendon' where Philip gives his place of birth as 'Darjeeling, India' [a glamorous fib, to give himself an advantage? - or to conceal his Shropshire origins?]

Otherwise, we're in the dark.
Did he survive WW1?
Did he enlist for WW2 with a Shropshire unit?
Did he get married?
When and where did he die?

Suggestions please, very many thanks, Dulciebun

I'm searching for a Teacher of Music. Male.
Born probably around 1905, with some leeway either way.

All I have is his profession (violinist, pianist, teacher, performer), plus a surname which sounds like LAWTON or LAUGHTON or LAWSON.

He taught at Uppingham School, maybe 1940s/50s? and had strong links to the county of Rutland.
Also played in a couple of films.

How do I reliably search the records using these sparse details?

Thank you for all suggestions.

Seeking evidence of a marriage between Thomas BENTHAM (born 1838 Bentham, Yorks) and Sarah (CRANMER? born 1820s).
Married in Birmingham?, Manchester? prob. between 1861 - 1871 or later?

The Birmingham late 19th century censuses show this pair living as "man and wife" as Bentham*, but I can't locate a marriage. (Shown as *'Bethany' on one census index, but this is incorrect.)

Sarah was about 10 years older than Thomas when they set up home together. No kids that I can see.

I want Sarah to be Sarah Cranmer who came from a nomadic family which shuttled between Ireland (Antrim) and Perthshire, Scotland, for work. She gives her birthplace as Ruthven, Perthshire on one census but it could equally well have been in Ireland.
The couple lived together for decades and both died in B'ham just after the turn of the 20th century.

But were they ever wed?

Thank you

Family History Beginners Board / Clara COY, please help solve a mystery
« on: Thursday 05 March 20 16:18 GMT (UK)  »
Seeking any information to explain why a grave for "Clara COY" should be in an overgrown churchyard at the back of a John Lewis store in Chichester.

There's a fairly new retail park on the eastern edge of Chichester, West Sussex. I pulled my car into the overflow car-park at the back and parked in the far corner. Got out and was astonished to see a standing gravestone right up against the new kerb installed by the builders who'd made the shopping centre. It seemed to have survived because it was almost underneath a tree they'd decided not to dig out.

I looked beyond the gravestone and found some tangled wasteland and some other neglected graves. A surreal situation - this old graveyard, invaded by a new retail park.

"Our dear mother, Clara Coy" says the stone.

Who was she? Why is she buried here? Who were her children who erected this stone?

I can't yet locate any Clara (who presumably married 'Coy') who was buried in West Sussex.
I'm estimating the date to be perhaps late 19th or early 20th century, given the age of the stone.

Possibly associated with a 'Charles', given some of the other wording.

Can you help shed any light?
Thank you


Family History Beginners Board / WHALL, Norfolk, please help me prove a link
« on: Tuesday 18 February 20 19:18 GMT (UK)  »
Please help me prove a link between these 2 people:
1. Ada Esther SMEED (nee WHALL), also written as Ada Smeed Whall in some documents, and later Ada E Moeran;
2. Christopher Whitworth WHALL 1849 - ?1924, pioneer in English stained glass.

Ada Smeed Whall was the mother of Ernest John Moeran, musical composer born in the 1890s.
Some scholars say Ada and Christopher were 'cousins', and I would dearly love them to be cousins (of any distance) ! but I can't yet find the link myself.

Ada Esther [Smeed] Whall was born in 'Lynn, Norfolk', presumably Kings Lynn, in the 1860s I think. I don't believe that the 'Smeed' was ever a married name; she was brought up by relatives (in London?), grandparents possibly, who were called Smeed.

All suggestions very welcome,
Thank you, Dulciebun

Does anyone know about Roman Catholic burial grounds in Gibraltar.

There are a couple of famous cemeteries (e.g. Trafalgar Cemetery) with graves of seamen, battle casualties, 19th century victims of yellow fever etc.

But where are 'ordinary' RC Gibraltarians buried? e.g. does the RC Cathedral have its own cemetery?

I'm looking for Gibraltar gravestones of/monuments to families called FORTUNATO (possibly 'Fortuna', but will try the longer version first).

Many thanks for your thoughts.

Person sought:
Charles Denney, birth registered 1912 Manchester, mother Denney, illegitimate birth, he was given his mother's surname.

I have a few solid facts but need more details.

Charles Denney's mother was Katie Denney, she never married. She had another illegitimate son, John Benjamin Lewis, in 1922. Katie was born and raised in Birkenhead and only went to Manchester for a short period in order to 'conceal' the birth.

Family stories say that young Charles (Charlie) Denney was informally 'adopted out' of the family in 1922 or shortly after, when John Benjamin came along, since Katie couldn't care for both children. Charlie disappeared from the family circle and nobody currently knows what happened to him.

An Ancestry member has posted up details of a Charles Denny [no 'e'], born Manchester 1912, baptised Birkenhead 1916, who married in Dublin in the 1940s and died in Dublin in (I think) the 1980s. This seems to be a good match for Charlie (even though the spelling of the surname is slightly different), but I can't contact the Ancestry member because the account hasn't been used for some years and they don't log in.

1. How might I try to verify that this Charles Denny [no 'e'] who died in Dublin is the same person as the Charles Denney I seek?
2. Can anyone check church baptisms in Birkenhead to search for a Charles Denney bapt. 1916 (where there might be a father's name logged in the register)?
3. Any other suggestions?

Thank you, I'm grateful :-)

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