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Family History Beginners Board / Mary Ann Stoker 1894
« on: Friday 29 April 16 19:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I cant seem to find Mary Ann Stoker, daughter of William Stoker (1858) and Jane Joanna Stoker (1860 who I think had maiden name of Fenwick). Census say Mary Ann Stoker was born in 1894, I cant find any information about a marriage. She had siblings, one of which was Meggie Stoker, married to Ralph Lumsden in 1910. Other siblings include Jane Stoker and John Joseph.  Meggie was a fair bit older than her siblings but I don't seem to be able to find much about her. I am kean to hear if she had any children or married? Any suggestions please?  In 1901 the family lived in Pelton Fell, by 1911, at 16 South Row, Newfield South, Newcastle upon Tyne

Not sure if should be posting here or on the common room. I have hit a brick wall looking for someone called 'Mary' who I determine from Census that was born in Hallyards, Northumberland around 1859. She was the wife of William Ridley born 1855/6 from Craghead, Chester-Le-Street. They had 8 children in total, the eldest was John Thomas Ridley who was born around 1878 and married Susannah Potts from Auckland St Andrew in 1904. I have no idea of her surname but she was on the 1881 census in 104 Urpeth Square, Urpeth Colliery, 1891 at 74 Urpeth Cross Rows, Urpeth. 1901 they lived in pelton Street, Urpeth. William was a widower by 1911 and two children had died. I have found a William Dobson Ridley marriage around the correct time but he appears simply as William on all the censuses so I am not sure it is him. Sorry but I know nothing else about her, any suggestions please.

My grandparents, Elsie Ridley (Nee Lumsden) and William Dobson Ridley were married in India in 1932 in Bombay. They had 3 year old daughter already who was born in 1929 in Durham. I understand he would have travelled by boat as part of his army service but how would she have managed to join him as they were unmarried.? Any idea how expensive it would have been and is there any way she could have joined him to live?  Elsie was born in 1911 and William 1905. I am trying to find out where she was for 3 years before they married in India. Any suggestions please?

I am trying to find out about my grandparents. My grandmother was born in 1911 and had a baby aged 29. My grandfather was born in 1905, initially a coal minor in Pelton before he joined the army. 1929 they had a baby while unmarried and he was posted to India. We assume my grandmother somehow went with him as they were married in India in 1932. They had their next child out in India 1933. We know he was attained in 1926 and initially worked in Aldershot then was posted out to India. What we don't understand is, would he have been allowed to take his unmarried partner and child, or could she somehow have been paid for privately. Where would she be likely to live? Any ideas how we can find out. Their names are William Dobson Ridley and Elsie Ridley

Hi I am looking for relatives that were known to be living in the Durham area, The Lumsden family, consisting of husband, wife and daughter Jean. We know where they were in 1911 but by 1939 there is no trace of them. We know they were still alive and not known to have moved abroad. Can anyone help with how we might trace them. Ralph Lumsden was a coal miner but could have been called up to the army?

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