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Donald McCASKILL (various spellings)  pensioner married Helen NOBLE in Inverness in 1822
He was a chelsea pensioner of the 3rd Foot Guards.  Discharged aged 40. "Spitting Blood"
they had 4 children he says 'pensioner' at all baptisms which are in Inverness

In 1841 he is  a pensioner age given as 65 with his wife Ann, (I believe Ann and Helen are either the same person, or sisters) and children which match the baptisms 
Catherine, Ann, Jessie and Isabella

in 1851 wife Ann is a widow in Inverness.

I cannot see Donald's death anywhere between census night 1841 and 1851! Can anyone else?  I do not believe he was the Donald who emigrated to Nova Scotia with a wife Ann and children.   

Perthshire / Missing Children of Thomas ANDERSON and Isobel SHARPE Perth.
« on: Monday 04 June 18 05:46 BST (UK)  »
I am frustrated by three missing children of Thomas ANDERSON and Isobel SHARPE married 1798 Perth, Scotland  I’ve put them all in one thread but if it seems preferable to separate them, let me know.

They had 9 children three of whom I cannot account for   Thomas, William and Joseph

Thomas and Joseph may have emigrated anywhere and I may have to wait until someone works up from their lines, but William, I feel, should be able to be found.

Thomas born 26 Sep 1800 baptised at the Church of the Associate Congregation.  (father is Tailor at Methven Street, near Perth).  There is a Thomas ANDERSON in Auchterarder in 1841 age 40, constable,  with Euphemia ANDERSON age 6. both born in county.   Euphemia’s mother was Sophia HARVEY (from the Scotland’s people indexes). The only likely Thomas ANDERSON and Sophia marriage is to Sophia SMITH in 1825 in Perth. I bought that one, but I don’t think it can be him as that Thomas is a fisher of Monifieth, and SMITH is Sophia’s maiden name.  Can anyone see a Thomas ANDERSON Sophia HARVEY marriage?

William,  b 19 May 1805 and baptised 22 May 1805 at the Perth Associate Congregation (Thomas a Taylor in Pomarium)
He notified the death of his sister Isabella in 1856 so must be in Perth at that time
In 1841 and 1851 there is William a grocer. He married Elizabeth McLELLAN 29 Mar 1836. However I have his death in 1860  parents were John ANDERSON  a farmer and Ann (MS ANDERSON)
Can anyone see another candidate either in 1841/51 or a death?

Joseph  born/baptised 14 August 1817
He is NOT the Joseph ANDERSON age 25 a journeyman shoemaker in Pomarium with wife Margaret (IMRIE)and family in 1841 and also present in 1851.  (I have this Joseph’s death in 1859 - father was David ANDERSON and mother someone EDWARD

One brother, James, born 1807, was a Tailor (among other occupations), in London by 1837, married in 1843, and went to NZ in 1857 with his family but there is no indication (that I have found anyway) that  any of the other family were either already here, or came later.  One sister Margaret b 1811 was with him in London in 1841 and she went back to Perth and married William CRICHTON  there. That couple went to Birmingham and then Liverpool.  Of the remaining siblings two boys died as infants and the rest (2 daughters) stayed in the Perth area.

Thank you for looking.

The Common Room / Where is John CRACKNELL in 1861?
« on: Saturday 19 May 18 07:24 BST (UK)  »
Sophia PAVITT married John CRACKNELL 8 April 1855, St Pancras.  John, a widower, a cabmaster, father William a farrier

It appears Sophia CRACKNELL died in 1859, but I cannot see a burial for her.

in 1861 their daughter Emily CRACKNELL, born 1859,  is with her uncle William George PAVITT, a plumber,  and his wife Elizabeth (nee ROLTON) in Upper Rathbone Place, St Marylebone
same in 1871 but 18 University Street.

on 4th November 1874 the three of them, William George Pavitt, Elizabeth Pavitt and Emily Pavitt arrived in New Zealand on board the Stanley Castle
There, as CRACKNELL,  Emily married John Henry BURGIN in 1886  They, at some point moved to Melbourne and had at least one child, Emily died there 13 June 1897 and William and Elizabeth PAVITT put a notice in the New Zealand newspapers to that effect, asking it to be copied to London papers.

What I want to know is What happened to her father John CRACKNELL  Did he also die before the 1861 census?

The Common Room / Jemima and Sarah
« on: Friday 18 May 18 23:06 BST (UK)  »
I feel I have read somewhere that Jemima and Sarah were at one time regarded as interchangeable names.  Does anyone know for sure?

We have John McKINNON b abt 1850 who at his marriage in NZ  stated his parents were Roderick McKINNON and Catherine BLUY (sometimes recorded as BLUE)  and he was born Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

On Ancestry there are two trees that have a couple with  these names with 7 children born between 1842 & 1857 including a John born at about the right time. They say they were born in Malagawatch. BUT there are no sources and I have been unable to find them myself. One of the tree owners has not been online for well over 2 years so I think must be deceased, and I suspect that tree is the source for the other tree owner who does not seem to receive my messages.

If someone could suggest where I should look to find the original Malagawatch information I would be very grateful. 

I am also looking for the marriage of Roderick McKINNON and Catherine BLUY/BLUE. the same trees say it was either 1841 or 1843. and that Catherine was previously married to Neil MacDONALD by whom she had one  daughter Ann, in 1840 also at Malagawatch, so I presume the McKINNON marriage was there too.

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